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K2 Takes Control of Planet Earth and Adio

A recent article sparked my attention about the take over of Earth Products (which includes the likes of Planet Earth Clothing and Adio Shoes) by K2 Sports. It also seems like they want to make room in their Adio warehouse for what I am guessing is more shoes? Which would in some way explain why they would be tearing down the indoor skatepark they have within their facility.

I myself have skated the Adio park before and I must say it is a super fun park to session. But seriously, back to the main course. Not to long ago I read a somewhat similar article about Alien Workshop and Habitat being purchased by a mighty large Snowboard company as well. This all really makes me think about the skateboarding brands of today.

Honestly, how many skateboard brands exist today that are owned and operated solely by skateboarders? The answer is, not that many. It seems every company is signing there lives away this day and age for the almighty dollar. And a lot of these companies “used” to be the core brands of the industry. I remember personally looking up to them and being stoked on there products. I won’t even get into throwing in other companies names either. But let’s just say you would be amazed at what other companies are “faking the funk” as I would like to say.

It seems that if the skateboard companies aren’t being purchased by snowboard companies then it’s some corporation that has nothing to do with action sports in general. And its not that I have anything against snowboard companies, its just that I think it would be fantastic if they would stick to there designated audience.

Skateboarding has always had its ups and downs. But you and I both know that right now, skateboarding has never been more accepted than it is. You can thank television for that one. From shows on MTV to the X games being broadcast on some of the world’s biggest stations. Tons of companies are now trying to get there hands into the skateboarding market. More than half of them weren’t even into skateboarding to begin with. But in the words of the WU TANG CLAN “Cash Rules Everything Around Us Cream get the money dolla dolla bill yall”.

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Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 in Brands, Skateboarding.

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2 Responses to “K2 Takes Control of Planet Earth and Adio”

  • Umi Says:

    The Adio/Planet Earth purchase was a few years ago. Not recent. Not to mention there are lots of skate owned brands

    John Lucero – Black Label
    Mic-e and the DLX crew Julien etc
    Mullen, Per Welinder, Hawk, & Schilleriff from Element. All skaters.

    Before you step on your podium of self righteous who buys what get your facts right. 5ones dropped the ball here.

  • Studdard Says:

    Of course there are skater owned companies!!!! Im just making the point that not every company is like that anymore? Sort of like where are all the kind mannered people in this world? You know there are still some out there but not everyone is like that. But of course there are skater owned companies.. And those are the ones that i believe should get the most support!!!

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