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Kelly Slater = Boring?…Not a Chance

Kelly SlaterWhile there is clearly a lack of drama heading into the back half of the 2008 ASP World Tour, there is still very much to look forward to with every wave that Kelly Slater paddles into. Sure, Kelly has all but wrapped up his unbelievable 9th world title only 5 events into the surfing year. But if the lack of a world title race has you down and out about the tour, just keep your eye on Mr. Slater and witness a manifestation of greatness unlike any the surfing world has seen before, as well as any we may ever see again.

In an article veiled with personal attacks on one of, if not the greatest all-around surfers of all-time, the author of an article at Fuel.TV used an interesting approach to explain his lack of interest in this years Dream Tour.

Is there a whole lot to look forward to anymore as far as the 2008 world title race goes? No, not really, No. 9 is essentially sealed. But what does any of this have to do with Slater? It’s his fault the way it was the fault of Michael Jordan when he rendered his competitors as irrelevant. It’s his fault the way it’s the fault of Tiger Woods for standing head and shoulders above any other human who has a golf club in their hand. While there are a countless number of amazing surf talents throughout the world, right now Kelly is standing above them all in a big way.

Kelly Slater in 2008, as he has done throughout his illustrious career, is exhibiting a marvelous display of physical and mental skill with every wave he takes off on. Even at 36 years of age, Kelly is doing things on a surfboard that are simply unthinkable and, for most of us besides “The King”, unimaginable. His Bells Beach victory in which he paddled several hundred yards to Rincon and subsequently boosted a huge air in the closing minutes of the final is the type of action legends are made of.

You may or may not like what Kelly Slater is about, you may have your own personal issues with what you think you know about his lifestyle or the way he responds to questions, but make no mistake about it, as far as surfing goes, it is unmatched greatness taking place right before our very eyes. In that alone that there is more than enough to keep us tuned in as Slater’s run of sheer magnificence continues throughout this year and beyond.

Cheers Kelly Slater…..It’s a pleasure to watch you surf.


Posted by Shaun on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 in Surfing.

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One Response to “Kelly Slater = Boring?…Not a Chance”

  • Jammer Says:

    Has everyone that thinks this will be a boring rest of the ‘08 season forgot that each event puts up lots of $$$ for winning or placing high enough to make some dough, this alone gives the competitors something to fight for, not to mention that even though Kelly has it wrapped up he will have a huge bulls eye on his back, and there still is the Triple Crown to be won. Stop just reading the leader board and watch some of the web casts and you will regain the stoke about the WCT.

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