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Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 2

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

jon olsson super sessions step up jumpJon Olsson Super Sessions day 2 has come to an end. The day started with riders hitting the step up hip feature. It took a moment for the athletes to adjust to the jump but soon after the practice session things got going full bore and style was the name of the day. Andreas Hatveit, Sammy Carlson, Jon and Oscar were all killing it.

Andreas was throwing down his signature rodeo and cork 7’s, such money tricks. Sammy threw down his ultra smooth flat spin 3’s and 5’s all afternoon. Oscar spent the day styling out 360’s boosting huge off the hip. Not all the riders were all that into the hip style step up (why? I’m not sure) and the day ended with Jon changing the jump for future sessions in the week to come. Look for updates coming soon. For video click here.

Day 1 Recap.

jon olsson

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Jon Olsson Super Sessions Goes More Than Off

Friday, March 28th, 2008

jon olsson super sessionsToday was the first day of jumping and filming at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions and it was amazing. The jumps are huge which is giving riders maximum air time to bust out their stylish tricks. I would say riders are going close to the 120ft range off the jump which is insane for a comp jump. All invited riders that were able to ski today threw down in a big way, which is what you’d expect when you get all these guys together and give them a 120ft jump to session on. All types of spins and rotations were laid down through out the entire day. Jon sure knows how to put on an event! Check out the video here.

jon olsson

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Jon Olsson Super Sessions

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

jon olsson super sessionsIn the past, Jon Olsson has held his signature invitational, JOI, upon feeling he had completed the task of reinventing big air comps he decided to step it up and create the Jon Olsson Super Sessions, or JOSS.

The idea is similar to the JOI, but differs in the fact that the event is held over a longer period of time and there are five different features instead of just one big-air kicker. There are 8 of the world’s best skiers, filmers, and photographers invited and 2 more spots in each of these categories is being chosen by Jon via submissions. In the end 10 of the best skiers, filmers and photographers will compete in an 11 day session for $20,000 in cash and prizes. The winner will be determined by professionals in each of the 3 fields and awarded the $20,000. Here is a list of invited riders and their filmers and photographers.

Rider Filmer Photographer

1. Colby West Christian Begin Damian Cromwell
2. Simon Dumont Riley Poor Blake Jorgenson
3. Sammy Carlson Dom Janiszewsi Nate Abbot
4. Jon Olsson Johnny DeCesare Mattias Fredriksson
5. Jossi Wells(is injured) Steven Rozendaam Erik Seo
6. PK Hunder Filip Kristianssen Alex O’Brien
7. Andreas Håtveit Jon Håtveit Vegard Breie
8. Charles Gagnier Erik Simard Charles Spina
9. Jacob Wester Andreas Olofsson Ben Zucker
10. Mike Clarke Drew Lederer Annaleah De Masi

Each skier will have a three minute video segment and a 2 minute slide show displaying their skiing on the five features. Once all videos and slide shows are judged there will be a 2 part video open to the public. Part one; a behind the scenes look at the competition and a compilation of the 10 rider segments and slide shows. During the competition there will be daily updates available at josupersessions.com and other news pertaining to the contest. This is a new type of contest that will display talent and progression within the sport.

jon olsson

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How Snowboards are Made

Monday, March 24th, 2008

How many of you have ever wondered about how your board is made? I certainly have until I happened to read a story the other day on Transworld about it.

The process is really simple despite there being quite a bit of things that go in to the process; the edge, the core, the top sheet, and the base. I have always felt that before buying a board, the consumer should know exactly how it is constructed; whether it is a cap construction or a sand witch construction with side walls. What the core is made of and the quality of the base. Before you buy you should be familiar with these basic terms and know how they might affect the way you ride.

This is a really cool video and it shows the complete process of making a snowboard. Although it doesn’t go into a whole lot of detail about certain materials used, it does give the basics of what goes into the process.

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Red Bull Gap Sessions

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

red bull gap sessionsRed Bull continues to impress by putting on some of the most creative events that take place on the cold-slippery stuff.

This time it’s with their Red Bull Gap Sessions, which again, is more than your average run-of-the-mill contest. This contest isn’t entirely new though, it first took place in ‘06 and was supposed to happen last year but was canceled due to bad weather. Gap Sessions is an opportunity for riders to have a lot of fun and progress the level of snowboarding and you know by now that we love contests that promote fun as much as competitiveness.

Event host David Benedek’s idea – that if a jump was built that matched the natural path of the rider in the air – then it would be safer and allow for bigger airs which leads to more progressive tricks. The Gap Sessions jump allowed just that as riders were taking it to the next level. Which makes me wonder, how many levels can they step up before they hit the ceiling?

The contest featured winners for three different categories; longest air time(2.81 seconds) won by Chris Sorman of Sweden, best trick won by David himself stomping a double cork 1260, and best overall taken by Chris Sorman. It seemed that Chris was on fire stomping trick after trick including a huge FS 1080.

The judging format was something else that impressed and pleased riders. The competition was split into two heats, where the riders from the other heat judged the riders in the current heat. Heats composed of 9 riders each and the top 2 from each heat advanced.

Participants enjoyed other activities aside from the main contest which included; ice hockey, gambling (always a favorite), indoor surfing, guitar hero, and more. There were new activities being added daily to entertain the competitors providing fun and relaxation for all.

More than a contest this was a party for the sport and especially those riders involved. Needless to say (again), Red Bull knows how to put on an event and throw a party.

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Flip Seven Snowboards: Homegrown in the USA

Monday, March 10th, 2008

flip seven snowboardsBusiness is all about making money right? Well, that’s certainly a part of it but Flip Seven Snowboards has a slightly different and refreshing view on what defines a successful company. Although every company has to make money to stay in business, making great products should always be the main focus and if you build great products the dough will follow.

Building exceptional products is what F7 is all about. They’re unique from others because they still believe the best products are made in the USA, not in China. Product made in the USare more expensive but, it goes to support our economy and F7 feels they can maintain a certain quality control over how each product is made when they are produced here in the good old US of A. Flip realizes that they may not build products that are best suited for everyone, however, they hope that people will consider the quality of home grown products. As far the boards go, Flip offers eight snowboards that are all constructed with wood cores, sidewalls, and 360 hardened edges.

Companies like Flip are often over looked but they still make boards that are every bit as durable and performance driven as most larger companies. Some of the best product come from smaller local and rider inspired companies. In an industry that is constantly growing there is more and more room for companies willing to get out there and share their passion through building products that stand above the rest.

flip seven snowboards

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Shaun White Shredding Powder?

Monday, March 10th, 2008

shaun white powderAs we all know, Shaun White is an X-Games superstar (with 12 medals under his belt) and is famous for his pipe and park riding abilities. Because of this, one may wonder what Shaun is doing spending all his time these days in B.C. and Japan ripping powder. Well maybe, not so much, as there’s really nothing that comes close to the sensation of shredding the pow. Would you not agree?

After the X-Games Shaun headed up to B.C. to get some time in hitting gnarly lines and shredding pillows. I guess he was just warming up for the trip he and the Red Bull crew were planning to Japan. Since landing in Tokyo on the 14th of February, Shaun and his crew have been by blessed by storm after storm, one dumping up to four feet in 24 hours. Wow! At times, they were getting so much snow that they were stuck inside the lodge and couldn’t even board.

Professional snowboarders like Shaun have a-hell-of-a job if you ask me, waiting for record snow falls to clear up so you can ride powder deep enough to sink the Titanic. Hiking, building, and hitting drops all are in a hard days work. While part of the crew has split up, Shaun and the rest are off to Tokyo to continue on with their trip, check out full stories and picture at Shaun White’s official website.

shaun white

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Theory 3 Media’s New Movie ‘Journal’

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Known more as a ‘B’ list movie producer in the ski industry, Theory 3 is quickly on track to make the ‘A’ list. Both the filming and skiing from their new movie “Journal” are very impressive leaving the taste that they may not be second act much longer. Theory 3 has been working hard at really pushing the limits this year and it shows.

Check out the trailer for their new movie Journal, coming out fall of ‘08. This is already on my wish list of movies to buy. The crew is covering all the bases and producing something every ski fan can enjoy. Cliffs, powder, urban, lines, huge tricks and fun hits are the name of this game. This is a fun look into both the progression and lifestyle of the sport. Theory is stepping it up in a big way – I can’t wait to see the finished product.

theory 3 media

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Oakley Arctic Challenge Brings Out the Best in the Game

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

oakley arctic challengeOakley knows how to throw down a sick comp as the Arctic Challenge brought out the best in the game. All the competitors were charging in hopes of taking home top honors but it was Kevin Pearce who ultimately was the man who got it done. Boosting huge double grab 720’s was his ticket to success.

Terje Haakonsen, Nicolas Muller, and Shayne Pospisil were a few of the other snowboarders on hand who were pushing the limits and going huge. Terje was absolutely killing the quarter pipe going 8 meters out and stomping backside-3s. That’s no surprise as last year it was Terje who set the world record with an absolutely insane 9.8 meter (32.5 ft) backside-3.

Still on the subject of Terje, it was him and Nicolas Muller who were both floating stylish McTwists that were a crowd favorite. The action was pumping and Oakley was hailed for putting on one of their best comps ever. It was a big night for Oakley and the 5,000 screaming fans that showed up for the show.

It would be wrong for me to write this post and not give a special shout-out to Shayne Pospisil who definitely brought his ‘A’ game. He was the only rider that landed all five of his final runs. He was absolutely on fire and he threw something different on each one of his five final runs, making sure to spin both front and backside. It’s really refreshing when riders mix it by throwing something different on each run.

Overall, the theme of the night seemed to be style, style, style. This made it a great chance for spectators to really get into the action by watching their favorite riders throw-down in a smooth fashion instead of trying the most technically difficult tricks. I personally would much rather see a stylish double grab 720 (the winning trick) than a flailed out 1260. What do you think – do you prefer stylish tricks or technical?

Oakley also has a video recap on their site, check it out.


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Three Boards, One Ultimate Boarder

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

The concept being used in the Ultimate Boarder competition is a unique one, but will it excite and attract the full attention of the action sports industry as it has set out to do? Judging by the caliber of athletes they’ve already attracted and a prize purse of $50,000, they just might.

Opening its field to both amateur and professional athletes, the Ultimate Boarder, held from April 13-19, gives unknown riders a chance to shine alongside the pros and compete for the first-ever Ultimate Boarder championship and a first place prize of $30,000. At the completion of each event competitors will be ranked 1st through 50th place. The contestant who consistently places the highest in all three sports and has the lowest number of ranking points overall will be crowned the Ultimate Boarder. Athletes must compete in all three sports in order to be included in the final event results and be eligible for the prize purse.

The snowboarding portion of the event will be held at Squaw Valley, the surfing will be done at “C” Street in Ventura, and they will wrap it up with skateboarding and the awards ceremony at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

I’ve seen variations of this format attempted before, but obviously none that have made enough noise to stick around. Take a look at some of the contestants who have already thrown their names in the hat to be the first Ultimate Boarder and you’ll see why this is a contest you’ll want to keep your eyes on. Omar Hassan, Andy Finch, John John Florence, Todd Richards, Tosh Townend, and many more have already confirmed their attendance at the competition. Follow that line-up with judges like Jim Rippey, Shaun Thomson, and Christian Hosoi, and the Ultimate Boarder has sufficient star-power to become a mainstay in the action sports industry.

With athletes more than likely dominating in their specific sport, it’s going to come down to whoever has polished their game enough in the other two categories. We all know what John John can do on a surfboard, but how will he fare on the mountain? Being from Hawaii I can’t imagine he gets too much time on the snow. This is where a contest of this nature will really get interesting.

No word yet on if Shaun White has decided to enter. If the ‘flying-tomato’ does decide that he’s in, the Ultimate Boarder may as well have a check already printed up with his name on it.

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