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Active Ride Shop set to Close More Stores

active ride shopActive Ride Shop, one of the industry’s largest action sports retail shops in the Southern California area, is set to close some of its 20+ doors in the upcoming months. The retailer has closed five stores to date due to under performance. Shops once located in Chula Vista, Lake Elsinore, downtown San Diego and at the Shops at Las Americas, also in San Diego, are no longer listed on the homepage of Active’s website. Over the past year Active opened a bunch of new stores and a new headquarters in Mira Loma to continue the predicted momentum the stores and the brand would have in the future. Active has almost doubled its store count within the past few years; most of the growth, expansion, and investment was underway before the economy took a turn for the worst.

Active currently has 25 stores and from what I gather online, approximately 10 stores will close by the beginning of April. With online retail being a place of never-ending completion, Active has a good chance to still hold its own amongst the competition such as CCS and other direct brand shops. A strong private label business, Active has been able to re-create a lot of on-trend apparel and accessories that are more accessible to kids and their family’s budgets. The shop also has a strong skate and snow hardgoods offering as well, and has been one of the few shops to mainstream the apparel and hardgoods offerings into major malls and retail centers. This niche could be a good crutch as the economic crisis continues to effect brands and retail businesses alike, this may give Active a fighting chance as we see where the rollercoaster ride takes the action sports industry over the next few months and years.


Posted by Megan on Monday, March 16th, 2009 in Industry.

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12 Responses to “Active Ride Shop set to Close More Stores”

  • Nod Narb Says:

    You’ll see a trickle down effect because of this. Watch the upcoming layoffs in the ASR industry.


    WTF is with all the manufacturers opening up their own shops! Burton has a store in LA. Quicksilver and Billabong have opened alot of stores. DC just opened a store in irvine spectrum. So i guess say goodbye to any core shops and even retail in general if the people that supply the goods open their own shops WHO IS GOING TO SHOP AT ASR when they only sell their own product. And how can anyone compete against the company itself that will always be undercutting you. I’m looking forward to the day that i see them closing stores, like everyone else right now. But i guess this is the future wave, we already have apple stores and next is microsoft stores. SO THIS IS THE END OF RETAIL I GUESS. GG, see ya in the showers.

  • Mike Says:

    Burton AND CI surfboards have their store on Melrose in LA. store itself is awesome, but where are you going to take a Flyer II from there, the north side of Santa Monica pier???

  • anonymous Says:

    active has had it’s shot at the big time and failed.
    There down fall was not only the economy but also
    bad customer service. They also cannibalized themselves.
    Who ever was the brain child of there business plan got it wrong.
    I wish them the very best for there future.
    I hope the vendors didn’t loose to much money.

  • markfitzy Says:

    Opening retail is what manufactures have always done after they outgrow their distribution. It sad and it’s greedy, but that is capitalism for ya… American Apparel sells a $3.75 wholesale blank tee for $18.95 at it’s retailer locations and there are 260 doors!

    Jack’s will be the next big boy to drop doors, then Beckers, Tilly’s, Zumiez…. watch the cards fall… Support your CORE local retailer!

  • Jordan Says:

    This is bad business and poor customer service at it’s best.

  • Anti-Active Ride Shop Says:


  • Levin Says:

    I’ve been hired to work with a company that’s located at the OC Swap meet as of now, where I was told companies like Tillys and Active started at. I and a group of business leaders that’s working with this company to open stores like Active/Tilly’s in the next few months of 2009. They’re expecting to open 3 stores, per annual quarter. It seems like they might take the same downward ride as Active. I think this is all from greed and taking a bigger bite, than you could chew.

  • markfitzy Says:

    Levin, I am curious who you are working for? Could it be Jack’s, No Fear or HSS? Please let me know because I would like to come to the swap and check your brands out…

    Tilly did indeed start at the swaps… Active, not so much. If there is any money to be had there, I would like to partner up with you. Venture Capital, not a problem. Thanks

    You can hit me up at markfitzy@hotmail.com

  • spendalotmom Says:

    I believe that our country has given us the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and it’s just human nature to be greedy the more we see coming in the more we want. ARS are very high priced, even their clearance prices are too high. I myself had a problem with their return policy where they only give you store credit, which means they are greedier than most. I would feel more comfortable making purchases there if they offered a money back guarantee. I think if they went through and actually lowered prices, offered refunds and gave substantial discounts to loyal customers they may have a chance but I doubt that because corporate greed will continue until they’ve greeded themselves to the poor house but then maybe they will go back to the swaps and do it all over again.

  • MarquesTracey Says:

    Levin, are you talking about Subject Clothing and Shoes? I was reading an article about that company last week. They opened their first store in June in Belmont Shore, and now they’re opening one in Laguna Hills and Fullerton. The article said that the owner is only 20 years old, and he started at the OC Swaps. I went in there to check things out, he seems to be doing things right. He has good prices and the right merchandise.

  • former active Says:

    active lied over and over and failed to deliver on its promises. their greed and arrogance blinded them. shane the owner was too arrogant in the first place. he once wrote a corporate email to everyone saying basically if you’re not on the same sheet of music with active I’ll personally come down to your desk and pack up your crap and ship you out the door myself. I was new at the time and thought this was pathetic.

    active is going down and for evident reasons for instance they hired this guy named Kevin Hulem to run the art department. He had and still has no clue how to operate photoshop or even illustrator. I wondered how in the heck did he get a job running the art department? there’s a bunch of stories like this were “cool bro’s” got jobs because they were awesome snowboarders or in Kevin’s case he was a “semi-pro” to say the least.

    you can email him at kevin.hulem@activerideshop.com and complain that active sucks.


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