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Marc Johnson gets Epicly Later’d

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Epicly Later’d has finally done an episode on the highly anticipated Marc Johnson. There are already two parts up for your viewing pleasure.

marc johnson epicly laterd

Marc talks about his early years involving sponsorship with skateboarding. From Maple skateboards to A-Team skateboards. Do you remember A-Team? I sure do. It’s insane hearing Marc’s thoughts on the whole deal. It’s crazy to realize how stoked tons of skateboarders were on the company itself while Marc and a lot of the riders on the actual team were pretty bummed.

It’s a really good exclusive interview with one of skateboarding’s most elusive characters. I mean Marc Johnson even lives high up in the mountains away from all society. It’s pretty cool to get a little insight and see what this skateboarding legend has to say. This is the same guy that won Skater of the Year in 2007. And don’t forget the full length three song ender part in Lakai’s Fully Flared.

Excited to view the next batch of episodes. The first two are up and I hope there plenty more.

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SKATE 2: The Full Review

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

ea skate 2I’ve played tons of skateboarding video games. By far the most impressive one to date has been the latest release from EA known as SKATE 2. Hands down the best in quality, content, and game play. If you haven’t played the first SKATE game feel free to skip right on over to SKATE 2.

The game features virtually the same spots as the first, so you basically get two games wrapped up into one. On top of that, there have been a ton of new abilities added to your characters in the newer version. For example, you can now “hippy jump”, which I believe is the first time that trick has been added into any skateboarding game. You can also move objects around, basically customizing your entire surroundings. Want to set up the bench down a ten stair? Sure, go for it. Need to air on top of a building? Why not move the ramps around?

Seriously the depth of detail and customization for this game is amazing. Another really cool feature added to this game is the cell phone you get. You can basically hire Big Black to do security for you, or get two of your other friends to drain pools you might find, or take the knobs off rails. You can call up pro skateboarders you meet up in the game and challenge them to games of skate. You participate in skateboarding demos, complete filming missions, and can train in your very own custom training facility– and by far my favorite, participate in the downhill races where you bomb down mountains at top speeds. This game is super fun, yet challenging at the same time. You also have the “Hall of Meat” challenges which are entertaining as heck. You can even buy property in the game. Yes, it’s that detailed. Honestly they might as well have added in your own character’s apartment. Not that it was necessary but the game was truly that detailed.

Overall an incredibly job by the crew over at EA. The game is superb and in my opinion should be in the top 5 rank of games overall for 2009 without a doubt. I’m so stoked on this game that I hope a “SKATE 3” is already in the works. Now if you excuse me– I need to go defeat Eric Koston and Mike Carroll in a game of skate.

Check out footage of what the pros have to say about the game! And check out tons of other videos on their website. You will truly see the masterpiece that this game is.

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Shepard Fairey in Trouble?

Monday, February 9th, 2009

OBEY! You know you’ve heard of it, or maybe just seen the posters around your town. The mastermind behind Obey, Shepard Fairey, has been arrested.

You can pretty much guess the reason(s) why he would be getting arrested. Two warrants were issued to him for his “Andre the Giant” influenced posters pasted on two separate buildings. He is also getting commotion from the Associated Press for his supposed “copyrighted image”. His Obama HOPE posters are seen everywhere and the stickers have sold in the hundred thousand or more mark. Personally, I think they’ve probably sold somewhere in the millions as you see them EVERYWHERE.

obama hope

The associated press is claiming he stole their image for use in his entire Hope campaign. Yes the images look similar but it truly seems as if the AP is in some sort of desperate situation with no particular motive other than to make some money off him. First off, Shepard isn’t hurting anyone. And this exactly the kind of work that is supposed to protected. It’s art. If anything that poster did give us a sense of what he meant to portray with it. HOPE! On top of this, Obama ended up winning the entire election which only adds to an even more fairy tail ending to the election. Regardless of whether Shepard is making some extra cash for making the posters, which he says he didn’t, he actually helped in his own way to solidify Obama’s win. It’s like he did his own part, you know?

To do what Shepard did and on the level that he did it on– Wow! Shepard Fairey is one clever man. Props beyond props to the guy for starting from were he was to ending up on your MSN and Yahoo’s Headline News. Seriously, think about it, all this attention he’s getting is only making his art and name even more well-known. If you didn’t know about him before, you sure do now!

Update: It appears that Shepard Fairy is suing the AP now. Woot!

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Ed Benedict Skate Park Plaza Is Open: Why Does Portland Gotta Blow Up So Hard?

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Last time I even bothered to count, Oregon was home to over 120 skate parks, many of which are undeniably world class spots. So, while Saturday’s official opening of the Ed Benedict Community Park skate plaza isn’t anything new for Oregonians or Portlanders, it’s still a cause for celebration. Skateboarding is being taken seriously in this town and as a result, skate parks have been popping up like zits on a roid-head’s back lately and will continue to do so as both skaters and non-skaters alike embrace the positive impact that these projects are having on their communities.

ed benedict skate plaza
Photo: Skate and Annoy

According to local advocacy group Skaters For Portland Skateparks, Portland is…

“The first city in the world to have a comprehensive master plan for skateboard park development. Passed by city council ordinance on August 3, 2005, the plan recommends 3 types of skate parks — 19 in total — 13 neighborhood skate spots, 5 district-wide skate parks, and one central city anchor park. The idea for a skate park master plan is based on the idea that skateboarders deserve an appropriate scope of safe, well-designed facilities just like any other recreational activity.”

Wow! Did you hear that? Three types of skate parks! Portland already has a reputation as being one of the most progressive cities in the USA. Whether we’re talking about public transportation, urban development, music/art, sustainability, or medical marijuana, you can be sure to find P-Town on the map. And now, thanks to the hard work of skate advocates, a receptive and capable local government, and private sponsors like Vans, who cut a $10,000 check for Ed Benedict, Portland will be a destination for skaters from all over the World. That is if it isn’t already.

By the way, the park is sick and I had a blast skating it with what seemed like all of SE Portland yesterday! Granite fixtures, flawless concrete benches, stairs, rails, and a creamy launch ramp gap transition all make Ed Benedict a street skater’s dream come true. All the while, the smooth hip and half-pipe at the east end keep early grabbers like me highly entertained as well. The landscaping is awesome and deserves mention, too. There’s nothing quite like gapping shrubbery. Plus, all the trees and plants built into to the plaza will be good for providing more oxygen which is sure to be in high demand as skaters light up Ed Bendedict Skate Park in the weeks, months, and years to come.

See you there.

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Lafayette Skate Safe Plaza Coming Late Feb ‘09

Friday, February 6th, 2009

lafayette skate safe plazaThe city of Los Angeles will be welcoming a new skate plaza to its vicinity. Rob Dyrdek, DC Shoes, and a massive donation from the dudes running Carl’s Jr. have thrown in the cash for this gem. It will all be completed late February of 2009 , later this month.

I am absolutely mind boggled as to how fast it’s the construction is going to be done. Not only that, but I didn’t even know they were working on another plaza. This one promises to have more of a regular street-spot-flowing feel to it. By the sounds of it; stairs, ledges, and benches will all be a staple in the new plaza. But there also seems to be the customization factor to it; I’m sure that means you can bring in your own obstacles as well and no one would trip on you rearranging things. Sounds pretty awesome to me and a definite add on to the many lists of skate spots I still need to skate. This new plaza will be called the Lafayette Safe Spot.

Perhaps there’s a chain of hassle free skate safe spots to come in the future? I hope so. This is a trend I could definitely get used to! For now, let our mouths water for the temptation of getting our shred on at Lafayette and maybe even go out and support Carl’s Jr. and buy ourselves a Famous Star? Mmmmm.. Yummy….

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Mike Vallely Interview

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Mike Vallely is really a guy that needs no introduction. With his unique style, he’s one of best skateboarders of all time, not to mention probably the most inspirational and influential. He keeps himself pretty busy too- aside from being married with two kids, Mike hosts the popular show Drive on Fuel TV, is the lead singer for Revolution Mother, works with the Anaheim Ducks on a couple various projects, and most recently starred in the film, Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Mike was gracious enough to take a few minutes of his time for an interview with 5ones…

mike vallely

Paul Blart: Mall Cop isn’t your debut on the big screen but it’s probably your biggest role to date. How did you first come about landing the role for Rudolph in Paul Blart: Mall Cop? What’s it like working with the crew and being in a big Hollywood film?

No, it’s not my movie debut but then again no other role I’ve been in has been anything really worth writing home about. This is the first real role of substance that’s for sure. From what I understand a few people recommended me for the part and the producer Todd Garner and the stunt coordinator Chris O’Hara both said they had their eye on me from the start. Makes sense, the role required a bad ass skater and well, I fit the bill.I really enjoyed my time in Boston working on the movie. I was there for the entire production and enjoyed the process and just tried to be a good soldier.

What is it that drives and inspires you as both a person and skateboarder?

Real simple man, I’m alive– this is it. I’m not asking questions and I don’t care what the answers are, I just know that I’m gonna’ live my life full on and make the most of every moment.

Who are your biggest skateboarding inspirations and how have theyinfluenced both your skating and your life?

Lance Mountain is my favorite skater of all-time. The Gonz, Natas, Neil Blender, Tom Groholski and Tony Alva those are guys I really vibe on just to name a few. Lance to me is just what a pro skater is and he’s the guy I learned most of what I really value about pro skateboarding from.

You are obviously a huge influence and inspiration to many people- What do you hope your fans will take away from both you as a person and your skating?

I’m all about just being a link in the chain, an individual link– my own person — but a link none the less. What I try to do is just pass on the good stuff– skateboarding as an individual pursuit, a creative outlet and most importantly fun.

You’re a very philosophical person- What does skateboarding mean to you?

Talk is talk– anyone can bullshit themselves and others. I like to think my actions speak for themselves.

You’ve traveled to tons of locations for your show Drive- Is there a place in particular that you’d like to visit that you haven’t been to yet?

I don’t have any itinerary or wish list– I just go where I go when the opportunities arise. Cuba is currently in my sights– if that works out I’ll be stoked but I’m not about going places just to check ‘em off– I’ve been quite content at home for the past 5 months.

What is your perspective on outside influences growing the skatemarket? Example: Sneaker heads snapping up Vans and Nike SB?

I don’t really follow it. I do my thing and other people do their thing.

How did you get into hockey? Is it true you’re trying to make it to a professional level?

I would love to play in a professional game at some level the problem is I’m really not very good. However, when it comes to fisticuffs I reckon I could hold my own, that would be the role I would be looking to play. I’ve got my feelers out there, it is something should I be able to make it happen I will do.

There’s a rumor floating around that you’ve left Element Skateboards and joined former teammate Nyjah Huston on Pocket Pistol Skates, yet neither of you are listed on their website- Is there any truth to this rumor?

What the fuck is Pocket Pistol Skates? (5ones: We’re guessing this means the rumor is not true)

What’s in store for the future? What kind of projects can we expect to see you collaborating on?

The next thing I do on my skateboard will be with The Berrics. After that who knows? I’d like to get out on tour and rock some skateparks– sometime this year for sure. My band will be putting a record out in the late Spring and probably tour hard through the summer into the fall. No definite plans though– I just go moment to moment.

revolution mother

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Right Foot Forward: Transworld’s Latest Skate Flick

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

right foot forwardRight Foot Forward is the title for the latest Transworld Skateboarding video. Is it coincidence that the skateboarders featured in it all skate goofy? I think not.

Watch the trailer and prepare to be stunned. The editing is top notch and the skate trailer alone makes you feel as if you were prepping for a full length motion picture. Transworld never disappoints when it comes to their skateboarding videos and you can already tell that this one is no different. The list of featured skateboarders also promises a good video. Joey Brezinski is going to bring the tech tricks to the table. Corey Duffel’s going to bring the gnar. Bobby Worrest ollieing a 21 stair? I heard rumors. Kellen James will grind the hell out of everything with finesse. And Matt Beach! Yes Matt Beach is back. I haven’t seen a part from him since “Can’t stop the Firm”. Really looking forward to it.

Overall the video already sounds like a hit and I can’t wait to check it out! Seriously I really like the artistic direction skateboarding videos have been going a lot lately. Good filming, amazing editing, and quality that looks superb. The future looks bright!

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Nyjah Huston’s New Skateboard Company?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

nyjah huston

At the moment, skateboarding child prodigy Nyjah Huston is still without a board sponsor since his recent departure from Element skateboards. But word on the street is that may very well change sometime soon.

We’ve heard from various sources recently that Nyjah has been getting a few offers to start up his own skateboard company. This is something we speculated on when he left Element. One of the legitimate offers is coming from the head honchos behind Plan B who are wanting to help the child wonder start up his own skateboard company.

Imagine that! If I’m not mistaken, he would be the youngest skateboarder ever in the world to start up his own skateboard company. With his dad as his business partner, I don’t see why it couldn’t go down. He has really seemed to do good for himself and has basically become a household name within the span of a few short years.

What will he call this new company? Who will ride alongside him for it? And most importantly, when will it officially be revealed? My guess is that we’ll hear news on this sometime soon. It’s only a matter of time now before you will see and hear from it. And if the dudes over at Syndrome pick it up, you know its going to be marketed everywhere!

Drop a comment below if you have any more info about this rumor.

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Black Box Crossroads Contest

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

The level of trickery going down at the Black Box Crossroads contest was unheard of and dudes were literally going milliseconds after one another to try their tricks.

The entire skate park at Black Box Distribution is top notch and is pretty amazing. I would say the only bummer about the entire event was the fact that you “could” skate if you wanted, but you almost “couldn’t” due to the traffic of skateboarders going back and forth.

The best trick competition was held on four different obstacles. By far, my favorite was the quarter pipe gap obstacle because one of my all-time favorite skateboarders, Gershon Mosley. The dude has been crushing it the whole time and has just been laying low for a while. Gilbert Crocket tore up the ledge big time. So did Chris Cole.

Crocket took 1st in the ledge obstacle and I personally witnessed an amazing kick flip backside nose grind nollie flip out. Tommy Sandoval front side flipped into the bank to a 1st place win on that obstacle. That drop to bank is no joke either, I honestly don’t even think photos can do that obstacle justice. And lastly, Chris Cole took the 1st place honors down the 11 stair. Can you say double three sixty flip? Wow! Man, a tre flip down the set is legit in itself, let alone adding another flip.

They all took their batch of cash home from the contest. There were tons of big names there and some amazing skateboarding went down, even before the contest started. Don’t be surprised if this event becomes a yearly thing. It was a complete success. Big ups to Jamie Thomas.

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Mike Vallely in PAUL BLART: MALL COP

Monday, January 19th, 2009

mike vallely paul blart mall cop

Nope you aren’t seeing things, Mike Vallely is really in this movie. He plays “Rudolph”, one of the main antagonist’s henchmen. Mike Vallely and some other various action sports athletes which include; Jason Ellis, Rick Thorne, and Mike Escamilla are all featured henchmen in the movie.

Mike Vallely actually did a pretty decent job acting and some of the skate stunts were pretty cool. The movie was quite enjoyable and it had this whole extreme theme with the bad guys involved. I’d remembered seeing a little clip of him and the main character (Kevin James) in which he picks on him while he is supposedly doing his security job.

What I liked the most though, was the fact that they went ahead and got a hold of some actual skateboarders as opposed to hiring some random guys to pose with a skateboard. Mike Vallely was almost perfect for his role and on top of that, who better than one of the skateboarding “O.G.’s”. For those that don’t know, Mike’s World Industries deck back in the day was credited for the evolution of the skateboard shape we now have today. I’m stoked to see him marketing himself and really getting out there the way he has. From his own show on Fuel TV, to doing movies, to just plain out rocking in his band, Mike V. is a skateboarder of many talents.

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