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No Pain No Gain

A guy I know broke a bone in his foot trying to heelflip over a hose! Yes, a hose on the ground. Gnarly right?

Ever notice how you can get hurt trying the least gnarliest things possible? It happens to all of us. Yes, you too and you know it. There have been times where I have felt more pain from a violent shin hit on a flatground kickflip than I have from hucking myself off a giant stair set.

It’s amazing what we’re all capable of pulling off, but getting hurt on at the same time. For instance, a good friend of mine backside lipped a 12 stair rail. We got it on film and proceeded to skate back to the car. He was stoked and happily skated back to the car only to hit a death pebble and go flying like there was no tomorrow. He threw out his arm to break the fall but landed his entire body weight on to his wrist area and basically snapped it. Seriously? How on earth could this dude have escaped death earlier only to break his wrist from hitting a dumb little rock on the ground.

You almost want to laugh until you realize how epic of a situation it is. That experience left me basically phased into an entire “bring a broom” mode. Things happen when you least expect them. Skateboarding is gnarly and will always be a gnarly pastime. Be ready for the unexpected and stay alive out in the streets while your shredding.

The risk comes with the territory but that’s part of the rush and excitement of skateboarding. Right?

skateboard injuries
Photo courtesy of Odeus Skateboards.

Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Saturday, March 28th, 2009 in Skateboarding.

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3 Responses to “No Pain No Gain”

  • Caleb Says:

    skateboarding is so bitter sweet!

  • eric Says:

    I shattered my hand skating a flat ledge practicing a basic trick i’ve done more times than I can count.

  • Josh Pittman Says:

    It is always the easy stuff that you get the most wrecked on… but thats just the game i guess. If you are looking for some cool skate video clips for free and a pretty cool new technology for your ipod, peep this: ithreesixty.com

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