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Maloof Money Cup Course Revealed

maloof money cup street courseA fully rendered image of the street course at the Maloof Money Cup has been revealed and it looks amazing! The course was designed by Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington, and Rob Dyrdek. If that’s not a legit group of designers, I don’t know what is.

It’s awesome that we finally see a course designed by pro street skateboarders. Now I wish we could all get a chance to skate it at least once before they destroy it after the comp. I love the layout, the entire course looks amazing to skate. They even got what looks like a mock up of a Carlsbad gap on the far right corner. You can definitely see the street skateboarding influence in the design of the course. The ledges with the drop offs, the gap to bank, the tech section, and even a mini spine to rail.

They should design more skateparks with these kinds of obstacles built in. I know there’s the DC skate plaza which is more of a street based skatepark, but this 3 day park just looks and feels more street. They did a really good job and I cant wait to see what them – and the rest of the skaters – throw down on all the obstacles. There is so much innovation that can go down during the contest. Everyone be prepared to see one hell of a skateboard contest. I could say I have my predictions as to who I think will win but honestly I have no idea, it’s anyones game.

maloof money cup street course

On top of this, there will be tons of other events to check out as well. The Es game of skate finals for the PROs and AMs will be going down, as well as the womens competition, and the vert competition. The Maloof Money Cup is coming up quick, don’t miss out on history in the making.

Update: We forgot to mention that the brilliant minds behind California Skateparks are also responsible for the construction and design of the course.


Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Friday, June 13th, 2008 in Skateboarding.

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2 Responses to “Maloof Money Cup Course Revealed”

  • chris Says:

    i heartily applaud all the skaters snd california skateparks for the tremendous job they did on that street plaza. but with that said, whoever is responsible for the idea of DESTROYING this plaza after the event should ABSOLUTLEY BE ASHAMED OF THEIR SELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANY skater in the right frame of mind should be red hot LIVID and IRATE over this!!! absolutley NO EXCUSE something like that should happen. its common sense that any quality skate plaza made of concrete- RULE #1- is a matter of permanent location commitment!!! instead of doing that just have the event at kettering ohio dc street plaza for crying out loud. thats what its truly built for!!!! there are TONS of skateparks that are less than sub-par in the eyes of pretty much all skaters out there. that are made of the unoriginal, ho-hum ,pre fab, municipal, quick-fix, cookie-cutter,not very well designed or built, playground ramps that fall apart in under 5 years. if they were to destroy something like that and even on tv BE my guest~!!!!! just like there are tons of hungry poor people out in the world, which angers me that food or any like necessities get wasted oftentimes, same here. many needy skaters hungry for a QUALITY skate spot would be grateful to have even a tiny fraction of it that they can LeGALLY skate. especially the fact it should undoubtedly last a MINIMUM of 20 + years, unlike ANY modular pre ramp parks. something is GROTESQUELY wrong if CONCRETE skateparks sudenly become throwaway parks!! whoever heard of such insanity!!!! listen friend, its the lame skate-wave type or other garbage built by non-skaters that are THROWAWAY parks, by their very nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE would be greatful to even have a tiny fraction of your plaza!!! we here in bridgeton n j are FIGHTING tooth and nail to get something only HALF this good due to the fact our city is limited budget, only takes skateboarding half as seriously as we do, and in our case were sort of stuck with stupid pre fab ramps cause the site is already paved out. thats bad enough. though its good to have at least that for starters, the WASTE of the maloof plaza is UNACCEPTABLE, INEXCUSABLE!!! theres gotta be a better way.
    Hopefully this tragic mistake will NOT occur again!!!!! thank you for allowing me to vent. otherwise God bless ALL the skaters involved and keep on crankin out them street plazas! =-) peace

  • Brian Says:

    I heard the park was built with only $150,000. How is this possible?

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