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Nyjah Huston Off Element

nyjah huston

WOW! That is the first word that comes to my mind. Not to long ago, I did an entry about Tosh Townend’s leave from Element Skateboards. And now, another Element elite rider is bouncing on the free market. If there was ever one other person I could associated with Element instantly, with a mention of their name, it would have to have been Nyjah. It’s almost too weird that he won’t be on Element skateboards team anymore. He has been a part of the team since its early “Twigs” team program. Which was a separate division of mini decks for little skateboarders.

I don’t want to say this is the reason for his leave, but it might be due to the fact that he never got a pro deck or that they never turned him “pro”. We all know his board would have done really well, especially with all the young guns turning pro nowadays it would have seemed fit. His performance at the Maloof Money Cup was enough for me that if I was Element, I would’ve confirmed his professional status. But maybe it was the age issue?

Where will he be moving to next? From countless message boards and ties he has, I’ve heard everything from him moving to Organika to being the newest member on the Plan B team. Maybe he will come out of nowhere and shock everyone by starting his own board company or jumping on some unknown roster. Whatever he chooses to do he is still going to be the craziest damn little skateboarder in the industry. I have seen him skate in person countless times. He skates like a grown ass man, doing tricks we wish we could do at least once in our lifetime. Nyjah Huston is a beast, a child skateboarding prodigy who is sure to be around the industry for a very long time. Also don’t be surprised to see him knighted with instant “pro” status on whichever new team he rides for. It’s inevitable, and we know it.

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Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Monday, December 8th, 2008 in Skateboarding.

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18 Responses to “Nyjah Huston Off Element”

  • The_sk8r Says:

    i hope he dosent leave element

  • Matt Says:

    I do agree Nyjah Huston is a beast, the best kid skater i have ever seen, i think he should start his own board company, and i dont think he should be the newst member of plan b.

  • Mark Johnson Says:

    He’d be good on girl

  • Eddie B. Says:

    Nyjah is my influencial skater and i think whatever he decides to do is awesome. Im glad hes done with living in the shadow of the pro element riders. But if he joins another team i actually would want him to join girl.

  • mark Says:

    your cool with you dreads

  • keef Says:

    you are the best skater ever i wish i was just like you

  • tyler Says:

    your da best nyjah i wish i could meeet you some day your my favorite skater and you can quit element and you can make your own skate team and if i gat sponcored some day it would be awsome to be sponcored by your team

  • tyler hooter Says:

    I think nyjah is awsome, if he makes his own board company, his boards is all im gonna skate, iv been looking for a nyjah huston board forever. Hes my favorite skater, and Plan B is my favorite team. Him a and p rod on the same team will be awsome.!!!

  • tyler hooter Says:

    o…and i would like love to skate with nyjah sometime, im good with street, not with vert tho.

  • ownwords Says:

    More than likely Nyjah was cut cause his dad is a goof and really pushy kind of guy. The kind of guy that even pissed off Tosh while on tour. If he makes his own company he can join the ranks of Hosoi.

  • Tyler Withrow Says:

    i think it would dope if nyjah went to either Dgk, or Girl!

  • junior rose Says:

    do ur think man whatever u like start ur own company
    u should come to the cayman island black pearl skate park

  • Sam G Says:

    nyjahs dad is not a goof even nyjah wouldn’t say that and tosh can be abit arrogant if youve met him, i have

  • Roobie A. Says:

    i hink he would be great on alien or habitat he has just like that super chill and relaxed skating style.

  • Poo Poo Monster Says:

    He deserves to be pro. he rips sick shit.

  • q Says:

    nyjahs started his own company called iandi skateboards nyjah and 2 others are on the team he will be having is own promodel they have a website called iandiskateboards.com but its coming soon

  • keef Says:

    nyjah huston pleasee dont leave element your r the best skater all the good skaters r on element so someday when i get sponsered by element ill be skating with you so pleaseeeeeeeee dont switch

  • Judith Dorfeuille Says:

    Nijha Huston you are wonderful at your age so keep going good for you do not stop.

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