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How do you Trunq Your Junk?

Monday, February 18th, 2008

TrunqThe arrival of new goods at our office always finds us more than willing to give the action sports industry’s latest creations a whirl. The crew over at Trunq recently sent us their surf utility-box to scope out, and scope we did…

What is the surf utility-box? Here are Trunqs own words describing their product –

Trunq’s first product the TRUNQ Surf Utility Box was created as a way to clean up the mess and clutter that accompanies a surfing lifestyle. To satisfy this need Trunq designed a product to make the trip to the local break more organized, secure and hassle free. The Trunq Surf Utility Box eliminates the mess in your car, keeps all your surf gear consolidated, and makes the overall surf experience more enjoyable. The convenience of TRUNQ products allows a surfer to focus on the search for great waves rather than wasting time searching for surf gear.

There is no better way of putting a product to the test then throwing it right into action. We at 5ones are pretty much open to any and every excuse to go surfing, and this seemed as worthy a cause as any. So after showing the Trunq off to some of the crew and gathering some initial feedback, we loaded it up and headed down for an always welcome Sunday afternoon session. Here are a few thoughts I had after putting the Trunq to use.

I can definitely see how having something designed specifically for the purpose of keeping your surf gear organized and together can be crucial to the surfing experience. Surf wax, board-combs, and fin-keys are constantly popping up in the most random places around my house and usually end up nowhere to be found when needed most. The Trunq is useful in the rounding up and storing of all the odds and ends around that go along with surfing. It made it really convenient to have one place to stash all of the little goodies that I usually end up cramming in my pockets and around my car when heading out.

The Trunq comes with a mat to use while changing in and out of your wetsuit. It’s lightweight and super easy to clean and sure beats having to throw a towel on the ground in order to avoid gravel and gnarly street grime getting all over your suit during the change before and after a paddle out.

The lock – This is where the Trunq lost me just a tad. To get the full effect, I planned on actually taking the trunk down to the beach with me and locking it up. The only problem was that there was absolutely nothing within site to lock it to once we got there. I can foresee this being somewhat of a common issue at most beaches. I will most likely just leave the Trunq in the back of my car, which I always keep locked anyway. I imagine it could be useful to have the lock for boat trips or camping trips when you’re not able to be right next to your gear and want to make sure no unwanted guests go rummaging through. Their site does also mention the option of using the lock on snowboards as well which I can see making sense.

Where does that leave us on the Trunq? Everyone that had the chance to peep it pretty much agreed it would be something useful and convenient to have, especially in the case of those who regularly make the direct surf-work/school or work/school-surf commutes. Will it be something that we’ll all go out and plunk $60 on? This is where opinions took somewhat separate paths. It all comes down to the increase an individual surfer feels the Trunq will bring to the quality of their surfing life.


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Surfers Continue Going Green Worldwide

Monday, February 18th, 2008

While taking my daily news-cruise I came upon another story of surfers putting themselves on the front line against the all-out assault on our environment. This time it was 15 Aussie surfers and kayakers that went as far as to put their lives at risk in order to protest the dredging of a channel off of Port Phillip Bay. They paddled out right through the ships exclusion zone and came within yards of the massive ship and it’s dredging equipment. They all ended up with a $176 fine and a scolding from the local police, but were successful in making sure that their voices were heard.

Did they take it to far by risking their lives to make their point? There are points to be made on either side. What is clear is that the surfing community is as in touch, if not more so, with what is going on with the environment as any other. After recently receiving tickets to Jack Johnson’s Kokua Festival I checked out their site was extremely impressed with the measure’s they have taken to be ‘green’. Some of the methods they have implemented in order to be bio-friendly include offering eco-friendly merchandise such as reusable tote bags, bottles, and organic cotton clothing, as well as a $2 option used to offset emissions from their personal travel to and from the show. More and more surf contests are being fueled with bio-diesel and clothing companies are making a point of using recycled materials in the production of clothing and shoes.

The success of The Surfrider Foundation and local communities coming together and stopping the proposed Trestles toll-road has been a well-documented example of how closely knit and well-informed the surfing community as well as its industry really is. Surfers continue to rise up for cause after cause and I imagine this trend will only continue to grow as more awareness is risen in regard to the damage being done against the environment.

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QuiksilverEdition Ku Ikaika Went Off

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Charged by plenty of waves and aloha for all, the QuiksilverEdition Ku Ikaika Challenge went off on Valentine’s day and ended up producing Aaron Napoleon as the winner of the first-ever big wave stand-up paddleboard competition. On a classic, typical Makaha day, Napoleon surfed through five rounds of the contest, charging hard and getting shacked while posting one of the event’s two ten-point rides in the process. There are few settings in the world that combine surfing heritage with natural beauty and world-class waves the way Makaha does, and all you had to do was listen to Napoleon talk about his day to know how stoked everyone was with how well the contest went down. “If you could have been out there and seen how the water and the waves looked from where I was, it was so beautiful, man, I was in heaven.”

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that stand-up paddleboarding is here to stay and spreading like crazy. A short walk up to the beach for my daily surf-check today revealed as many paddleboarders as I’ve ever seen out at one time and their numbers will surely continue to grow. As it does, we will continue to witness more events like the Ku Ikaika as well as stand-up paddleboarders worldwide continuing to push the limit on what is possible for this blossoming sport.


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Eddie Didn’t Go, Ku Ikaika Did

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

With just 16 days of the three-month holding period for the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational In Memory of Eddie Aikau remaining, the mighty Pacific Ocean is bouncing back to life after what has been, to up until this point of the year anyway, an overall disappointing season on the North Shore. The new swell lifted hopes that the event would be able to run today, however it was called off this morning once organizers realized that although the surf was big, it just wasn’t big enough for Eddie. However, with the new found energy being seen in the ocean and large swells forecast for the next week or so, there are still hopes and realistic chances that one of the premier big-wave surfing events in the world will still be able to run this year.

Although the swell didn’t materialize to the level that many had hoped for, it did carry enough size and was in the right direction to give the the one-day Quiksilver Edition Ku Ikaika Challenge it’s chance to get going and heats began earlier today. The world’s first big-wave international stand-up paddle surfing competition is being held over at Makaha and will give those jonesing for a big-wave surf contest at the very least something to hold them over until the size is up to par for Eddie’s standards. With over 15,000 big ones at stake and the chance to see some of the worlds best paddle-boarders go at it in heavy surf, the Ku Ikaika presents a great opportunity to those able to make the trek out to the west side of Oahu.


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The Price Of A Cause? Japanese Mafia After Dave Rastovich

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Many believe that one of the quickest ways to gauge the effect a person has when they take action for a cause they truly believe in, is by the efforts and lengths the opposing forces will go to in order to quell the uprising. If we use this theory to judge the effect that Dave Rastovich’s leading role in an effort to stop the slaughtering of thousands of dolphins each year in Japan has had against those who benefit most from the bloodshed, it’s becoming very clear that ‘Rasta’ must be doing something right.

Rastovich attracted headlines, admiration, and more importantly the awareness of not only the surfing community, but worldwide after he and conservationists including actresses Hayden Panetierre and Isabel Lucas traveled to the Japanese fishing village of Taiji last year to protest at its annual dolphin kill which brutally takes the lives of 25,000 porpoises and dolphins every year. In a moving ritual held in blood-soaked waters and under rainy skies, Rastovich formed the surfers in a circle over the calm waters of the small cove and asked each to say a small prayer of remembrance for their fellow wave-riders.

Having been so successful with the protest, powerful Japanese mobsters known as “Yazuka” have now launched a campaign of intimidation to force a media blackout on the commotion surrounding the country’s killing of dolphins. They have been visiting surf shops around the country looking for Rasta and threatening them financially if they show any signs of supporting or recognizing the cause that he has taken up. These companies have begun to feel the heat and Rasta knows it. “These are the goons from the fishing industry who are visiting surf stores intimidating people and threatening to punish them financially,” Rastovich said. “People are feeling it. They are washing their hands of us. They don’t feel safe”.

With another protest planned for October and threats of arrest and elevated action opposing it, it will be intriguing to see where this leads. Both sides show no signs of halting their efforts and as long as the slaughter continues it appears that Rastovich is willing to fight. It is this type of spirit that lead Billabong to recently name Rastovich the face of their “Be The Change You Want In The World” environmental campaign and it is this type of spirit that will hopefully put an end to the mindless slaughter of thousands upon thousands of these beautiful animals each year. Dave Rastovich, we salute you –

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Localism Shuts Down VQS at Gunnamatta

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

It’s not often that localism will be taken so far at a break that a contest is actually forced to shut down. However, when the locals happen to be two Great White Sharks cruising through the line-up, there’s really just not much of a choice. The two Whities seen cruising the shallows of Gunnamatta Beach forced contest officials to shut down Volcom Stone’s VQS Surf Series event before the finals had even hit the water this past weekend.

The sharks were initially spotted by a Coast Patrol airplane and a chopper was called in to escort the pair back out to sea. After about 20 minutes, the onsite lifeguards gave the all clear to re-enter the water. In order to not a chance on having any of the competitors be eaten, the format was changed, the quarterfinals were completed and the winners decided from combined highest heat scores on count back.

We would never support localism interrupting a competition, but when the locals can swallow you whole there’s really just no other choice. And just for good measure and in case you have yet to see this clip, we thought we would throw in a little reminder of what can happen when a pair of White-sharks come cruising through*.

*Meant for entertainment and not to have you peeking over the edge of your board the next tide you paddle out for a sesh’.

The University of Florida just recently released a study and fatal shark attacks worldwide dipped to their lowest levels in two decades in 2007 with the sole casualty involving a swimmer vacationing in the South Pacific.

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Shaping Legend Bill Holden Passes Away

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Bill Holden, a well-known surfboard shaper who helped mold the sport into what it is today, died recently from a heart attack. Holden was the creator of Holden Surfboards on Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach and a very good friend of famous surfboard shaper Dale Velzy, among other surfing icons. He began shaping his first boards in 1955 and sold them for $55. His classics are now sold in the thousands. Holden held a lot of pride in the artistry and detail that went into creating each and every board. The Laguna Beach resident was such a force in the shaping world that he was the first inductee into the Surfboard Builders Hall of Fame back in 2000. It’s always sad to lose someone who has had such an influence on the sport of surfing, and in particular shaping, as we know it. Our best wishes go out to the Holden family

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Jaws Access Ramp Damaged, At Risk

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Maui JawsMaui’s ‘Jaws’, the site of some of the heaviest, most unruly waves ever ridden and made famous by Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama among others is in danger of completely losing it’s access ramp used for launching jet-skis and rescue vessels. The walkway at the Maliko boat ramp, also used by canoe paddlers, divers and fishers has taken some pretty solid blows by strong storms that have moved through the area over the last couple of months.

Aside from the damage the ramp has taken from the storms, the state failed to renew its easement, or right-of-way, with A&B properties. It expired in 1997 and has locals worried about the possibility of a private ownership of the land. If this access point is lost, the nearest place to launch becomes the heavily used and always busy Kahului Harbor. The 40-50 minute distance over rough waters would put a serious wrinkle into any sort of rescue effort needed for the area.

This has all the writings on the wall of another slow, if any at all, reactionary move by the Hawaiian bureaucracy. It appears that they cannot clearly see the financial benefit (tourist dollars) of taking immediate action and therefore risk this losing this vital access point to one of the great tow-in waves in the world. When conditions come together at ‘Jaws’ it has provided the backdrop for filmmakers to shoot some of the most breathtaking footage of big wave surfing ever taken.

Deborah Ward, spokeswoman for the state Department of Land and Natural Resources, said her department is considering all options. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become another case of ‘too little too late’.

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Sound and Vision Vol.2: Featuring Rizal Tanjung

Monday, February 11th, 2008

rizal tanjungHurley is throwing it down this week by offering a free download of Sound and Vision Vol.2 featuring Rizal Tanjung. The 15 minute short film is available this week only (Feb 11th – Feb 18th) through Hurley’s website and is available as a full download which includes; photos, trailers, the full length movie, and a bunch of other downloads. You can also opt to watch the flick right on the Hurley site as well if you’d prefer.

Sound and Vision Vol.2 is a documentary style film that follows Rizal Tanjung around his home island of Bali. Not only does the film give a glimpse into Rizal’s life and what it’s really like living in Bali, but it also features some epic surfing from some of the best waves in the world from one of the best surfers in the world.

rizal tanjungWhile this isn’t the kind of flick that you’d be likely to throw in before a sesh to build stoke, it’s still a very solid one that will certainly be watched over and over again. Plus, it’s free and you can’t really beat that. But you’d better hurry, if you don’t download it this week you’ll have to buy from iTunes.


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Billabong Freewave Challenge Winners Announced

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Bringing a close to surfings first ever major virtual surf competition, the Billabong Freewave Challenge announced their winners today of the unique contest that was held on Oahu’s North Shore and began Oct. 1 of last year. The results are in, and they come as no surprise to 5ones (we picked the winners a month ago).

Here are the 2007/2008 Billabong Freewave Challenge winners…

Best Performance Ride – If ever a contest was designed with a particular surfer in mind, this would be it. With two jaw-dropping maneuvers, Hawaii’s own Jamie O’brien actually ended up taking the top two spots. His sense of innovation and endless amount of creativity make him one of the most exciting surfers in the world. He leaves everyone wondering what it is he will come up with next, and with his two entries into the challenge he has shown there are really no limits as to what he’s capable of throwing down. O’brien thrives in this type of free surfing competition and is already looking forward to defending his crown at next years challenge, “I think the Freewave Challenge can be the future for free surfing as more and more surfers get into it and post more and more video clips,” added O’Brien. “I think it could be a monster, we could raise some animals. It can inspire surfers to go to the next level. I don’t want to wiggle to the beach, I want to go off — and I think there are a lot of guys who feel the same way.”

Best Tube Ride – While O’brien single-handedly made the Best Performance Ride category a difficult decision, Huntington Beach’s Timmy Reyes was hands down the clear winner for Best Tube Ride. His deep voyage into the belly of a bombing Backdoor beast wasn’t only the the top entry of this contest, but was widely regarded as the wave of the year on the North Shore. Reyes waited three hours on one of the best days of the winter for the perfect barrel to come to him, and it paid off quite well. “There are a lot of good surfers out there who don’t fit into the existing pro tour format,” said Reyes, “and the Freewave Challenge is the perfect way to really show the best surfing going on in the world. I am so stoked to have had the best tube of the winter. It’s something that I have imagined since I was a little kid. To have this happen is incredible to me.”

Top videographers on the North Shore were also acknowledged for capturing the critical moments of the big wave season on tape. O’Brien’s Rodeo was shot by Pete Frieden & Graham Nash and O’Brien’s Freak Out Turn was captured by Kendall O’Brien. The Reyes tube was shot from four angles by Pete Frieden, Tony Heff, Graham Nash, and Marc Beaty of Surfline.

With the very successful completion of the first Freewave Challenge, the details of the next event are now being released. The next event will take place on the Mainland USA from May to September, and all surf breaks on the West, East and Gulf Coasts are eligible for any ride NOT taking place during a regular surfing competition.


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