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Clay Marzo – Just Add Water: A Surf-Film Like No Other

Clay MarzoFor several years now, Young Gun Clay Marzo and his creative, unique style of surfing have led him to be an inspiration in the water. With Quiksilver set to release the new film ‘Clay Marzo: Just Add Water,’ the inspiration he exudes is about to reach a whole new level.

While the film is set to once again portray the unimaginable surfing skills (that have led 3x world champion Andy Irons to refer to Clay as “hands down, the best 19 year-old surfer in the world,”) it will go beyond surfing and tell the story of the challenges he faces on land as a result of being recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

I’m not sure if I ‘ve ever looked forward to viewing a surf movie in the way that I am looking forward to seeing Just Add Water. It has been clear for a while now that Marzo, from Maui, is truly a special surfer. Winning three NSSA National surfing title, having Kelly Slater compliment him by saying “he knows things I don’t know about surfing,” and just unleashing on waves in a manner like no one before is evidence of that. Accomplishing all of this while dealing with an undiagnosed disease, however, is beyond special. “When I first met Clay I noticed that his personality and demeanor completely transformed in the ocean – he literally came alive in the water,” said the film’s director, Jamie Tierney. “It was also clear that Clay was quite misunderstood in the surf world, and the mission of the film was to show the side that only those closest to him could see.”

The tour for ‘Clay Marzo: Just Add Water,’ begins this Saturday in Florida. Check out the dates and locations and make an effort to be there for this sure to be epic film if possible. If you can’t attend any of the showings, the film will be released in stores this October. A portion of the proceeds from this film will be given to Surfers Healing, a foundation for Autism that seeks to enrich the lives of children with autism and the lives of their families by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing.

“This movie will inspire people to live in the moment and to always take the time to look a little deeper. People are amazing and you never know what is behind their eyes,” – Strider Wasilewski (Quiksilver Surf Team Manager)

Fort Lauderdale, FL — August 9, 2008 — Cinema Paradiso
Wrightsville Beach, NC — August 11, 2008 — Wrightsville Beach Park
Ortley Beach, NJ — August 13, 2008 — Surf Club
Marmora, NJ — August 15, 2008 — Yesterdays


Posted by Shaun on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 in Surfing.

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7 Responses to “Clay Marzo – Just Add Water: A Surf-Film Like No Other”

  • Jensen Says:

    Marzo is sick. Ever since seeing him in YG2 I’ve been blown away. He’s like a cat and his feet always seem to land on the board – balance is incredible. sad to see his disease but i guess like the doctor said when they find something they can focus on they excel in it, so true with marzo.

  • Bjax Says:

    Sick trailer!! It’s going to be rad to see what direction Clay goes in with his career. I had a friend that used to do the exact same thing with his hands!

  • Ed Says:

    I have the diagnose of asperger’s as well and it really happily surprised me to find this out :) .
    Please note that Asperger’s is not a disease, clinically it’s described as a disorder, but basicly it’s just a general label for a kind of personality.
    That thing he does with his hands, enormous creativity and huge dedication are aspergian traits in a nutshell.

  • John Says:

    Its amazing that that someone with Asperger`s could be a great surfer.We don`t have a good sense of balance and our motor skills are poor.We are very much fearless though which is why some of us thrive in dangerous sports/jobs.

  • Shaun Says:

    Thanks for the insight on Asperger’s guys! We love hearing comments and feedback like this.
    So are there different levels of Apserger’s?

  • Alison Says:

    I am an Aspie (that’s what we call ourselves within the community) and you could say there are “different levels” from extreme with sensory problems right through to undiagnosed and merely thought of as a bit quiet and nerdy.

    I’d never thought of surfing as a sport we’d be into before, as typically we’re not good in the whole team/hand-eye coordination thing, but on consideration it makes sense: by yourself out on the waves, intense focus on what you’re doing, pitting yourself against the elements … hell, if I wasn’t a grandmother with arthritic knees, I might decide to take it up myself!

    A very interesting article, and I wish Clay every success!

  • Shaun Says:

    Hmmm…So is there any estimate of how many people could possibly have some form of Asperger’s that is going undiagnosed?
    And it’s never too late to pick up surfing Alison! If Clay is any indication of the amazing things “Aspies” are capable of you’ll probably be ripping in no time-

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