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Eric Koston Leaves Lakai

eric koston lakaiOne of the most unpredictable announcements of the New Year! It is quite a shocker to hear Eric Koston has bounced from the Lakai camp. And in no way is this an April Fool’s joke.

Lakai has posted a pretty hilarious “press release” video about his leaving. You can tell that it’s under no harsh terms due to the fact that Koston would even participate in a good hearted humorous press release with his homies over at Lakai. I’m sure he has something preset and planned as to what’s next. Perhaps his own shoe brand launched out of the Crailtap network? I would think so! If not that, then maybe he will join his long time friend Tim Gavin at DVS shoes. All of these are possibilities but Koston has always made power moves.

I don’t really think he would leave for something as corporate as Nike or Adidas. I mean he easily could but I don’t think that’s his style. Froston footwear perhaps? It has a ring to it doesn’t it? Imagine that the new Froston 1’s due for release May 2nd, 2009. Hey, it could happen nowadays.

Whatever he chooses, its still Eric Koston, one of the most skilled skateboarders in the world. You can sure bet that his following will carry on no matter where he goes and what he chooses to do. I do however find it gnarly how so many riders have been leaving Lakai after such a successful video. Its almost strange to watch Fully Flared now knowing a good portion of its riders are no longer sporting the flare.

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Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Monday, April 13th, 2009 in Skateboarding.

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5 Responses to “Eric Koston Leaves Lakai”

  • Jamil Says:

    Yo y do ppl always say like corporate company this and corporate company tht
    I mean yo if ur product is good im getting it
    Like Nike SB’s r good no doubt
    its like dis in the end whoever has the best product is the one im buying

  • Jamileo Says:

    The reason people talk about corporate companies within the skate community is because we want to keep it true to skateboarders. Skateboard companies barely make money as is and Nike doesn’t need our money…

  • johnnystaunch Says:

    A lot of skaters have been leaving lakai after such a good video because other brands want them to ride for them and offer them lots of money after seeing them in fully flared

  • blah Says:

    U WAHT TO KNOW WHY JAMIL DO YOU?!?!? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?!?!?! cuz corporations are blood sucking assbags thats why. Not only in the skateboard industry but in the food industry and so on. corporations SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! They dont represent you or your interests only theirs, which is the good ol dolla bill yall can ya dig?

  • Teddy B Says:

    Shit, if Koston came out with his own brand through crailtap… i think that would be sick as fuck, i know Koston probably has somethin up his sleeve and he’s gonna do somethin big, im callin it

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