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Gay Rights Supporters Call for Boycott on Utah Skiing: Huh??

The Mormons’ support of Proposition 8 in California has ignited a firestorm of oppositon to the religion and it’s methods relating to the issue. While 5ones is an action sports site and not by any stretch of the imagination a political platform, our beloved sport of skiing has been dragged into this mess and that’s just taking it too far.

gay protest mormon temple
* Photo credit: Eric Mueller

John Aravosis, editor of the popular political blog americablog.com, is calling for skiers to choose any state but Utah and for Hollywood actors and directors to pull out of the Sundance Film Festival. “The main focus is going to be going after the Utah brand. At this point, honestly, we’re going to destroy the Utah brand. It is a hate state….And there’s great skiing in Colorado, too.”

Bru!! Really?! Leave skiing out of this my friend. I understand that the $6 billion a year brought into Utah by the tourism industry is largely made up of money from skiing and that cutting into that would send a message. But honestly, the ski/snowboard communities in Utah tend to be most of the freethinking, open-minded communities in all of the state. Riding Utah’s world-class snow is what many do to escape a lot of the madness that goes on in the state.

I’d love to take Mr. Aravosis up to Snowbird or Park City for a weekend of unreal riding on Utah’s finest, as well as for a sample of the underrated nightlife enjoyed by those who don’t conform with the beliefs of the majority there. I bet he would probably change his tune.

So go ahead and go after the Utah brand if you must. I understand and respect your passion relating to the issue. Just leave skiing and snowboarding out of this.

Posted by Shaun on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 in Snow.

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41 Responses to “Gay Rights Supporters Call for Boycott on Utah Skiing: Huh??”

  • Jake Spurlock Says:

    As someone that lives in Utah, and actively participates in the Ski/Snowboard scene, this and a lot of the other actions that people are directing at Mormons, and the state of Utah is just despicable. It is the democratic nature of government that allowed everyone to go to the polls and vote. Majority rules. Don’t complain if your fellow man didn’t support the legislation.

  • mark Says:

    I’ve seen 3 websites endorsing ski packages and MOVE SUNDANCE to New Mexico in 200H8.
    These sites are travel agents and hotels and B and Bs specificly marketing to a niche market BOYCOTTING UTAH. Sundance sponsors who include 2 major premiere cable channels, car companies, airline, cosmetics, 2 major vodkas, sunglasses all who value selling their products to gays and lesbians have to CHOOSE, benefit Utah or stay with your customers.

  • mark Says:

    ski NEW MEXICO…200H8 where EVERYONE is EQUAL


    and sundance sponsors



  • mark Says:


    America isn’t governed by MOB RULE of a majority.
    The courts are designed so any individual can have equal voice to the State. So unless you want to re-name the CA equal protection clause to the HETERO-EQUAL protection clause….BACK OFF!

  • mark Says:

    Do you NOT market to young gays and lesbians who ski and snowboard?
    Cuz we won’t be in UTAH, neither will our straight but NOT narrow friends.

  • Jeff Bollock Says:

    Mark – I can honestly see your reasons for boycotting the mormon church, as they played a HUGE role in Prop 8. I’m just not sure what the Moes and skiing at snowbird/alta have to do with each other… other than being in the same state. I’m pretty sure the Mormon church doesn’t own any of the ski areas, the hotels/restuarants that surround them, and the beer that is drank everynight there.

    If you want to ski in NM, be all means that is your choice. Just be aware that skiing in NM is nothing compared to skiing in Utah.

  • patrick Says:

    Pretty awesome how gays are always seeking tolerance from others, yet they can’t give back the same. Give me a break. I guess it shows their true colors.

    Utah skiing has nothing to do with the Mormon church… but if people aren’t going to show up on the MTs, more snow for me.

  • mark Says:

    It doesn’t HAVE to be New Mexico, New Brunswick has great ski deals and direct flights from UT.
    Colorado while not my favorite State, also has spectacular ski slopes, and plenty of beer.
    If people want to ski Utah that’s they’re decision, and I wish you all the snow and SPACE on those slopes you could pray for. This year and the foreseeable future.

  • Jeff Bollock Says:

    Mark – excuse my ignorance; I am just still struggling to understand what skiing in Utah has to do with the Mormon church.

    Could you please break it down for me so I can understand your point-of-view?

  • aj arizona Says:

    The ski resorts in Utah and Sundance were built with support of the local Mormon community. The majority of revenues of the major resorts in Utah is local money. Mormons do ski and recreate also you know. The greatest Winter Olympics ever, was run by a Mormon, Mitt Romney.

    Robert Redford has lived in Utah for 40 years, his home borders property owned by BYU. His ex-wife and mother of his children was a Mormon.
    I don’t think his festival is going anywhere, and if it does, so what.

    If the rest of the world wants to boycott the greatest snow on earth and Sundance go ahead, it’s their loss. All the more for us Utahns.

    The boorish petulant tantrums of the gays reminds me of a teammate of mine in little league baseball, who cried like a baby every game we lost a game. He simply could not handle it and made no effort to compose himself to fight another day.

    The spoiled tantrums of the gay community is not impressing anybody, grow up little children, and fight your cause through the democratic process as those Mormons and others did to beat you to a pulp.

    You are just not as infuential nor important as you think you are. Straight Americans will more than make up for your contributions. Besides, I don’t think there are all that many gays in the skiing/snowboarding culture. No girly men allowed!

  • mark Says:

    The tourism industry of Utah is skiing and Sundance and Conventions. LGBTs want Utah residents to curb their LDS elders from EVER attacking our Human Rights again…ever. Utah residents having their property taxes and sales taxes increased to make up the 6 Billion dollars of tourism is the incentive. I realize skiing and skateboarding is your focus, but wouldn’t you agree an ENTIRE minority of MILLIONS of Americans being excluded from Constitutional Rights guaranteed under the equal protection clause is a BIGGER deal, than skiing this resort or that resort?

  • mark Says:

    right to
    marry properly must be understood to encompass the core set of basic substantive
    legal rights and attributes traditionally associated with marriage that are so integral
    to an individual’s liberty and personal autonomy that they may not be eliminated
    or abrogated by the Legislature or by the electorate through the statutory initiative
    THIS IS OVER, LDS loses

  • mark Says:

    skateboarding was meant to say snowboarding…oops

  • mark Says:

    aj arizona

    I seached gay ski clubs and google has 353,000 leads. So much for no gays skiing, and I’d wager a ton of the women snowboarding will be lesbians, you just don’t know it.

  • mark Says:

    btw. the ski outfits that both keep you warm and look sexy, and the cool snowboard designs…done by MY TRIBE

  • mark Says:

    A higher class of ski wear
    Lady Isabella Hervey’s guide to the best ski accessories

    Brian Rennie is designer of Escada
    is the guy on the left….straight as a board don’t ya think?

    just one example

  • mark Says:

    Ron English grafitti artist designed some of the HOTTEST limited edition Burton snowboards, you’d give your left AND right nuts to own


    judge for yourselves

  • Jeff Bollock Says:

    Oh… so in other words you want to punish all Utah residents(i.e. the innocent ones) in hopes that they will in turn punish the LDS church?

    Hypocritical, no?

  • Chuck Riley Says:

    I agree with Mark. It’s really time for the gay communities to put it to Utah for sticking their noses in this issue. I realize that not everyone from Utah is Mormon, but unfortunately they make up a large part of the state and Utah needs to be a symbol of what happens to those who chose discrimination over tolerance. Time to hit ‘em where it hurts!

  • Paul D. (Oakland) Says:

    Mark is out of control just like the gay protesters.

    BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD and Brad Pitt movies! He donated $100,000 to oppose Prop 8.

    BOYCOTT APPLE ~ They donated $100,000 to oppose Prop 8.

    BOYCOTT THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH ~ They opposed Prop 8!

    BOYCOTT ALL of California’s 10 largest newspapers because they ALL editorialized against Prop 8! (Talk about media BIAS!)

    All of these people and groups supported OVERTURNING THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

    The right to homo marriage is not akin to the civil rights movement … in fact black people OVERWHELMINGLY voted YES ON 8!

    Everyone is created equal but the choices you make in life can propel you beyond or drag you below that of others …

    You’ve already got tolerance, but you CAN NOT force people to accept homosexuality.

    Mark is out of control just like the gay protesters.

  • Paul D. (Oakland) Says:

    DON’T BOYCOTT Utah’s ski resorts! Let there be snow!

  • SnowProducer Says:

    Sundance will still go down, and all this buzz will probably make it even larger!

    Anyway, Utah is getting pounded with snow! For everyone interested in skiing in Utah, be sure to check out the conditions before you go.

    OnTheSnow.com has a Utah page with up-to-date conditions: http://www.onthesnow.com/utah/skireport.html

  • skiermo Says:

    For all you people that think that boycotting Utah will help or that you should punish the Utah citizens. You should probably do your research because UTAH has ONE of the LARGEST GAY COMMUNITIES.

    Next time you want to boycott a community maybe you should make sure your not boycotting your own cause or people.

  • mark Says:

    Salt Lake City is and always will be the center of the LDS Church, if you want to curb LDS elders from spewing their HATE utah is where you do it.
    What stops these power hungry book of Mormon thumpers from attacking someone elses RIGHTS next election. They can KEEP their G*D DAMN H8 in their OWN state.
    We are just teaching these elders a lesson, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!
    for Paul

  • mark Says:


    Believe me Utah doesn’t have one of the LARGEST LGBT communities, they wouldn’t rank in the top 20 states.
    Compare SLC to Dallas, Atlanta, NYC, Houston, Seattle, Minneapolis, SF, LA, Philly,,,,,no comparrison…but thanks for playing

  • mark Says:


    Robert Redford was begging the UT State for funds, when has that EVER happened? Sundance SPONSORS are very very dependant on making sales to MY community, and they know it.

    Once Sundance was unique in showcasing Indie Films, and they are prestigious, but not unique.
    There’s a Film Festival in EVERY major city now.

  • Shaun Says:

    To all of my 5ones friends-

    I love the dialogue that’s taking place. I just hope we all take caution not to lump everyone together or generalize all mormons, gays, or anyone else for that matter as all being good or bad.
    I personally have friends, family, and associates that are gay, mormon, and even gay mormons. There are some of the most amazing people in the world on all sides of the issue and it would make me sick to my stomach to have peole label them with a black or white mentality. This is a sensitive issue that goes to the very core of peoples lives and beliefs on both sides. So let’s all try and remember this when we discuss this issue. Surfing, skating, skiing and snowboarding are all about progression. Let’s also try and keep that in mind and refrain from regressing into the use of hurtful terms and name calling.
    Thanks again for the rad discussion and let’s keep it going with thoughtful responses minus the negativity. And lets also keep charging waves, mountains, and skateparks wherever it is we find ourselves.

    Much love-

  • mark Says:


    I do understand both loving people who are gay ,and people who are Mormon, and being loved in return by BOTH. My Mother was a devout Mormon who converted to my father’s faith when I was four. Half my family are LDS members.
    I would STAND as firmly and as angry, if some group attempted to strip my Mormon family of their Constitutional Rights to equal protection clause, as I do now with gays and lesbians.
    I would also understand if a controlling group in MY state attacked LGBTs, the blowback would come visit itself here, and I’d support it even if it cost me some loss of business or taxes.

  • Paul D. (Oakland) Says:

    Mark: Gay marriage has been banned in all 30 states that have voted for it! Yet, to you and the Gay Mafia it’s ALL the Mormon Church and LDS elders’ fault. LOL!
    It looks to me like the Gays are the ones full of HATE:
    At a pro-gay-marriage rally in Los Angeles after the vote, chants of “Mormon scum!” were reported. Envelopes containing white powder have been sent to Mormon temples in California and Utah; vandals have hit other temples.

    GAY PEOPLE: Please stop the Hate!

    And thanks for your comment, Shaun. It’s amazing that people would call to boycott an industry that has nothing to do with Gay Marriage: Skiing and Snowboarding!
    I hope Utah has a record year in snowfall and skier/snowboarder visits.

  • skiermo Says:

    1st off I never once said it was the largest community but again do your research. Utah does have a very large gay community. And you say that mormons are trying to take away everyones rights. Have you once thought about how every religion is getting their rights taken away. America was founded on believing any way that you want religously. But yet they are taking away the pledge of alligence from schools because it says god. Religous people are losing more rights these days than anyone.

    Mormons are not the only religion that believe marriage should be between a man and a woman so why are you so determined to put your hate towards mormons.

    And as many have pointed out, if you wanted to experience the best snow on earth or lodge up in the mountains Utah is one of the best areas to do this. Why punish the utah people who are mormon, gay, lesbian, catholic, black, white, asian. Utah may have a large Mormon community but they also have a large gay community which you are so determined to protect, so why boycot where many different people live? Mormons live in New Mexico, California, ect and all these other places so your not going to be affecting the mormon church in any way. Just like gays live in many other states, why try to raise the Utah peoples taxes along with the GAY Utah people. Doesn’t make any sense.

  • mark Says:

    Mormon leaders attacked gays and lesbians, we didn’t do a G*D DAMN thing to them prior to prop 8.
    These elders didn’t care who the hurt or angered in CA, some say they did it to beef up their cred with other Christian Reich groups.

    OK WE’RE ANGRY…deal with it.

  • mark Says:


    NO ONE will EVER be prevented from saying UNDER GOD, and on the other hand NO ONE should be FORCED to say UNDER GOD.
    That under God was ONLY added in the damn 1950’s to attack supposed commie pinkos under McCarthyism, it’s NOT from the US Founders.

  • Jake Spurlock Says:

    Nobody was attacked, leadership simply asked members to take a stand on a political issue. As a side note, there are 800,000 Mormons in California. Over 5,000,000 votes yes on prop 8. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see that it was more then the LDS faith that had the impact in this election.

    I know you are trying to challenge your inner Harvey Milk with the “We’re angry” line, but this is/was a California issue, where I presume your neither live or vote, so drop the issue.

  • mark Says:


    Unlike you sonny, I lived through Harvey becoming a superintendant, and his and Mayor Muscone’s murders, and the White Night Riots when White got a damn slap on the wrist for TWO premeditated murders, because he ate a TWINKY.
    I don’t have to channel Harvey, I have MY OWN RAGE.
    Your attack STRIPPED gays/lesbians from the Right to marry…which nearly 20,000 couples availed themselves of, and now their marriages are in LIMBO.
    Quit looking at the 1% of CA population that are Mormon, and look at the 13 million Mormons funneling your LDS elders UNLIMITED funds from tithes. That’s what funded 4 of every 5 dollars of the LYING TV ads on prop 8.

  • cade Says:

    Guys, this is an ACTION SPORTS WEBSITE!!!! Seriously!!!! The fact is Utah reguardless of stands or beliefs has AMAZING resorts and the BEST skiing in the states. We need to leave politics off the mountain!

  • Jake Spurlock Says:

    To quote Master Yoda, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

    I think that you need to tone down the rage. Life is too short to be angry. Live with love, love the thrill.

  • mark Says:

    Gays did NOTHING to Mormons in Utah prior to prop 8.
    YOUR elders took their funds to another State and attacked OUR FAMILIES, and now you get BLOWBACK…cry me a great salt lake.

    btw. “cry me a great salt lake” is my intellectual property don’t even consider stealing it

  • cade Says:

    But boycotting Utah Skiing does nothing to the mormons. not even a little bit. Snow is still gonna fall, people are still gonna rip the pow,and resorts are gonna bank boat loads of cash. the only differnece is that there will be a few more freshies for those that aren’t boycotting that beautiful Utah snow.

  • mark Says:


    The fresh snow I’m sure is delightful, but where gays go, the beautiful women (models) follow, mostly because we can be their friends and they don’t fend off pushy plain straight boys all evening at the bars. The smartest straight guys know where queers are, there will be gorgeous women.

  • Cade Says:

    The picture was not cool my man not cool at all!

  • AJ Says:

    There are plenty of places to enjoy skiing..Utah just isn’t one of them. In my opinion, you don’t go where you aren’t wanted and there are plenty of posters here who don’t want gay people there. Plus it’s more about skiing…suppose you need medical care while there. Can a gay person really trust a Mormon doctor or hospital?
    I wouldn’t.

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