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Nicaragua: Not Just For Surfers Anymore

Caleb Nica Skate PicWith the Kings of Leon emitting fresh vibes into the thick Nicaraguan air and cameras clicking away at a chattered pace, the long-awaited inaugural drop into what will undoubtedly be a huge step of progression for the local skate scene, the Nica Skate Pit, was recently realized in front of family, friends, and many special guests.

The Skateboarding-hombre here at 5ones, my good friend Ruben ‘Studdard’ Najera, wrote a stellar article on the impact this is sure to have on the Nica-skate scene, as well as the limitless potential this project and the minds behind it hold. This was followed up with an unreal 5 with 5’s featuring the one and only Nica Skate Pit Kids themselves.

For myself, having had the privilege to be among the invited guests and be in attendance, it was an event that went even beyond just the skateboarding. While my purpose for being in Nicaragua is to cover the booming surf scene, the unveiling of the Nica Skate Pit held much more meaning than I had ever imagined it would.

The Local Effect
As Ruben and the Nica Skate Pit crew mentioned in the 5 with 5’s, the typical skate style here is a “cross of raw hard-core urban skating, and aggressive surf influenced fluidity.” This obviously has to do with their surroundings and lack of ramps and parks in the area. When some of the local-shredders arrived on the scene, it was clear that they were apprehensive and unsure of the ramp upon first sight. This was new for them and while it took them a few minutes to get going, by the end of the session they had adapted and new possibilities were opening up for them every time they dropped in. The Nica Skate Pit will do wonders for opening doors and allowing the opportunity for local skaters to progress.

The Crossover Effect
While watching Rex Calderon, the no. 1 ranked surfer in Central America, take his skills to the ramp I thought a lot about the lack of opportunity here in Nicaragua for athletes to crossover into other board-sports. Skateboarding will provide the chance for the immensely talented surfers here to expand their game and try things they have yet to think of. Kelly Slater has mentioned many times the inspiration he received from watching Tony Hawk perform. While Rex and the rest of the Nica-rippers will still spend most of their days in the water, the hours at the Nica Skate Pit will serve as an ideal location to enhance their already epic set of skills. Any time there is the opportunity to cross-over, inspiration and progression is abound.

The Educational Effect
“It’s pretty sick, team work was a big part of it. Having a common goal and realizing it was awesome.” 15 yr. old Lyndsey Tennant (Nica Skate Pit Kid).

“A number of things were impressive with this project. The planning of the project and seeing it through, working toward a common goal, the team effort and communication aspect…” Kevin Tennant (Lyndsey’s Father)

How many of us would love to have a skate pit in our backyard? Kevin and Lori Tennant were kind enough to open up for their land for this project, but mostly because of the educational value they saw in the planning, realizing, and maintaining of a project and website of this sort. Throughout the process up to this point, and moving forward from here on out, there is so much to be learned from all who have participated and will participate in the future. This, along with all the other love coming from the Nica Skate Pit, is why this project will be one for the action sports community to keep their eyes on for the years to come.

Click here to check out all the pictures from the event.


Posted by Shaun on Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 in Skateboarding.

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