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Earth Contest: Thousands in Gear and Certificates up for Grabs

I’m not sure if this got buried with the 5ones Earth announcement yesterday but in case you didn’t know, we’re holding a contest with thousands in gear and gift certificates that are being given away.

5ones Earth Leaderboard

It’s pretty simple too–all you need to do is register (if you don’t register, we can’t track your additions) and start adding spots on the map. Each spot that is added is worth a certain amount of points. Surf & skate spots are worth 3 points each, company headquarters are worth 2 points, and snow spots & pro shops are worth 1 point each.

The grand prize winner will be the person with the most overall points. There will also be a category winner for the surf, skate, and snow categories, which is the person with the most points in that category. The grand prize winner is only eligible for that win and can’t also win one of the categories. So we will have 4 winners overall.

Right now we have some awesome gear that we’re giving away from Odeus Skateboards, ERGO, Fox, and IPATH. DogFunk.com has also thrown in a $200 gift certificate.

We’ve also setup a live leaderboard that shows the current leaders. So far we have some pretty active people gunning for the win but don’t let that discourage you. I’m sure anyone who puts in a couple hours adding spots will easily be right up there in contention. That’s if you hurry up and get started. Right now they only have about a 24 hour headstart on you, so don’t let them get any further ahead.

Posted by Cameron on Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 in Industry.

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16 Responses to “Earth Contest: Thousands in Gear and Certificates up for Grabs”

  • avran Says:

    it’s on like donkey kong

  • Frank Says:

    The “world view” is blank w/o loading the map.

  • Cameron Says:

    @Frank – thanks for pointing out the bug. We’re looking into as we speak.

  • Casey Says:

    Nothing listed within 100 miles of me and the world view still broke?…

    How is this any different from Ridertech, WannaSk8 or Wannasurf? First you copy news from existing sites and now you copy other existing apps. Maybe you would call that progress. I’d call it lame.

  • Mikey Says:

    +1 Casey – It is a weak attempt too. Dbags!

  • Cameron Says:

    @Casey– Thanks for your feedback. We think our app is quite an improvement over either of the ones you mentioned. If you don’t think so, no one is forcing you to use ours. It never hurts to have choices.

    Also, can you show me where we’ve ever copied news from anywhere. If you mean that we covered the same news/topics as other sites… well you’d be hard pressed to find any news outlet in the world that never covers the same news as someone else.

    We’re working on the bug and should be fixed any time now.

  • Casey Says:

    Mapping spots is the same idea. I’ll agree that WannaSk8 & Wannasurf suck (both lack spots), but Ridertech nailed this 2 years ago with Facebook. It’s connected to my friends and my feed. You’re using WordPress to create a community site – LOL! That’s amateur.

    Please explain how is this better.

  • Casey Says:

    As for copying news, you just rewrite what you see posted on TWBiz, Boardistan and others.

  • Cameron Says:

    @Casey– if you like Ridertech better, by all means keep using it. I’m not trying to convince you otherwise. It’s a decent app and Matt has done a great job with it.

    They’re different though. Ridertech is more about ‘representing’ spots you ride and logging your sessions. Ours is more about search and discovering new spots, whether you’re traveling somewhere or just finding something close to home that maybe you didn’t know about before.

    I can see why you’d confuse the two, but if you really knew what you were talking about you’d realize they’re actually quite different. If you don’t find value in Earth then don’t use it, it’s that simple.

  • alexandurrr Says:


    Dude, are you seriously going out of your way to talk shit about a spot locater? Thats pretttttttty lame if you ask me. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Nobody is forcing you to use this thing…provide positive feedback if you want them to improve something.

    Stop your crying you baby.

  • Avran Says:

    So many people that have sand in their fucking Munts up in here. Colorado no looks like an amusement park with all the spots I’ve added.

  • Pete Says:

    pretty lame to go out of your way just to complain about and down the new prog….

    ps. when does this contest end?

  • Cameron Says:


    It was supposed to end on the 19th but we’re going to extend it another day since we’ve had some server issues a couple of days. So to answer your question, it ends on the 20th.

  • hoon Says:

    i love how this guy is complaining because there AREN’T enough spots near him. why don’t you try to get off your butt and do something about it? rather than just complain, why don’t you be active and add to the community? just don’t name too many secret spots, brah.

  • cam Says:

    so how do i register

  • pwgottsc Says:

    how come most of the spots i post aren’t showing up?

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