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The Dirty Maneuver That Made Dusty Payne $50,000 Richer

“For fifty gees, a kid will try and change the world.” – Andy Irons

Dusty Payne was no doubt stoked beyond belief upon claiming the win at the Oakley Pro Junior Challenge in Bali this past October, pulling in $20,000 for a few days at the beach will do that for you. However, it turns out the next morning’s session, held in an alcohol-induced haze fueled by the previous evening’s debauchery proved to be a lot more fruitful for the 20 yr. old from Maui. On his second wave, Payne unknowingly secured another $50,000 as his massive launch has been deemed the winner of the 1st ever Kustom Airstrike. $70,000 in the span of two days isn’t too bad and Dusty has been on a tear ever since. Following his shenanigans in Bali, Payne barely missed out on becoming the youngest Triple Crown winner ever. In short…Dusty Payne is blowing up.

dusty payne kustom airstrike

“Dustin is wearing beige athletic shoes, black jeans and a t-shirt with the world Volcom spelled out above the heads of drunks. “That’s me,” he says, pointing to a stout redhead. He doesn’t know how right he is. We knock on the shelf of the hidden bookcase, the agreed signal. Harry the man from Kustom, steps out, hands over the monied coat and says: “Congratulation, you fruit, you’re fiddy gees richer.”

On a side note….it’s absolutely incredible to see the next generation of surfers explode right before our eyes. Kelly Slater just got taken out by a wildcard contestant for the second time in as many events (Julian Wilsen, Owen Right). Jordy Smith is on a tear and meeting the giant sized expectations that have been heaped on his shoulders. And guys like Payne, Dane Reynolds, Clay Marzo, Kai Barger, and so many others that make up the Under-25 crew just keep blowing minds in every direction. It’s an exciting time for surfing…so get out and surf!


Posted by Shaun on Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 in Surfing.

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2 Responses to “The Dirty Maneuver That Made Dusty Payne $50,000 Richer”

  • Belac Says:

    omg. so nasty!

  • hoon Says:

    if julien wilson and owen wright had a baby would it be owen wilson from Drillbit Taylor and You, Me and Dupree fame?

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