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Maxell Belly Flops Into Action Sports

Maxell, I’m sorry but your weak ass attempt to capitalize on a buzzword will be met with much resistance. Those of us whose life revolves around action sports, don’t exactly respond positively to brands that are obviously clueless when it comes to what we do.

Maxell has introduced a new line of Action Sports headphones offering active consumers comfort while delivering premium sound. Designed with fitness in mind, the Action Sports line is ideal for intense activities like cross-training, running, spinning and aerobics, just to name a few. The line of Maxell Action Sports headphones are constructed with water-resistant and sweat-resistant materials that prevent moisture from damaging the audio device…

Because nothing says action sports like running, spinning, and aerobics.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Maxell is also announcing today that they’re dumping millions into sponsoring major action sports events such as the Action Sports Pro Tour and the X-Games.

“Maxell’s sponsorships of extreme sports, music and film mirror the interests and lifestyle choices of our target audience,” said Cheryl Severini, senior marketing manager at Maxell.

Here’s hint #2- we (your target audience) stopped using the phrase “extreme sports” some time around 1991, which coincidentally was about the last time I bought anything from Maxell. Nothing says you don’t get it quite like the word ‘extreme’. At least be consistent with using the term action sports.

Oh, and one last thing. Cool flame graphics went out around ‘91 as well.

…Additional prizes include a custom designed Maxell-branded skateboard featuring the blow-away icon in flame red, gray and cool white graphics…

While we appreciate your attempt; We, and I speak for all us, will probably just stick to Skullcandy and Nixon for our headphone needs. At least they’re authentic action sports brand that are genuinely interested in supporting the community. Peace and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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Posted by Cameron on Thursday, January 8th, 2009 in Brands.

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9 Responses to “Maxell Belly Flops Into Action Sports”

  • Jalapenyo Says:

    Well some of us, in these times of crisis, will buy the ones that work the best at the fairest price. Wether they support “our” community or not… who cares!!!

  • Cameron Says:

    Okay, so I don’t speak for all us…

  • larz Says:

    Cameron who really cares dude. How much effort did you put into that post?! Times are hard for us all give em a break. Maybe someone so “core” as yourself might refuse to use this product but some hardcore soccer mom might get off on it. Lame.

  • Craig Says:

    how many hardcore soccer moms read this site

  • belac Says:

    cameron dude, i’m with you. the first thing i’m going to do after i win the maxell skateboard deck is sand down the flames graphic and replace it with an abstract and controversial aerobics/spinning design. what is spinning anyway? are they talking about, like spinning records? this shit sounds bout as cool as nintendo wee.

  • Cameron Says:

    Larz – Thanks buddy, you inspired our latest title of the site.

    “5ones – Loved by Hardcore Soccer Moms Everywhere”

  • larz Says:

    No problem.

  • Cameron Says:

    Wow, quite a few of you hated on me for this post. I guess if you like a side of Under Armour with your headphones, then by all means, to each his own.


  • nitro4life Says:

    fantastic post. Skullcandy clearly launched a new category and it is too cool to see Nixon jumping in. i used to have a wall full of bootleg kinks & dead shows recorded on Maxell tapes… the product was fantastic. if their technology is as good as their tapes were, soccer mom’s will be stoked. as for the Xtreme nature of their spinning classes, I’m sure they will work there as well. as for their marketing team, ahhhh… good luck with that.

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