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Mega Ramp Revolution

skateboard mega rampRecently, I viewed a video of Ryan Sheckler attempting the mega ramp for his first time. Other than Pat Duffy, he is said to be the only other street skateboarder to have attempted the Mega Ramp. Rumors have gone around about various other street skateboarders sparking interest in launching off the monstrous launch ramp.

You can write out a short list of all the individuals that have successful skated the mega ramp and it’s always the same individuals facing off against each other in the X-Games. But is all this due for a change? You bet it is. I recently viewed a show about Camp Woodward and they were teaching kids how to skate a mini mega ramp. It was mind blowing to see all these young kids dropping in and hucking themselves in the air.

A mega ramp revolution has come upon us here in America! People want to see athletes continue going big, bigger, and ever bigger. And when I say people, I mean the average Joe who’s never even stepped on a skateboard. Dudes flying 50 feet in the air are the ‘in thing’ right now. Everyone thinks it’s crazy and of course people love stunts where there’s a huge element of risk. I have had people in there early 40’s who have never skated in there life ask me about Jake Brown and the fall he took. Or Danny Way’s backflip over the gap off the mega ramp.

The mega ramp is the in thing right now which is strange because less than a decade ago it didn’t even exist. I myself will probably never skate a mega ramp, I could only imagine how gnarly it looks to even just drop in, let alone airing across the massive gap to the ridiculously huge quarter pipe. The mega ramp will be one of those events that will always attract people no matter what. We all have to accept the fact that skateboarding is actually a “cool” thing to do now. I have heard some skateboarders even call-out Mega Ramp skateboarding and say it’s not skateboarding at all. But we all know it’s just as much a part of skating as everything else. And we got to hand it to the mega ramp rippers; they got balls to do what they do. There’s no doubt about that.

Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Friday, April 18th, 2008 in Skateboarding.

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2 Responses to “Mega Ramp Revolution”

  • Rasta Skate Says:

    No doubt that the Mega is growing. As a street skater it looks totally sketchy. I will catch it, but am glad it didn’t replace vert at the games.

  • Brent Says:

    Is this the same ramp that was going to replace vert at the X-Games? ‘Cause everyone has one of these in their backyards. I’m just sayin’

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