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Rob Dyrdek To Hit U.S. For DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

This May, Pro Skateboarder and MTV star Rob Dyrdek will cross the U.S. for his DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour presented by Street Dreams.

Over 23 days, the DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour will make 10 stops across the U.S. beginning May 16th in Huntington Beach, Calif. Dyrdek will visit retail stops across the country for meet and greets, autograph signings and screenings. The tour will wrap up at DC’s Soho Store in New York City on June 7th, the day before the Hollywood premiere of his new movie, Street Dreams.

As his latest endeavor in the world of entertainment Dyrdek wrote, produced and financed Street Dreams, his first full-length feature film about an up-and-coming skateboarder and his dreams. With a cast of professional skateboarders that includes Dyrdek, Paul Rodriquez, Ryan Sheckler, Terry Kennedy and Ryan Dunn, Street Dreams is truly the first story to accurately depict the realities of life as a street skateboarder to a mainstream audience. In advance of the film’s theatrical release on June 12th, Dyrdek will screen the film to limited audiences during the DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour.

A full schedule and locations of the DC Fantasies Run Deep Tour can be found at www.dcshoes.com. Along with photos, videos and the Street Dreams trailer, fans can register at dcshoes.com for Dyrdek’s Facebook, Myspace and Twitter where they can receive info on the tour and exclusive promos. Visitors can also shop all of DC and Dyrdek’s current product and sign up for updates on his upcoming Dyrdek Collection that launches October 2009.

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Monday, April 13th, 2009

group Y, a collective of youth marketing and communications professionals in the action sports and entertainment industries, will hold a panel discussion on Wednesday, April 15th at Red Bull’s US headquarters in Santa Monica. Co-sponsored by FUEL TV, the panel line up includes industry leaders from Sole Technology, Blitz Distribution, Board Trac and ZJ’s Boarding House.

Over many years, the various action sports and their personalities have slowly gained more and more acceptance from mainstream media and public. With competitions, TV reality shows and a dedicated 24 hour cable network devoted to action sports, our once obscure sports have now grown a foothold as popular if not “traditional” sports.

group Y panelists will explore this development and discuss what it means to the action sports industry. Should or can smaller brands capitalize on what the larger brands have established? As a brand or a retailer, how can companies utilize this growth to help create sales? Or conversely, by the very occurrence of our sports now being considered the “norm” does that negate the edgy vibe and lifestyle that has helped these brands become what they are today?

Our panelists will discuss these issues alongside of their own personal and professional experiences of how they effectively marketed to capture this audience and what current and future challenges may be.

Panelists Include:
• Don Brown – Senior Vice President, Sole Technology (soletechnology.com)
• Per Welinder – President, Blitz Distribution and Chairman of the Board, IASC (blitzdistribution.com, skateboardiasc.org)
• Todd Roberts – Owner, ZJ Boarding House and Chairman, Board Retailers Association (zjboardinghouse.com, www.boardretailers.org)
• Moderator, Angelo Ponzi – Co-founder & Senior Marketing Executive, Board-Trac (board-trac.com)

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the panel will begin at 7:00 p.m. Admission at the door is $20, and pre-registrations are $15.

To pre-register, please visit www.groupYnetwork.com.

group Y invites all those involved in marketing & PR within the action sports, entertainment & communications industries to attend.

FUEL TV is the action sports lifestyle network for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, freestyle motocross, and wakeboarding. A unit of Fox Cable Networks, FUEL TV was launched July 1, 2003 and is seen in 26 million U.S. homes. To subscribe to FUEL TV, call 877-4-FUEL-TV. For program times and other information, visit www.fuel.tv.

About group Y – “Where Action Sports and Youth Marketing Come to Meet”
group Y is a collective of youth marketing & communications professionals with a focus on action sports and entertainment industries. Founded in 2006, the group is vehicle to bring people together and assist new relationships between others within our sphere of Action Sports and Entertainment. Panel discussions and speakers have included industry leaders from brands including Burton, Quiksilver, Billabong, MySpace, Verizon, (RED), Oakley, Roxy, Skullcandy, IMG and RVCA. For more information, please visit us at www.groupYnetwork.com

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Monday, April 6th, 2009

HEAL Clothing (Helping Extreme Athletes Live): www.healclothing.com, has launched its online store. HEAL takes a percentage of every sale, before profits, and donates it to an organization that takes care of injured athletes of action sports, or for medical care at action sport events. Supporting organizations such as the Athlete Recovery Fund, Actions Sports Medicine Foundation, and X-games gold medalist/motocross legend Doug Henry, HEAL is ready to make an impact.

With the growth of action sports there has also been an increase in the risk factors involved. It has been obvious with many top athletes suffering major injuries from pushing these sports to the next levels. HEAL Clothing aims to help in this effort to bring some support to athletes whose salaries and insurance cannot cover the injuries and life changing accidents that are occurring.

“Every product sold by HEAL Clothing will donate before profits. The idea behind HEAL is to make a brand that is not only a style but a brand that supports the sports at the highest level by taking care of the athletes that have progressed these sports to what they are today ,” said owner and founder of HEAL Clothing, Daniel Brown.

Having well-renown athletes such as Doug Henry, Stephen Murray, and Mike Aitken, affiliated with organizations HEAL supports, suffer such immense injures it is aware that attention and care is needed for these athletes. HEAL will continuously pursue new athletes and organizations to support while consistently making product for the lifestyle of the action sports community.
A complete list of the organizations and athletes are listed on www.healclothing.com.

About HEAL Clothing:
HEAL Clothing was founded by Daniel Brown after witnessing a friend and star in the action sports community suffer a life altering accident. Being a participant and suffering injuries on many levels himself, he has seen the kind of attention that is needed first hand. In pursue of helping others in these sports, HEAL was designed as a way of giving back to the ones that made and are making action sports what they are today.

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Friday, March 27th, 2009

While the all-girls slopestyle and superpipe competition known as the Roxy Chicken Jam is taking place March 27-29 at Mammoth Mountain Resort in California, Quiksilver has decided to have a competition of its own, just for the men – called the Quiksilver Cluck Off. The invitation-only half pipe competition will take place Saturday, March 28 at 4:00pm at the Mammoth Mountain Superpipe.

Eight Mammoth Mountain locals are set to compete in a half-hour half pipe jam session. The competing locals include Greg Bretz, Trevor Jacob, Luke Wynen, Spencer Whiting and Garrett Wynert from the Mammoth Junior team, Patrick Reddy, Tommy Czeshin and eight-year old Judd Henkes. The half pipe competition will be judged by snowboarding Olympians – Quiksilver’s Todd Richards and Roxy’s Torah Bright, as well as Mammoth Mountain’s Oren Tanzer. First place prize is a whopping $1,000; winner takes all.

“The Quiksilver Cluck Off is amazing because as soon as you say cluck instead of the four-letter word it rhymes with, you realize it’s totally cool to have it on a t-shirt in huge letters”, says head judge Todd Richards.

The Roxy Chicken Jam is a three-day professional snowboard contest and festival. The festival includes a free concert with Cold War Kids and Santogold on Saturday evening in the Mammoth Mountain Village.

For more information on the Quiksilver Cluck Off and up-to-date information on Quiksilver snow team-riders’ activities, please visit www.quiksilver.com/snow and be sure to sign up for the Mountain and Wave blog.

About Quiksilver

Quiksilver is committed to providing tools for uncovering, expressing and expanding your personal style. Our aim is to foster the sense of individual expression and excitement – the stoke that is the essence of boardriding*. We’re also here to spread the word because the only thing better than finding stoke is sharing it.

*Boardriding is about timing and style. It’s youthful, active, casual, and free flowing. There is no wrong way to ride a board. The goal is simply to learn, progress, improve, and give it your own interpretation.

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Bombora Brings NOAA Buoy Data to the iPhone for Surfers, Boaters, and Ocean-Goers

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

From sunny Southern California comes Bombora the ultimate surf and ocean forecasting tool for Apple’s iPhone. Bombora is an elegant, informative, and comprehensive ocean data application — built specially for surfers, boaters, and everyone else that loves the ocean. Bombora contains a wide selection of tools that provide an arsenal of information for the amateur forecasting tool-belt.

Access to recent NDBC & CDIP buoy data provides wave, wind, and atmospheric conditions, tidal information and predictions, directional swell data, National Weather Service marine text forecasts, and more, all bundled together into a single app. Browse buoys, C-MAN, and tidal stations by region, add them easily to a favorites page, or use the convenient ‘nearby’ function to find stations closest to you. View historical charts for buoy data and trends for any number of measurements, wave, wind, or conditions related.

Integrated support for directional swell information brings a new level of surf forecasting sophistication to the iPhone. Bombora taps directly in to the National Data Buoy Center’s federally funded network of buoys, in addition to the advanced buoy network of the California Data Information Project. These oceanographic agencies provide important data and support for commerce and recreation in US waters.

Bombora’s development was featured in the Santa Barbara Independent’s ‘Winter Surf Blowout’ issue, and the article has generated considerable interest among surfers and other buoy aficionados. Independent journalist Ethan Stewart writes of Bombora: “While somewhat similar applications already exist in the iPhone universe, when Bombora hits the streets for mass consumption … , it will be in a league of its own. Besides basic buoy info, it gives users ever important swell direction information, tide readings, trend graphs ( i.e. is the surf building or dropping?), and allows you to tailor your experience to whatever break or beach you call home.”

Visit us online for additional information on Bombora’s features. Bombora will be available on Friday, March 20, 2009, in Apple’s iTunes App Store (http://www.itunes.com/apps/bombora/).

About The Gonzo Consortium:
The Gonzo Consortium is a Santa Barbara, CA-based software development team. The Bombora concept was conceived by Kerry DeVilbiss and executed to perfection by Hunter Hillegas of the Vegas Media Group and author of ‘Vegas Mate,’ a Las Vegas Interactive City Guide, available in the iTunes App Store

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Grenade Games Registration is Live

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Grenade, a worldwide leader in action sports, and Monster Energy have joined forces to bring the Grenade Games to Canada. Get ready for Grenade Games 5, happening April 20-26, 2009 in Whistler, B.C. during the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

Register now at http://wssf.com/grenadegames/registration.html to enter the lottery for the 100 open spots. Pre-registered riders include some of the biggest names in snowboarding today and 100 lucky people are going to ride and party with them for 6 days this April. Registration is open now and will close on April 8th. On April 10th we’ll choose 100 names by random draw and those riders will be entered in the Grenade Games.

By registering for Grenade Games all athletes are welcome to enter the first 3 events. You may enter as many or as few as you like.

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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Coast Body Wash is proud to announce the first-annual Make Me Famous sponsorship contest, awarding the winning snowboarder or skier a year-long sponsorship worth $20,000.

To enter, you need to submit a video showcasing your best action moves. We want to see you throw down. Submit the video that best exemplifies your technique and style. Don’t stress too much about the video production quality… we won’t hold your buddy’s shaky filming talents against you.

While you only need to submit the action video, we realize that sponsorship is also about your personality off of your board or skis. So we’re giving you a chance to submit a second video – the Special Something Video. Submit-ting a second video isn’t a requirement, but it is a chance to show us what else you can bring to the table. Show us what makes you you. Get creative. Show us. Tell us. Make sure we won’t forget your face and you’ll help your chances for that 20 grand.

Aside from that, there aren’t too many rules. Just remember that style counts and originality means everything. If you’re a pro, try to do better than sending us your last big film segment. If you’re not, then this is your chance to show us why you should be. Once your videos are done simply log on to Coast-MakeMeFamous.com and leave the rest to us.

Not a big-time ripper? No worries. There are still plenty of ways for you to get involved. Just log on to Coast-MakeMeFamous.com for a chance to win tons of gear and see all the entry videos.

All entries are due by May 17th, 2009. So get out there and start shooting. All this cash is starting to burn a hole in our pockets

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6.0 Lowers Pro Becomes First Ever ASP 6-Star PRIME on U.S. Mainland

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

The 6.0 Lowers Pro has upgraded to an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) 6-Star PRIME for 2009 making it the first WQS PRIME-rated event ever on Mainland U.S.A. The prestigious event, one of only three 6-Stars on the ASP North America Tour and only eight 6-Star PRIMES around the world on the 2009 schedule, will take over Lower Trestles, San Clemente, Calif. for five days of competition from April 28th to May 2nd. A field of 128 men will vie for a $145,000 prize purse, including $20,000 for first place, and the most WQS ratings points possible.

“Elevating the 6.0 Lowers Pro to a 6-Star event is a huge benefit for all North American surfers and Nike 6.0 is beyond excited to be able to facilitate this,” says Nike 6.0 surf mentor, Jason Kenworthy. “Lowers provides a world-class stage for U.S. surfers to perform and secure critical tour points. This is huge.”

Running concurrently, the ASP Grade-2 Oakley Pro Junior will see 48 juniors (20 years and younger) battling for a $10,000 prize purse and two coveted qualifying spots into the Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge Finals. This will be the only U.S. qualifier for the prominent event, which gained notoriety last year due to its massive prize purse, professional format, and high caliber of qualifier location selections.

Ben Bourgeois (Carlsbad, CA) won the inaugural ASP WQS 4-Star 6.0 Lowers Pro last year beating out an impressive list of fellow finalists: Frederick Patacchia (North Shore, HAW), Joel Centeio (North Shore, HAW) and Patrick Gudauskas (San Clemente, CA).

Although there has never been a shortage of talent on tap at the event, this year’s upgrade from a 4-Star to a 6-Star PRIME has upped the ante, ensuring the talent will be even more remarkable and giving North American surfers a crucial opportunity to earn significant points towards qualifying for the World Tour.

Originating in 2007, PRIME is the highest possible ASP rating only given to competition venues considered to be at “prime” locations. Around the world, only eight locations have been identified as worthy of the rank in 2009. Infamous Lower Trestles, known for it’s perfect wide-open faces and idyllic California setting, is the first and only Mainland U.S. location to ever warrant the grade.

Although the 6-Star PRIME prize purse is the same as for a regular 5- or 6-Star event, the field is restricted to 128 competitors, and the ratings points are increased substantially. A 6-Star PRIME allocates 3,500 points for first place compared to the 2,500 offered for a basic 6-Star event.

Prior to 2008 when Nike 6.0 took over the title sponsor position, the storied Lower Trestles event had crowned victors including nine-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (Cocoa Beach, FL), three-time ASP World Champion Andy Irons (North Shore, HAW), Rob Machado (Encinitas, CA), Shane Beschen (San Clemente, CA), C.J. Hobgood (Melbourne Beach, FL) and Tom Curren (Santa Barbara, CA), to name a few.

In 2008, wildcard Sebastian Zietz (Hanalei, HAW) claimed the Oakley Pro Junior title over finalists Jason Harris (Huntington Beach, CA), Travis Beckmann (Vero Beach, FL) and Dusty Payne (Lahaina, HAW), earning him a spot into the inaugural Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge Final in Bali.

This year, the Oakley Pro Junior at Lower Trestles will be the only North American qualifier for the Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge, which has become the hot ticket destination for the world’s juniors this year. That, combined with the merging of the ASP North America and ASP Hawaii regional ratings for the 2009 Pro Junior division, suggests this event will pull in the best of the best.

Both the 6.0 Lowers Pro and Oakley Pro Junior will be webcast live for all five days of competition with legendary personalities Dave Stanfield, Peter Mel, Pat O’Connell, and other surprise guests, behind the microphone.

For more information about the 6.0 Lowers Pro, visit www.nike6lowerspro.com. For more about the Oakley Pro Junior, visit www.oakleyprojunior.com.

The 6.0 Lowers Pro and Oakley Pro Junior wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of sponsors. During these tough economic times, their commitment is even more appreciated. A special thank you goes out to presenting sponsors Nike 6.0 and Oakley, co-sponsor Red Bull, and media sponsors Surfer (surfermag.com), Surfing (surfingthemag.com), WaveWatch.com and FUEL TV.

About Nike 6.0:
Welcome to Nike 6.0 … a multi-action sports brand supporting the next generation. Our mission is simple: Instigate, inspire and elevate the next generation. The barriers that once existed between action sports have been reduced by those who skate, surf, and ride with equal and inclusive passion. 6.0 is dedicated to this new crop of athletes through our multi-sport team, innovative product, and events. From the streets to the surf, from the dirt to the park, Nike 6.0 symbolizes the creativity and progression inherent in the DNA of action sports. www.nike6.com

About Oakley, Inc.
Oakley, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance sunglasses, prescription lenses and frames, goggles and technology-enabled eyewear that utilize the company’s High Definition Optics® (HDO®), a collective platform of patented technologies that offer unbeatable optical performance. The company also produces technical and active apparel, footwear and accessories. For more information, please visit the company’s Web site at www.oakley.com.

About Source Interlink Media’s Action Sports Group (ASG):
Reaching more than two million enthusiasts, Source Interlink Media’s Action Sports Group (ASG) is the dominant force in the action sports and adventure sports arenas. In addition to publishing leading lifestyle publications such as Surfer, Surfing, Snowboarder, Skateboarder, Bike, Powder and Canoe & Kayak, Source Interlink Media’s ASG delivers a cutting-edge network of online properties, events and television programming.

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Kris Markovich Signs With ERGO Skate Team

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Southern gentleman, skateboarder and artist, Markovich, brings to ERGO both longevity and respect within the skate community. His major accomplishments range from launching his own skateboard company to securing continuous coverage in skate magazines, broadcast and film for more than a decade.

“Kris will be playing a key role at ERGO in cultivating our skate program,” says ERGO Vice President, Pete DiSpirito. “We are excited to give Kris that family feeling that he has been searching for from a company.”

In the coming year, expect to see Markovich traveling throughout the United States skateboarding with the ERGO team while making several stops along the way to feature his artwork; also expect to see his artwork on several signature ERGO items each season. For more, stay tuned to www.ergophobia.com.

About ERGO:

Founded in 2005, ERGO offers a collection of quality surf and skate apparel for men and women. ERGO is committed to creating core, quality products for consumers who live a lifestyle marked by originality and distinction. ERGO’s team of designers thrives off natural progression and building a classic line that will mature over time. In addition, ERGO has cultivated a solid team of riders that support the brand’s image and raw style.

ERGO is based on the east coast in New Jersey along with a west coast office and warehouse in Costa Mesa, CA. Sold at core retailers worldwide, ERGO features a range of high quality denim, boardshorts, fleece, wovens, tees and accessories. For more information, visit www.ergophobia.com.

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Saturday, March 21st, 2009

group ygroup Y, a collective of youth marketing and communications professionals in the action sports and entertainment industries, will hold a panel discussion on Wednesday, March 25th at the OC Tavern in San Clemente. Featured panelists include professionals from New Era and 686/Westlife Distribution.

The discussion, co-sponsored by Transworld Business, will focus on the power of brand collaborations. What makes a successful collaboration? What are the best practices involved? How can two independent brand identities merge into a profitable hybrid product?

The panelists will speak to their experiences as well as promote discussion, questions and networking opportunities among members and guests.

Panelists Include:
• Braden Dahl – Strategic Business Unit Manager, New Era
• Mike West – President and Creative Director, 686 & Westlife Distribution
• Kristin Cusic – VP of Marketing, 686 & Westlife Distribution
• Rob Campbell (moderator) – Publisher, Transworld Business

Built upon collaborating, New Era has perfected the art of successfully uniting brand identities. Recent examples beyond their traditional branded caps have been the 20|94 collection with DC Shoes, the Good Livin’ Collection with Greg Lutzka and Oakley, the Times Collection with 686, the Capture The Flag Collection (athlete designed series – Jake Burton, Danny Way, James “Bubba” Stewart) and the latest New Era x TWSurf Top 44 Trading Cards.

686 has also made a “collaborative” name for itself by aligning themselves with like-minded brands and producing exclusive and innovative products. Partnerships over the years have included Dragon, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, Dakine, Vestal, Levi’s, Famous, KR3W and New Balance.

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the panel will begin at 7:00 p.m. Admission at the door is $20 and includes appetizers and drink specials courtesy of OC Tavern.

group Y invites all those involved in marketing & PR within the action sports, entertainment & communications industries to attend. For more information and to RSVP, please visit our website at www.groupYnetwork.com.

In addition, group Y will be hosting a PR-focused panel at the IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies) Skateboarding Industry Summit this April. group Y panel guest speakers will include Chris Overholser of Vans, Tiffany Montgomery of Shop-Eat-Surf.com, and John Stouffer of Fuel TV. For more information about the Summit and IASC, please visit http://skateboardiasc.org.

About group Y – “Where Action Sports and Youth Marketing Come to Meet”
group Y is a collective of youth marketing & communications professionals with a focus on action sports and entertainment industries. Founded in 2006, the group is vehicle to bring people together and assist new relationships between others within our sphere of Action Sports and Entertainment. Panel discussions and speakers have included industry leaders from brands including Burton, Quiksilver, Billabong, MySpace, Verizon, (RED), Oakley, Roxy, Skullcandy, IMG and RVCA. For more information, please visit us at www.groupYnetwork.com

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