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Autopsy Shows High Level of Meth in Peter Davi’s System

On Thursday, January 10, the Monterey County Coroner released the autopsy reports of local surfing legend Peter Davi. Davi, who passed on December 4th, 2007 during the largest day Ghost Tree has ever been surfed, was a very accomplished big wave surfer, and his death came as quite a blow to the surfing community.

According to Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Richards, “The primary cause of death was asphyxia due to ocean drowning from surfing.” As reported by the Monterey Herald the autopsy also revealed high levels of methamphetamine in Davi’s system. The report revealed .75 milligrams per liter in his system, which is highly toxic especially considering .25 – .5 milligrams per liter are considered to be abusive . When asked if this could possibly have played a role in Davi’s death, Richards responded, that it was “possible, but we can’t say for sure.”

It is always a tragedy when the ocean claims the life of a fellow surfer. This report by the Monterey County Coroner makes this story even more heart-breaking because it is a tragedy that we now realize could possibly have been avoided. Paddling out and surfing in waves of that size is something I can barely even wrap my head around. Doing so while under the heavy influence of such a deadly drug is beyond comprehension.

Ghost Tree local Don Curry said the day started out incredibly. Thirty foot sets that stretched out to 70′+ wave faces rolled into Ghost Tree. It was the biggest Ghost Tree had ever been ridden. In the mid-morning, Davi, who was paddling into the waves, broke his leash and began swimming in. One tow team offered Davi a ride in but the surfer refused. Another tow team offered Davi a PFD but again Davi refused according to Curry. Later that afternoon surfers found Davi’s lifeless body floating in a kelp patch.

It’s impossible to know exactly how much influence this drug had on Davi’s decision to turn down the assistance offered by the tow teams and his eventual drowning. And without knowing him personally it wouldn’t be right to even begin to guess. But the knowledge that there was even the slimmest chance that his passing could possibly have been avoided makes the loss of Peter Davi that much more tragic. We can only hope that this devastating loss will help to open the eyes of surfers who may choose to paddle out in heavy conditions while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Posted by Cameron on Friday, January 25th, 2008 in Surfing.

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One Response to “Autopsy Shows High Level of Meth in Peter Davi’s System”

  • Obama Says:

    It had stated Peter was a Local’s Local. If he liked you he would take the shirt off his back and if he didn’t…. “Watch Out.”

    That is pretty scary, I hope that isnt the aggressive comedown mood swing from Meth use. Anyone who surfs ghost trees in those conditions and on Meth. has a major problem and I hope everyone in that surfing community can learn from this trajedy. I trust that this community will rally around his Son.

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