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Introducing 5ones Earth: Interactive Map for Surf, Skate, and Snow Spots

Finally! That’s the first word that comes to mind while writing this announcement. After at least a good 6 months in development, we’re very excited to announce the launch of 5ones Earth, an interactive map for surf, skate and snow spots as well as action sports company headquarters and pro shops.

5ones Earth

5ones Earth

Along with the launch of Earth, we’re holding a two-week contest with thousands of dollars worth of giveaways in the form of gear from ERGO, IPATH, Fox, and Odeus Skateboards, and a $200 gift certificate from DogFunk.com. The contest works like this, you enter in new spots on the map and you’re awarded points for each one that enter. The people with the most points at the end of two-week, win the prizes. We put up a live leaderboard so everyone can track the contest results and it also explains the how the points are awarded. Skate and surf spots are worth 3 points each. Snow spots are worth 1 point. A pro shop is worth 2 points. And company headquarters are worth 2 points.

5ones Earth Leaderboard

So what exactly is 5ones Earth? The idea is this; it’s a map of spots where you can go skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding as well as find pro shops to get new gear or find the company headquarters of your favorite brands. So lets say for example you’re going surfing in Hawaii and you’ve never been there before. Well you can enter in the location where you’re going and pull up all the surf spots within a radius of where you’ll be. Or maybe you need a new board while you’re out there–simple, just pull up the map and find the best surf shops. You can read user reviews too, so that will help finding the best surf spots or shops and not wasting your time hitting up the dud spots. Works the same way for skate and snow spots too.

So check it out, start adding spots (make sure you register so we can track you for the contest), and make sure you give us all the feedback you can think of so we can make it better. Watch for the iPhone and Facebook applications coming soon.

Posted by Cameron on Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 in Industry.

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13 Responses to “Introducing 5ones Earth: Interactive Map for Surf, Skate, and Snow Spots”

  • Senior Says:

    Great idea guys!!!
    I’ll get all my spots on there so yall can check what’s up in Utah!!!

  • hoon Says:

    shops, pro HQs and some spots… but i ain’t givin’ up the secret surf spots. :P

  • Martijn Verver Says:

    I don’t understand the award-system: “Skate, surf, and snow spots are worth 1 point each. A pro shop is worth 2 points each. And company headquarters are worth 3 points each.”

    It should be the other way around. Do you think I care about Company HQ when I want to surf or skate somewhere else?? Zero points for that one, and 10 points for the best spots in the world!

  • Chris Says:

    Martijn Verver,

    You are totally right it is backwards, we forgot to switch it and will be doing so asap

  • Shaun Says:

    Special thanks goes out to Tate MacDowell for spreading the love on his site-


  • Lincoln Says:

    great work guys, thing is impressive!!

  • Brett Borders Says:

    This so needed to be made… when I recover from my surgery… I know a few sweet, little known waves I’d like to add.

  • Martijn Verver Says:

    @Chris :) It’s a great initiative though, I forgot to mention that!

  • CamKnob Says:

    Wow, this is really lame you guys. Thought this was a “core” website. All you kooks who wanna snag the stuff they’re offering up for information on your “local” spots just need to go to wannask8.com or wannasurf.com. Same exact lame concept. Just upload all the crap you find on those sites and you could WIN!!! 5ones just sold out with one post. Congrats kooks!! Can’t wait to see you guys in the No. County lineups so I can let you know how I really feel in person…

  • Cameron Says:

    @CamKnob – I’ll be surfing at Grandview all next week, so please come and say hi and let me know how you really feel. See you out there…

  • CamKnob Says:

    Thanks, I’ll look it up on “5ones Earth” and see you out there…

    Hopefully the info listed on there has the perfect tide and swell direction so I can make sure I SCORE!!

  • Huckleberry Hart Says:

    Slick stuff guys. Kudos.

  • hoon Says:

    it’s user driven. so if you want to be a douche and post a secret spot you can (and suffer the usual consequences), but i expect the usual “basic” spots that you can find on surfline will be aggregated here. no harm in that as it’s already a few google clicks away IMO. who really freaks out about overcrowded, close-out beach breaks, leave ‘em to the tourists…

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