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Is Surfer, Dude for Surfers?

surfer dudeYou may or may not have noticed, but a pretty solid number of your favorite surfing websites are serving as advertisers for Matthew McConaughey’s latest movie: Surfer, Dude. The film originally came out in September and the reviews weren’t pretty. With the Surfer, Dude DVD being released just a couple of days ago, those in charge of advertising for the film seem to be counting on actual surfers to help make-up for the disappointing box office results. I’m kind of curious….Is this actually going to work?

For what it’s worth, I arrived in Nicaragua just shortly after McConaughey was wrapping up his much publicized trip there. I heard nothing but rave reviews of him as a person, and the whole town of San Juan del Sur really seemed to embrace him (well, besides the fools that robbed him clean). Transworld had a pretty smooth article on him back in August and he seems to be a celebrity who is genuine in his passion for surfing. I think that’s a pretty cool thing to see.

As far as the movie though, well I have yet to see it, and to be honest, I’ve never really put much thought into ever making the effort to do so. I know there are at least some of our 5ones peeps who have though, so feedback from the select few who have actually taken part in the Surfer, Dude experience is welcome and encouraged. Is this something worth sitting through? Or will I forever lose 89 minutes of my life watching a classic Hollywood portrayal of surfers, one filled to the brim with stereotypes and cliches? And if the movie really is as dismal as the reviews say it is, does it bother you to see ads for it plastered all over actual surfing websites?

Posted by Shaun on Thursday, January 1st, 2009 in Surfing.

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6 Responses to “Is Surfer, Dude for Surfers?”

  • Steve King Says:

    I can’t see the article because this “leave a comment” section is blocking it

  • john Says:

    The best way to get robbed in San Juan del Sur is to pass out on the street at 3am. The people of this town actually helped him home a couple of other nights. It’s a safe place.

    peace and surf

  • Cameron Says:

    Steve, it should be fixed now, please let us know if you have any additional problems.

  • Rob Says:

    It’s definitely a pretty stereotypical movie of surfers but i actually enjoyed it. It’s “funny because it is so bad” type of a thing. They are stoned the whole time and the dialogue throughout the movie is in some “stoned out of your mind talk.” I’d imagine it might have been better if I was high as well. I’d recommend giving it a watch though, the stupidity of it alone will offer a few laughs. There is some good looking girls and a pretty mellow reggae soundtrack so that makes it more enjoyable too.

  • stomp and flow Says:

    I think they meant to call the movie Surfer Dud. The movie has a theme that applies to surfers and non-surfers alike but unfortunately the movie was done so poorly that one doesn’t walk away with much. Check out my full movie review including references to ‘real’ surfers from the movie Surfer, Dude:

  • Rob Says:

    The WORST portrayal of surfers and surfing culture ever to come out of Hollywood. McConaughey just stumbled around mumbling and doing bad Spicoli impression’s. I rate this movie five bogus and one “your a dick Mr Hand’s”

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