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Create Your Own Skate Spot

skateboard park constructionNowadays, many of the skate spots are totally blown out, especially here in California. I won’t even get into full detail of how unskateable or blown out the spots are here. Basically, you roll up to a “known” spot only to find excess security and recent skate proofing that’s been done. If not, then you’re due for a ledge that has had its fair share of grinds and is chunkier than ground meat.

This leads me to the topic of creating a skate spot. Yes, it means having to actually put effort into making something. But in the end you will feel really good about yourself and depending on where you created it, you may have very well constructed a new spot you will never get kicked out of. You could pretty much make your own little ghetto skatepark if you wanted to. Pole jams, quarter pipes, manual pads, and even ledges are all new obstacles that you can create.

Many spots created by skateboarders have gone on to become famous spots in videos too. Pole jams can easily be created by simply digging a hole and sticking a metal pole inside of it. Cementing it would go along way and ensure its longevity as well. Or how about those barricades you see out on the freeway or abandoned in old cement yards? Those could be used to shape quarter pipes or other obstacles. And if you can get a hold of some old grey cement bricks and shape them up into a ledge then the possibilities are endless.

You can buy the wet cement at your local Home Depot or hardware store. I mean, you could go with building your obstacles out of wood but they are so much easier to steal that way and on top of that the weather gets to them within the first couple of hits. So try it out, get inventive and put your mind to work. The possibilities are endless.

Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Friday, April 25th, 2008 in Skateboarding.

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5 Responses to “Create Your Own Skate Spot”

  • Brent Says:

    Have you seen that segment on amercian misfits called built to grind? this post kind of reminds me of that, they just go to random places and build stuff out of nothing and skate the crap out of it.

  • Studdard Says:

    YEAH!! Built to shred … Jeff king is the host.. its super rad!!! They make some incredible obstacles!!! Hes a really good skateboarder as well.

  • david Says:

    do u know anywhere i can get plans to build a cement qp

  • Micahel Says:

    im building my own in my backyard

  • Bjoern Says:

    our one was made out og a broken cement pipe and a road road cone that we busted from som road workers… and then we cemented it all together and waited for it to dry… the spot was great, but the fact that it was built on the middle of a used road var bad. so a couple of days later it was gone… compleetely… only some small bricks of cement was left… i think some people had called the police and asked them to take it…

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