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Check Out My New Raynor Custom Surfboard

So about 4 years ago I ad realized after two kids a mortgage and working so much from the computer I wasn’t as trim as I used to be and my 6.2 18 inch pencil wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Im 6′1 and when I was realizing this was about 230 so needless to say I wasn’t floating. In desperation to surf asap on a board that could float I went to Jacks in Huntingon and bought a 6′6 Flyer as fast as I could. It did the trick for floating my flab but was slow on turns and sluggish down the line as you can imagine. But for the next few years I thought this was my fate. On big days I didn’t mind at all but on your usual Cali 2-3 ft slop I didn’t enjoy life too much. Two things needed to change I needed to get into shape and I needed a new board. This winter I took both serious and I have lost a ton of weight, I weighed in yesterday at 189. But now I was back in shape and still riding a 6′6 slug. So instead of making an impulse buy of $700+ on the newest shapes I decided to go the custom route. Even though I have lost weight I am still tall in terms of a surfer and I have broad shoulders and still have stalk to me. So just going back and getting a pencil won’t cut it. I had decided however to go the Dumpster Diver route meaning a board that is short but made for small surf that can float me. But when I went to Jacks or Surfride the Small wave boards that were the length I wanted (6.0) were still too narrow and a tad thin and I didn’t want to go to a 6.2.

In comes Matt Raynor, www.raynorsurf.com. I met Matt through a friend he is an X pro surfer that makes awesome custom boards. I had friends in Hawaii all the way to Santa Cruz that swore by his boards. So I talked to him told him my style of surf, build, weight etc… and now I ride a 6.0, 20.75, 2.25 Dream machine. I road it for abut 3 weeks straight at Ponto, the Harbor, Grandview etc… and I love it. Cost me half of a board at ta shop = $450 and it is the best board I have ever had and was built specifically for me and my style of surfing in the waves I frequent. He did an amazing job. It floats better than my old 6.6, but when I get up on it, it flies down the line, super easy to slash around and was handling 1-3 foot slop and double overhead no problem. Two of my friends have gotten one since, bot swear by it as well. Matty takes care of you, knows what he is doing and even made adjustments based off of if we were back foot or front foot heavy surfers. This thing is amazing.

If you are in the market for a brand new board I would say at least email or call Raynor and see what he can do it doesn’t take long to get he can get it to you anywhere in the world and it will be one of your favorite boards for sure.

Here is mine, I would recommend a 3 piece pad, I just thought this two piece was sick as I am not living in Cali anymore and it did me well.

Here is Raynors info




Raynor Surfboard

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