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Hurley Phantom Boardshort: Over-Priced or Worth Every Penny?

hurley phantom boardshortCall me old fashioned, call me cheap……but so far, I’ve been unable to bring myself to fathom the idea of dropping $85 on a pair of boardshorts. Hell, even the standard $50 is pricey. At least to this point, that’s been my prevailing thought ever since Hurley came out with their Hurley Advantage Phantom Boardshort. Yet the more I hear about them from those who’ve paid such a hefty price for boardies, I find myself starting to at least consider the thought of plunking down 85 big ones.

I never dreamed of seeing a day when the price for trunks would creep toward the century mark. I’d seen advertisements for the Phantoms, but it wasn’t until my recent cruise through a surf shop in Hawaii that I laid eyes on Hurley’s asking price. I honestly had a hard time believing that was the cost and asked the store manager if that price was for real. He confirmed that it was, and assured me they were worth every penny. The material used for the Phantoms is said to be revolutionary and the direction that boardshorts will be heading. The selling points are that they are ultra-thin, flexible, and dry out very quickly.

So here I am, conflicted as the warming temps and water remind me that it’s time to pick-up a couple pairs of boardshorts for the upcoming summer season. Are the Phantoms all they’re cracked up to be, or is this just another sign of the times and a serious case of overpricing?



Posted by Shaun on Monday, April 28th, 2008 in Brands, Surfing.

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13 Responses to “Hurley Phantom Boardshort: Over-Priced or Worth Every Penny?”

  • Chraleysurf Says:

    No, not worth $85. My regular boardies work fine and I don’t see the need for shorts that stretch more or dry faster… besides, I like hanging in the sun that few extra mins it takes for them to dry.

  • Keaton Says:

    i believe that these are worth it, if u are in and out of the water a lot. i have a pair n coped a lot of comments from my mates for buying them but by far their the best feeling boardshorts iv had

  • Jason Says:

    The best money ever spent. Imagine buying a good snowboard and then getting cheap boots, not a good ideal. If you are happy to spend good money on a good surfboard then complete the package and the experience then get a pair of Phantoms and enjoy.

  • bomber Says:

    dont worry bout what they cost just get em, i have been wearing boardshorts near on every day for the past 26yrs and i reccomend them to anyone that lives in boardies ….. theyre shithot , what price comfort…?

  • hoon Says:

    is this a case of quality over quantity? i guess time and some testing would tell. i’ve had some awesome boardies that cost $25 (on sale) or some crap ones that have cost $60. it seems that $50 is the magic number for boardshorts and retail. it’d be interesting for someone to do a boardshort shoot out (vs the usual image and price “buyers guide”)

  • Dan the man Says:

    If you never want to get a rash again… get the phantoms… they are well worth the money. They are actually $100 now which is a little much, but if you find them for $85 still, pick up a couple.

  • Kirk Says:

    I stressed out when buying my first pair but after wearing them, they are worth every penny. By far the most comfortable boardshorts I’ve ever worn.

  • Wierdo Says:

    Phantoms are the # 1 board short but the cost is just freaken 2 much i mean $100? Id buy em if they were below $60

  • ed Says:

    Oneil superfreaks (or the newer, more expensive hyperfreaks) are sweet too. I picked up a second pair of superfreaks today on sale down from $60 to $35. I agree with the posts above, the stretch and lightweight material makes them worth it.

  • jason Says:

    I have not heard of 1 person on this planet who have bought phantoms that have been disappointed with the product. I have had my pair for 15 months and they are still as good as when I got them. I could think of a thousand other things that I consider a waist of money. Phantoms are not one of them, they make my surfing experience better and are worth every cent. The only people that say they are not worth it dont own a pair or have not tried them.

  • Sab Says:

    Come on – its not the shorts that make the surfer!
    Ill kick ass on a nice day naked better that anyone in “Phantoms” – you guys are suckers for hype.
    That said they are nice shorts – my g-friend bought me a pair when they were half price and I cant wait for the logo to wear off so Im not a walking advert!

  • seaner Says:

    I bought the blue phantoms for top dolla(100$) just cuz they looked and felt pretty cool.I slipped them on and went skim boarding that day and suddenly I forgot I had shorts on. I felt naked! these shorts are amazing!

  • Ollie Says:

    Bought these boardshorts are they felt amazing. Went surfing with them and discovered they are completely see-through when wet. WTF! Is this some kind of elaborate practical joke by hurley?

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