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Danny Kass Special Edition Nike ZF-1 Snowboarding Boot

Nike Snowboarding has released the Danny Kass special edition, double toungue, DK-YS ZF-1 snowboarding boot, along with a lightweight shell and graphic tees. Featuring the original, seventies inspired, art of Arbito.

danny kass special edition nike snowboarding

“This was my greatest achievement to date in boot technology. The double tongue feature is the best way to keep those pants off the ground. It was great working together with the Nike team putting together such an amazing piece. The pattern is of a seventies flash back inspired by the music of that generation. With the old and new we bring you a very limited piece to make you feel good!” – Danny Kass

danny kass special edition snowboarding boot

Surely there’s more to the boots than just keeping your pants off the ground- otherwise you could just pull them off the bottom of your ass and problem solved.

danny kass nike zf-1

Check out the videos too.

[Via: Snowboarder Mag]

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Posted by Cameron on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 in Snow.

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6 Responses to “Danny Kass Special Edition Nike ZF-1 Snowboarding Boot”

  • SnowProducer Says:

    If I see someone wearing these boots on the street (I live in Oakland … so there’s a possibility) I’ll just laugh … and then DIE! Sorry but I’m still a firm believer that Nike has no place in snowboarding. Lil’ John is cool and all Danny, but these boots look like a gay man’s acid trip.

  • googler Says:

    where can i get one of those shirts

  • JAF Says:

    hey fellas! it’s danny kass’ gay parade, and it’s raining bud lite, pringles, tortinos pizza roles and all kinds of other lame-ass endorsements.

    how did this guy go to this level of sell-out? is grenade hurting this badly?

  • loco Says:

    Dude i love nike and one day soon i will be right thier with you catching big dip and stuff bro keep the work up killin it bra!!!

  • JIBATRON3000 Says:

    Dude dont be hating on dann i bet youre ass could not pull of all the sponsors he has . bet you couldnt even get close to the olympics . O and those boots kick the shit out of youre punck ass

  • keiron rice Says:

    I met Danny brefly in perisher australia on friday 8/28/09 and hes a great guy, no sell out and the boots rock. Thanks for the stickers Danny. Keiron Black on black.

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