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Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Skateboard

louis vutton skateboard

$8,250 dollars for a skateboard? That’s what they’re asking for a skateboard deck that comes inside of a ‘purse company’s’ case. Wow! Louis Vuitton and skateboarding is not something I would’ve foreseen happening. This collab is super random, and we all know that the skateboard deck does not even cost 1/100th the price they’re selling it there for.

I do admit the case looks pretty sweet though and I am sure that alone is worth a good amount. But the board looks pretty standard to me. On top of that, I’m assuming either the board has no griptape or the case inside is going to slowly get torn by the gritty surface.

Regardless of my thoughts, there are 3 of these Louis Vuitton skateboard sets and by now, they’re probably already sold out. On top of this, 70 T-shirts were printed and are being sold for $250 a piece. Without question, they will probably sell out of those as well.

I assure you, the crazy skateboard collabs aren’t going to stop any time soon. Skateboarding is and forever in our time will be known and recognized by society around us more than ever before. Plus, for many its seen as a “cool” thing to do. Even if I had the $8,250 dollars to blow in the air, I still wouldn’t buy one of these deck sets. But if Stephen Sprouse etched a skateboard purely out of gold and diamonds and put it up for sale, then we could talk.

Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Thursday, January 8th, 2009 in Skateboarding.

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13 Responses to “Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Skateboard”

  • T.J. Anderson Says:

    That is absolutely ridiculous. Any idea of who the deck manufacturer is? Speaking from a skateboarding point of view the most expensive skate set up could cost up to $200 for a top of line set up. And this skate I’m sure isn’t even that good quality wise, but I’m sure that’s not the point. For 8 grand I doubt the board will ever even get ridden. More useless designer crap to waist money on. In an economical situation the US is in, that is exactly what we need more of.

  • Snoop Bloggy Blog Says:

    This is effing redic! So LAME!

  • Nick Norris Says:

    This is stupid. The dumbest waste of money I have ever seen.

  • Jason.Sommerfelt Says:

    I bet most skaters don’t even know he louis vuitton is- they probably don’t give a rats a$% either

  • Brett Borders Says:

    All for some graphics you’re gonna slide off within 5 mins…

    Unless it’s just a fashion-only “pouser” board..

  • Robert Gaisek Says:

    But…….it´s not even a slalomboard!

  • Clark Takashima Says:

    I’d do original art on decks for a fraction of this redick-u-louse price! CT

  • Brittaney Says:

    This is like.. against all of skateboarding. Anybody who buys this stupid thing deserves to be beat up–and then have their board stolen.

  • alex Says:

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  • Arcieri Keness Says:

    It’s funny because Stephen Sprouse wasn’t good at selling his items when he had stores and his items were sold in stores as well. However, slap a LV logo on anything the the price sky rocket. Tsk, Tsk

    I however do like the graphics and the max I’d pay is 150 and that’s only if you could actually skate it though.

    Hmm. Yet some lame moron purchased it for the show that’s inside of him… that or he has no idea what to spend his money on.

  • Random Prson Says:

    This is one of the most rediculous things i have ever seen, for a start i have seen graffics like that on cheap kids decks all over the place, then theres the trucks which to b honest look TERRIBLE, but because its louis vuitton all the posers and wonabees will lap them up …. what has happend to skating ?

  • Arcieri Keness Says:

    ^Skateboarding has been taken over by poseurs and hypebeast alike. I myself leave the skating to the pro’s and the ppl who loved it from day one… and not for some trend the make ppl think they’re “COOL.”

    When the smoke clears true skaters will have it back 100%. Then you’ll see who was real and who was… you know. Fake. Lol

  • louis vuitton Says:

    I dont think skateboarders can afford a bag for 8K$ and why would they?

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