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Salt Lake City to Ban Backyard Mini Ramps?

mini ramp

Yup the headliner is true. Incredibly silly and outrageous if you ask me. How on earth did it get to the level where you can even skate a ramp in your own house? I hear more noise from a darn lawnmower than I do from skateboarders shredding it up on mini ramps.

I really hope other cities and states don’t try to turn this into trend. Tons of local skateboarders in the Salt Lake City area have already turned in their complaints towards this outrageous topic. I mean, I’ve been kicked out of schools and private property, heck I’ve even been kicked out of skateparks. But the privacy of my own home? Come on now! Is there really that many people complaining out there or is there just one old cranky couple of skate Nazi’s that are irritated and hate our guts?

Whatever is going on, it’s preposterous and we need to help our fellow skateboard brothers and speak out before this happens to us as well. I personally suck at skateboarding Mini-Ramps but I love to try my best and skateboard them. And there’s nothing like a good brotherly barbecue session on the mini ramp with your skate brothers. Don’t let them take that away from us.

Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Thursday, September 25th, 2008 in Skateboarding.

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2 Responses to “Salt Lake City to Ban Backyard Mini Ramps?”

  • Troy Says:

    What a disgusting idea. How is something like this actually even being considered?

  • Nate Moller Says:

    Ha! I think this is funny actually. Where do they want skaters to go? What’s there proposed solution?

    I hope they don’t bring this stupid idea down to Utah County. What will happen to Utah tourism? Why would people even want to move here if they’re being micro-managed like that?

    I know that during the olympics outsiders were so confused about drinking and smoking rules in SLC. Now to take ramps out too, come on…

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