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Skate It for Nintendo Wii and DS

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

skate it nintendo wiiSo, the Skate It game for Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS is out. Whether you’re a gamer or not it’s worth trying these skate games out. They are actually pretty rad and fun. Plus, they are a good alternative when you’re hurt or soar from skateboarding and all you can think about still is skateboarding. The next best thing would be to play a skateboarding game, or I guess you could watch a skate video but at the least the game is interactive.

Especially now, with the whole Wii board accessories control that you can use. It reminds me a lot of the old skateboard arcade games. Not sure if it works the same but it definitely looks rad to try. Of course there are no trucks or wheels attached to the board, but at least they sort of got the shape down. As far as kickflips and all that, I’m not really sure how it all pans out.

You can check out the video on how to use the Wii board but it looks more like one of those things that you actually have to try for yourself. On top of that, you have the option to just use the controller but if I had the actual Wii board I would much rather use that. If you are going to get this game you might as well use the Wii board right? I mean you don’t skate with your hand to begin with and If you u use the controller you might as well play one of the hundred other skateboarding video games in existence.

The same game is out on the Nintendo DS which is pretty rad and cool for those long skate trips where you are absolutely board on the road and need to get some shred sledding on. Both of these versions look absolutely amazing and definitely worth a buy. Also if you are up for the wait EA is releasing their holy grail of games in January, the highly anticipated “SKATE 2”.

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Time of Change

Monday, November 17th, 2008

The skateboarding industry has been stacked with changes lately. From team swaps to more than half the videos going straight to internet feeds instead of DVD. Notice almost no one even bothers to release a skateboarding video anywhere other than the internet anymore. And a lot of companies have branched off into surprising product additions. From Krew clothing’s new line of watches to Nixon’s soon to be headphone line. Which by the way both look fantastic.

It has all come to a point where nothing is considered shocking or surprising anymore. Notice how corporate mainstream is taking over skateboarding? And everything from a new president, to stores you see on a daily basis going out of business. Everywhere you look, things seem a little more twisted. On top of that, core skate shops are still dropping like flies when they should truthfully be the ones blossoming.

The weather is shifting and though some of us live in California, our homies in the east coast are bummed that the snow is coming. Seems no matter what the situation is, the change is more apparent than ever. And change is an inevitable thing. But aside from all that feeling of things changing around us, there is also that little sense that tells me things will get better. That we are all due for something great. And skateboarding regardless of the popularity is and always will be skateboarding. The awesome feeling of going out and riding your board with your friends or just by yourself. That my friends will never change.

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Thrasher’s Skater of the Year!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Yup, it’s that time of the year again and the top dawg at Thrasher, Jake Phelps, is going to be announcing this year’s winner in about a week from now. So get on over to the Thrasher website and throw in your votes. Last year the crown went to the 3 song part for Mr. Marc Johnson himself, which was almost a no-brainer and the dude basically earned it by a landslide. The previous year to that, Daewon Song took it. This year its anybody’s game, really! I don’t really feel there has been one single individual that has outdone everyone else. There have been so many gnarly skateboarders that it’s pretty hard to tell who will be this year’s winner. If you are deeply having trouble deciding who to choose here are a few names I would recommend in no particular order.

Chris Cole: the guy had the ender part in the latest Fallen video. His tech trickery was unbelievable and I saw a lot of firsts in his part. Chris Cole could basically throw a one man demo with himself. He is just that good.

Greg Lutzka: please tell me you saw this guys United by Fate part? If you did there is no question why this guy could win SOTY. Plus he is everywhere right now. You would be surprised where you see Greg Lutzka being advertised in. Always keeping it true to skateboarding though. The guy is going big.

P-Rod and Sheckler: Both are good candidates for obvious reasons. They have both had outstanding years. Not to mention the cash they stocked up this past year from contests and shows. Either one could totally win the SOTY easily although I think it would be nice to see someone else win it. Got to share the wealth fellas.

Steve Berra: Berra would be an awesome candidate for the SOTY this year. The dude made the BERRICS! How dope is that. On top of that you know he has an epic part to unleash any day now.

Other good options would be Chris Haslam because the guy is way overdue for a SOTY award. Cody McEntire for the first part in a long time that made my jaw drop. (Smoke & Mirrors) watch it! Danny Way is a maniac and has every right in the world to win a SOTY again. And the list goes on. There are just too many people that could take it. Who you choose is your choice but choose wisely. Your choice will forever impact skateboarding.

Just kidding. You will find out the winner next Friday, November 21 at 9am PT.

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Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

rob dyrdek fantasy factoryI remember hearing a rumor that Rob and Big were going to split up, due to personal differences. Not sure if that was true or not but if it was, it seemed to spark an entirely different type of outcome.

Rob Dyrdek has a new show coming out that is plain outrageous! The entire show takes place in his warehouse, or “Fantasy Factory,” as he likes to call it. And it is absolutely amazing! An indoor skate plaza, massive mega ramp to ball pit, his offices built indoors, and even what looks like a giant blob like trampoline.

Rob Dyrdek went over the top for this show and it all starts on MTV in January. I personally think the show is a rad idea. Just watching skateboarding and all the antics that come alongside Rob’s crazy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoyed the Rob & Big show but since another season won’t be happening, probably ever again, I am totally down to settle with this new idea. Some of the older characters still carried through onto this show as well. Meaty his dog had a puppy and I think his cousin Drama is still going to be up in the mix.

You got to hand it to Rob, pulling off his own show and making more money skateboarding than he could have ever probably imagined. If you had the opportunity to do the same you know you would too. And the indoor skate plaza idea was top notch. Honestly I have no idea why someone didn’t do that before. It was always possible and probably better overall. You don’t have to worry about spending more money in the long run repairing the torn up wood. Dyrdek is the man, hands down. Check out the video and peep out his board wall its amazing.

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Tosh Townend on Pocket Pistols

Friday, November 7th, 2008

tosh townendAfter a good while without a board sponsor, Tosh Townend finally has a home on Pocket Pistols skateboards. Pretty random choice, but cool none the less.

Pocket Pistols gave him a “guest” model deck, which I basically consider a pro deck without the same term, I guess. It’s almost hard to think of Tosh not on Element anymore. The dude basically embodied a lot of the company’s spirit. When I would think Element, I would almost instantly think Tosh. But I guess things happen and you got to move on.

In many ways though, I actually dig the new Tosh Townend better. He’s doing more things for himself and taking charge of his skate career. Such as his Winnebago project tour recently. Which happens to be out on DVD as we speak, if I am not mistaken. The entire trip was headed and brainstormed by none other than Tosh himself and takes place at various stops throughout the United States. Its one of those kinds of trips that we would all like to take with our skate homies. Hop in a van and skate across the country.

Another factor I’d like to comment on, is the fact that since Tosh isn’t with Element anymore he also lost his pro shoe with them. I happened to think his shoe was the best on the line but I guess his feet will be sinking into yet another new sponsor in no time.

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Globe United by Fate 4

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

globe united by fateGlobe has just released their fourth installment of their United By Fate video. This time around, Greg Lutzka has a part alongside a mind blowing montage from the rest of the Globe skateboarders. It also looks as though they may have possibly hinted a future Ryan Decenzo and Louie Lopez part.

The montage within the video was mind blowing. It’s amazing what tricks they don’t hold back on. They do such a good job on these United By Fate videos. Such a good job that the wait between the episodes actually tends to piss me and many others off. They literally leave you sitting there expecting the next part or at least some more tricks or an extra montage. But, nope. You have to basically wait half a year before you can check out the next episode. Personally, I am awaiting a new Mark Appleyard part. Oh and an epic Rodney Mullen part. I know he has been up to something amazing that I am sure we will all be blown away by.

Greg Lutzkas part was undeniably good. He does an amazing full 360 frontside flip over the gnarly water channel gap. How you would begin to attempt that trick over that gap is seriously beyond me. And his ender will have you debating whether or not he is a mechanical skateboarding machine. On top of that, his video part is basically like a mini music video. Watch the part and you will see what I mean. Some may not feel that it went good with his part, but in my opinion I though it was damn cool.

With that it’s safe to say that Globe has yet again not left any of us with disappointment in their latest episode. I hope they compile every episode in the end and turn them into DVD’s that will be handed out at shops or something. I would like to get myself a copy of one of those.

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Happy Birthday Burnside! Portland’s Savage Skate Park Turns 18

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Halloween Marks 18 Years of Savage Skating Under Portland’s Most Notorious Bridge.

burnside skatepark

The Burnside Skate Park in Portland, Oregon celebrated its 18th birthday this evening in what was for me the most impressive Halloween party I’ll attend all weekend. Despite having been sunny and warm the last several days (a rarity for Portland in October), forecasters had pretty much guaranteed a precipitous and chilly Halloween. And sure enough, when I woke up this morning, it was to the sound of cold rain falling on wet concrete. By around 2 o’clock though, the clouds had split and rays of sunlight shone down in glory upon the streets of Portland. So, I grabbed my skate and caught the 75 down to Burnside.

The history of the Burnside Skate Park is pretty much legendary at this point. Back in 1990, a core group of skaters began cleaning up the destitute street under the east side of the bridge. They built a few concrete transitions into the massive walls and filled the forms with the filth and trash that was previously the only thing down there. These initial efforts were undertaken without any kind of city approval, driven instead by the visions of highly motivated and autonomous local skaters. And so it goes, from its conception, the park has represented the epitome of skater proactivity. Built, maintained, and governed by the skaters themselves, Burnside has grown into one of the most renown, gnarly, and awe-inspiring skate parks in the world. It has come to serve not just as a Portland city landmark and testament as to what skateboarding is capable of offering a community willing to embrace its cause, but as an international skate mecca attracting the stoked from all four corners.

Whether you are a participant or a spectator, any given session at Burnside has the potential to be life-changing. Last year I showed up early one Saturday and was happy to have the place pretty much to myself. Within an hour, however, I was ecstatic to realize I was skating amongst some of the most outrageous talent I had ever witnessed. I’m not going to drop names or anything, but to say that I was humbled by the level of skill being displayed that day would be a gross understatement. To say that I was stoked would be likewise. With my heart beating a million miles an hour, I went on to have one of my most memorable Burnside sessions ever, totally consumed by the aura of the park and its personalities. Not all Burnside sessions are so kind however, and there’s good reason the park is often dubbed gnarly, as well as intimidating. Everything is huge here! The transitions are almost all vertical and no matter what line you choose to run, you can find yourself flying around pockets and up walls that will have you thinking you’re defying the laws of physics. That’s what’s so scary. The physical laws are VERY real at Burnside; her concrete mountains and valleys exerting a gravitational force all their own, especially on the weary and uncommitted skater. If the hardened, Pabst drinking, rip harder than you, Burnside-4-Life locals don’t intimidate you, then the prospect of getting your trucks hung up on the coping in the lower pool will. Did I mention the concrete?

All intimidation and ruthlessness aside, this year’s Halloween at Burnside was a site to behold. A few additions to the park were unveiled including a new quarter pipe/bank transition connecting the upper bowl with the northeast parking lot. I saw a Roman gladiator go huge over the hip into a glorious hand plant on the upper wall. I also saw Paul Bunyan go tail to fakie off the upper east ledge, and that doesn’t even begin to summarize the session. Burnside was alive, teaming with energy and showed no signs of dying down as I left exhausted around dark. Every time I’m under the bridge I feel like I’ve witnessing something special. A piece of history. Today’s anniversary session was no exception. So, thanks and a Happy Birthday to Burnside!

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The L.A. Skate Plaza

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Yes, after a good while of construction the Los Angeles Skate Plaza is open. Not only that but it actually looks unique and pretty fun to skate. A new spot destination just got added to my little book of “must skate spots”. This plaza is absolutely awesome!

The grand opening already went down which means now it’s time for all of you out there to go and shred up the park for yourselves. The first thing you will probably notice about the plaza is the unique shape of the centerpiece; a sort of circular octagon with stairs, banks, ledges, and rails all coming out from it. There are also some awesome manual pads that drop off to flat. You can basically take turns skateboarding off each side to polish your skills on the designated obstacle.

Around the entire premises you will find various other random obstacles such as the wonderful corner bank. This thing is sweet. It’s not to steep but not to mellow either so you can go up it do a trick and transfer to the other side. You can also skate my personal favorite, which was the euro like manual pad that can also be used as a slanted ledge. There are also buttery benches and some ledges formed like stairs so you can choose the height you want to grind at.

Overall the Los Angeles Skate Plaza is awesome. There are more obstacles that I didn’t even name that are there for you to skate as well. But the best part about this plaza is the fact that you don’t need protective gear and it’s absolutely FREE to skate. Yes free of charge and you don’t have to spend money on gear? What are you waiting for make the trip out and give it a good session.

Here is the address
325 Neptune Ave.
Wilmington, CA 90744

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The Hill Brothers

Monday, October 27th, 2008

gantry hillThe Berrics has recently recruited Gantry Hill who is the older brother of Garrett Hill. Most people do not know of Gantry Hill, but after watching his recruited part I think it’s fair to say that he rips good enough to be hooked up just as much as Garrett is.

These two are probably the gnarliest skateboarding brothers since Jeremy and Jonas Wray back in the day. There’s this awesome ending clip after Garrett Hill’s Battle commander in which he does a 360 flip 50-50 on the ledge – only to be followed back to back by his brother doing the exact same trick. I wonder how long it took them to get that down? Check it out if you get a chance.

There are tons of gnarly tricks going down and even though they’re both brothers, you will notice the difference in trick selection. With the exception of the 360 flip 50-50 on the ledge each individual has his own set bag of tricks. And it seems as though the Berrics Intern is next up in the almighty Battle Commander segment that the Berrics bestows upon its chosen skateboarding rippers. I like how they take soundtracks from movies and use them as epic pre intro’s for videos that they want you to anticipate. It really gives each video a sense of emotions.

Also speaking of brothers, I ‘ve noticed a lot of comments about Mike Mo and his brother Vince doing the same thing the Hill brothers did. That would be awesome to see. Maybe they will take the Hill brothers out? Who is the better team of skateboarding brothers? I guess we will just have to wait to find out. Check it.

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Active AM 2008

Friday, October 24th, 2008

active amFirst, we have the Damn Am contest going on at the moment in Costa Mesa,CA. Now, we also have the Active Am coming up in November and the Tampa Am isn’t to far off reach either.

That sure is a lot of crazy Am action that has been going on lately. Basically, a proving opportunity for all the up and comers to really pull through and shine. For a lot of them, these contest wins mean the world. They’re at a turning point in there skateboarding careers where one huge contest victory could mean getting upgraded to a higher level with their sponsor, or even better, acquiring more interested companies to back their skateboarding. I always felt that sometimes the Am contests had better skateboarding than some pro contests do.

The dudes at Active are throwing in a $12,000 purse. If you’ve ever been to the Bling Fest contest they throw, it reminds me of that, but without the live bands and all. It’s a rad event to go to, the admission is free, and it’s Active, so you know they will be throwing out ridiculous amounts of free goods. Oh yea, and they got this deal going where if you bring a can of food or a frozen turkey you can be entered in a raffle type deal. One random lucky person will get a $500 Active shopping spree.

So go in your cupboard or pantry or whatever it is you store your food in and pull out that old Campbell’s soup can that is expired and shunned in the back. You never know that old abandoned stale can could be your ticket to a $500 shopping spree!

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