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Nica-Wonder: Playa Colorado

Playa Colorado in NicaraguaIf you were to sit down and list the attributes possessed by any of the world’s top beach breaks, you would quickly realize that Playa Colorado in Nicaragua has all that you could possibly think of and then some. Consistent swell year round….check! Incessant off shore winds…check! A sandbar set up perfectly to provide shacks on nearly every wave….check! Warm water, towering green mountains in the background, short paddle to the line-up….check, check, check. In other words, Playa Colorado is a place that you’ve dreamed of many many times and is everything you could possibly want from a beach break.

When I made my first trip to Playa Colorado, I was lucky enough to have the crew from San Juan Del Sur Surf & Sport show me the way via boat. Pulling out of the harbor nestled within San Juan Del Sur Bay and making the trek north is how most go about making their way there. The Nicaragua coastline is unreal when seeing it from the oceans point of view. You can drive to Colorados (as it’s known by the locals) if you need to, however I highly recommend going by sea as the journey there is nearly as spectacular as the beach itself.

Pulling up to Colorados, I quickly realized why this is one of the premier breaks and frequently chosen surf destinations in Nicaragua. The shape of the wave is almost as perfect as it gets and the fact that it breaks so close to shore makes it a smooth place to watch near flawless waves break one after another while in between sessions.

Although the wave looks very inviting, if not respected it will be more than happy to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget. Playa Colorado is a wave with an attitude and there is no shortage of boards and leashes that fall victim to it’s unexpected ferocity on any given day. Chances are, if you’re going after it hard enough, you’ll come home with sand in very unexpected places as a result of Colorados’ aptness for roughing up it’s visitors.

While it’s heavy lip will deliver a beating or two, pulling into to pit and having that same burly lip heave overhead at Playa Colorado is something special. It is then at that moment that you understand why Colorados is revered by local and visitors alike as one of the premier waves not only in Nicaragua, but in all of Central America. Playa Colorado is truly a classic break.


Posted by Shaun on Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 in Surfing.

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7 Responses to “Nica-Wonder: Playa Colorado”

  • Henkel Says:

    Book a quality place to stay at GREAT prices and walk to both breaks…Playa Colorado and Panga Drops.

  • belac alien child Says:

    roger that! you bring the pin tail and colorado brings the fear. amazing waves

  • sonja Says:

    hey shaun, nice article, wish i could go there someday.

  • Nicaragua Surf Property Rentals Says:

    Excellent article, even though words can never really capture the feeling of surfing Colorado. For a beach break it packs some serious punch and is one of the most consistent waves in the country. There are a number of other breaks close by and it looks like you have covered those as well. I want your job!

  • John Says:

    First wave I caught there, I hit my head on the bottom after barely making it out of a barrel and getting pounded by the lip. Definitely deceiving and not a place to take lightly. This wave is awesome in every sense of the word.

  • Shaun Says:

    I can’t help it, I’m in love with this wave. It broke my board today, which it has a nast habit of doing, but a broken board here and there is WELL worth the magic this wave offers up on a regular basis.

    For those who haven’t been there yet, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s super sharky and not worth the trip ;)

  • Surf Nicaragua Says:

    Definitely packs a nice little punch – even when it’s small.

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