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Nyjah Huston’s New Skateboard Company?

nyjah huston

At the moment, skateboarding child prodigy Nyjah Huston is still without a board sponsor since his recent departure from Element skateboards. But word on the street is that may very well change sometime soon.

We’ve heard from various sources recently that Nyjah has been getting a few offers to start up his own skateboard company. This is something we speculated on when he left Element. One of the legitimate offers is coming from the head honchos behind Plan B who are wanting to help the child wonder start up his own skateboard company.

Imagine that! If I’m not mistaken, he would be the youngest skateboarder ever in the world to start up his own skateboard company. With his dad as his business partner, I don’t see why it couldn’t go down. He has really seemed to do good for himself and has basically become a household name within the span of a few short years.

What will he call this new company? Who will ride alongside him for it? And most importantly, when will it officially be revealed? My guess is that we’ll hear news on this sometime soon. It’s only a matter of time now before you will see and hear from it. And if the dudes over at Syndrome pick it up, you know its going to be marketed everywhere!

Drop a comment below if you have any more info about this rumor.


Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 in Skateboarding.

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24 Responses to “Nyjah Huston’s New Skateboard Company?”

  • piero Says:

    soy peruano y monto skate y tengo12 year nyjha huston eres el mejor

  • Armin Halvadzic Says:

    omg!…why did he even leave Element?
    is he out of his mind ?
    Element is the best skate company out there,there is no reason to go out of it …bad move Huston,bad move.

  • Eddie B. Says:

    i swear if Nyjah makes his own company im gonna do my best to get sponsored by him

  • joshua wilson Says:

    if nyjah gets own company i will try so hard to get on his company and i am 9 and i rip

  • paul godette Says:

    my favorite sktin companies are plan B because of sheckler and paul rodriguez..and element bcuz of nyjah huston. he should start his company

  • jessika Says:

    amo a nyjha huston :)

  • Gerald Says:

    man Nyjah Huston is so sick in skating i believe that he could do whatever he like and people will still love him. if he starts his on company i will defenitely support him. The reason why is because if i can do it he could too. ALL SKATERS OUT THERE GET BIG AND SUPPORT NYJAH 24/7.

  • joseph Says:

    dude! ill support it! Nyjah would be one heck of a buissiness man at a young age, but i would so support him. GO Nyjah!!!!!

  • Skyler Says:

    Good Move NyJah
    Its about time kids show they can carry there own weight plus u got ur dad and brother right by ur side to help ur desicion making
    Just Be Creative Call it something that represents ur style of skating and what comes to mind when u skate



  • elementYEAHRIGHT Says:

    good,, elemenst ruins people. its nice to see that the good element riders are leaving.

  • Colton finnigan Says:

    Nice Nyjah im glad to see that your doing something good
    i am totally going to support you if you do it
    it will be the only board ill use
    right now all i use is P.A a skate team my friend is on
    but still do what you can do and show them kids still know how to roll…… :) ))


    AKA. D-A-R

  • Brendon Keler Says:

    i think it woud be awesome for hime to sart his own company. and i will try so hard to get sponsored by hime. he is my favorite skater

  • EMAN Says:

    i say he goes to organika :D

  • eric iradukunada Says:

    wow nice for him its about time element was trieting him like shit he dint even have his on board and his like one of there best skaters but before i read this i was hiring from some ppl that he was getting on plan b

  • eriell Says:

    nyjah i think that your company will do great and i will try my best to get sponsored by you. you are the best and my role model in skateboarding.

  • theberzh Says:

    Good thing that he left element its one of the lamest brands out there, i dont really like Nyjah, but he should make his own brand.

  • Planb-Sheckler Says:

    Dude do you know how sick it will be for him to make his own company, that will be a radical change in the skateboard community, id definatly buy

  • Pat Says:

    apparently Nyjah’s on a company called I&I skateboards. Saw this through the MMC website so I’m assuming it’s a credible source. I don’t know anything about them though.

    Nyjah Huston
    Davis, CA USA
    Sponsors: I & I Skateboards, Es, Silver Trucks, FKD Bearings, Sambazon
    Age: 14

  • James Davies Says:

    yo eddie b goodluck with that i hope you do get sponsored bye him i wouldnt mind being sponsored by him

  • James Davies Says:

    Nyjah good luck mate hope it works out for you peace

  • reynerio torres Says:

    nyjah nigga im ur own kind, u should be like element aint none but shit

  • Daniel Amaya Says:

    dude im going to try to get sponsered by him nyjah roks

  • elishah hicks Says:

    i knw his new company is called i&i skatebaords and it looks like its goin to be hella sick. i think he made a good choice and he should do his thing regardless. element been treatin him lyk shit and he was one of the best skaters on the team especially since he was like the youngest

  • brett w Says:

    nyjah named the company i&i

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