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Marketing with Twitter

twitter fail whaleWhen it comes to winning stuff in contests there’s always someone that’s willing to step up to the plate and go for the gold. Now add to that how well online contests function with all the social media outlets and you have a recipe to get even more people involved. With Twitter being the popular choice right now you have yet another medium to grab peoples attention.

Tony Hawk was the first one to utilize Twitter for a contest. Pure gold when it comes to getting your followers involved and making people active. Following in his footsteps is Johnny from the blog South of the North. He’s hosting a skate shoe Easter Egg Hunt on the 11th. While he doesn’t have as many followers as Mr. Hawk it’s still a great way to generate interest in your site. Kudos to him for seeing the potential and running with it.

Is this going to be a new trend in the action sports world? Who knows, but it’s not a bad idea. Think about the potential an entity like a shop or magazine could have with hosting a scavenger hunt at at a ski resort for gear. You have hundreds, if not thousands, of acres to hide something and could tweet hints or GPS coordinates to find it. The true advantage of this is getting people aware of your business or site and getting people physically active and involved in our sports. That’s something we can all agree on, that people should be a bit more active and less inclined to be arm chair warriors, wielding the mighty remote.

Another idea that has passed through my mind is the ability to do on the fly meet and greets for athletes. A tweet pops up saying an athlete will be at this location and you can go hang out with them. Sure there might be the scary stalker possibility but you also get the ability for social interaction with the fans. This could help benefit the public image of a figure who maybe had some negative publicity, or help to hype an up and comer on a professional team. Perhaps the local skate shop has a pro in town visiting, they could throw a tweet out that they’ll be at the shop to sign some autographs.

Twitter could possibly be one of the better alternatives to sites like Facebook or Myspace when it comes to interaction with readers, fans, and the like. Granted you still get a lot of boring tweets about people walking dogs, seeing ugly chicks on the bus, or some other crazy random thoughts. The potential to utilize this as a superior marketing tool is there and it’s a good thing to see people using it.

Posted by Avran on Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 in Industry.

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2 Responses to “Marketing with Twitter”

  • Timothy Hands Says:

    Great writing. I especially like your stuff dealing with Mark Occhilupo. As a matter of face, I have been trying to locate the ad he did for Oakley some years back ( like 10 years) with his face in black and white with the words “There are some fires that even 50,000,000,000,000 Gallons of Water can’t put out” or something like that. I used to have it hanging up on my wall. Could you possibly point me in the direction of where to find that, cause Oakley hasn’t helped much.


  • Brandon Winnie Says:

    Twitter is such an awesome site.

    I have been involved in a project lately called Tweetbooty.com and we have been doing online giveaways with great success working with brands such as Skullcandy and Lovesac to name a few.

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