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Kelly Slater Enlists In Neptune’s Navy: Proceeds from New Board Shorts To Benefit Sea Shepherd Cause

Although the fury that Kelly Slater has and continues to unleash on waves during heats and video parts may be to some, reminiscent of an aquatic slaughter, let there be no mistake about it. When it comes to the slaughter of marine wildlife, Kelly is not down and not afraid to get in the fight to oppose it.

kelly slater sea shepherd

Photo credit: Surfer Mag

Last time we checked in with Captain Paul Watson and his noble band of sea shepherd pirates back in early February, they were busy giving hell to the Japanese whaling fleet down in the Southern Ocean. Last week, Watson was back on land at the Quiksilver Pro, arm in arm with the nine time world champ promoting their latest effort to rally support for the cause: a brand new Kelly Slater signature model boardshort featuring the notorious jolly roger emblem of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. According to Quiksilver Australia’s website…

For every Sea Shepherd product sold, Quiksilver will donate $5 to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

kelly slater sea shepherd boardshortAlthough Slater isn’t the first surfer to represent the Sea Shepherd cause, he is perhaps the most high profile and I’m optimistic that this recent team-up will bring a lot of attention and stoke to the Sea Shepherd cause just like David Rastovich and company did back during the 2007 Taiji, Japan dolphin campaign. In fact, it was Surfer Magazine’s coverage of that standoff that introduced me to Sea Shepherd to begin with. The shots of Rastovich and company facing down the Japanese authorities sent chills down my spine and had me wondering right then where I could get my hands on a Sea Shepherd Crew hoody. Now, with Slater on board, I’m definitely throwing down for some anti-whaling merch.

Just one thing is puzzling to me. If you search Quiksilver.com (not Quiksilver Australia’s site) for ‘Sea Shepherd’ or ‘Kelly Slater Sea Shepherd Trunks’ there are no results. Which leaves me wondering why it’s only Quiksilver Australia that seems to be representing the Sea Shepherd cause? Is there a conspiracy? Also, after a few minutes of research, it seems like the only place to get these shorts here in the States is through online surf shops, most of which say that they only donate a buck of each sale to Sea Shepherd. I definitely want all five bucks from my purchase going towards bottles of butyric acid and whatever else is needed give these poachers a miserable time.

In closing, the shorts do look pretty nice. High-tech and super comfortable. I just wish they made them in a different color than black. I just don’t like wearing black shorts. I guess I would wear it for the cause if necessary, but you’d think that an industry giant like Quiksilver would dish out for a few more colors/designs and that Sea Shepherd would want a more visible logo than black on black (which is how it appears on the shorts.) How about whale Grey, or cetacean Blue?

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Posted by Caleb on Monday, March 23rd, 2009 in Surfing.

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7 Responses to “Kelly Slater Enlists In Neptune’s Navy: Proceeds from New Board Shorts To Benefit Sea Shepherd Cause”

  • Surfin' USA Says:

    To the author of this post: you are a goddamned terrorist! When you write: “I want all five bucks from my purchase going towards bottles of butyric acid…” it makes me want to harpoon your ass between the eyes! Whaling is a way of life for people like the Japanese fisherman who, actually do have to dodge bottles of butyric acid thrown by boneheaded criminals like P. Watson and his enviro-nazi, shit mongerering, crony bitches. I thought the Slater was above all this pagan, ’save the whales’ bullshit, but I guess not. I can’t wait to sink the first fool I see wearing these trunks!

  • Surfin'JPN the fake American Says:

    Do something honorable and stop getting paid with the Japanese tax payer’s money to spam internet. The ICR’s $8Mil budged must be feeding you well, you are all over the internet, posting the very same anti-sea shepherd comments everywhere.

    And you Kelly never mind this nut job, be the best eco-defender that you can.

    Sea Shepherd’s efforts cost the ICR a lot hehhe as you can see form Surfin’JPN the fake American’s comment, they are miserable.

  • silversurfer Says:

    Wow….SurfinUSA must be a tough guy, harpooning whales and the people that defend them. Remember this my simple friend, the Japanese ‘fishermen’ are actually ’scientists’ conducting valuable ’scientific’ research by killing these whales. So please be respectful of their skills. Karma draws ever closer…. best you stay out of the ocean.
    I bought my boardies at the Kirra Pro. Sink me if you can.
    Sincerely, enviro-nazi shit mongering crony bitch from Australia.

  • lawless Says:

    If you truly believe in their cause, forego giving Quiksilver $50 to act as a middle-man and just donate directly to Sea Shepherd itself (https://my.seashepherd.org/NetCommunity/SSLPage.aspx?pid=184) that way the money goes where it needs to and you don’t need have to give Quik $45 to get it there.

  • silversurfer Says:

    Already doing that lawless. Sea Shepherd have an active following here on the Gold Coast. They do great work. The shorts are good regardless.

  • DeViouSsSs Says:

    “Surfin USA” does surf…the web, and he’s tangled in his own.
    Go surf the ocean buddy, alone, for an entire day.
    Then come back to this site and be a man and honor what you’ve experienced with an apology. Don’t get what I’m saying? Re-read the two preceeding sentences.

  • donald Says:

    hi there to bad u guys cant get more
    boats out there put big fishing nest around
    the frunt of the boat 5 fishing nest around
    the the mother ship and then do it to other 4 boats put and then they be trapeed in the big fishing nets frome donald kelly maclughlin

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