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Quiksilvers Young Guns 3: Movie A+, Online Marketing Big Fat “F”

I haven’t watched Quiksilvers financials, but I bet the new team of riders that make up the Young Guns are a big part of their coming back to a Core image. Whether they were ever loosing money or not I don’t know but it seems that Quiksilver is coming back as a brand for Surfers as opposed to a brand for barneys from Ohio that have never seen a beach. Their riders are some of the best in the world, and I am not just talking about Kelly Slater. Dane Reynolds, Clay Marzo, and Ry Craike have been laying down some of the sickest sections in the latest videos. Young Guns 3 is no exception.

Check out the Trailer:

As always when seeing press releases on new products or events for Action Sports companies I am interested in the Online Marketing Campaign. While Young Guns 3 the movie may get an A+ the online marketing promo gets a big fat whopping F-.If you type in Young Guns 3 in Google Quiksilver doesn’t even rank on the first page. Now if you are Quiksilver and you spend hundreds of thousands if not a couple million on creating one of the sickest videos of the summer, don’t you think you would want to own that traffic?There is a site www.youngguns3.com, it is a site that has been up a while and was used as a viral campaign over the last year to get followers to vote on videos of pros and eventually choose who was to star in the new movie. It doesn’t look like it got a ton of traction, honestly it was the first I had heard of it and only because I did the search. BUT and a big BUT at that it still isn’t number one for the Google search. Quiksilver also posted 10 videos on YouTube that were labeled as Pre-Films with clips from the making and some seriously long sick surfing sections from the riders. Most were only getting about 2k views with some with about 10k. Now the surfing industry may not be entirely adapted to online media, but I would expect more views than that. It isn’t very hard to get videos to get over the 100k mark on YouTube. They didn’t even post the videos on their site, and I would think that would bring some serious views and traffic.Also if they would of laid out the Titles and Descriptions right for those videos and then linked to their urls, they would probably have one or two of them ranking in the top ten of Google for both Quiksilver and Young Guns 3. But I guess they wanted no one to see it?Once again a major player in the Action Sports industry falls very short when trying to market online. Can’t somebody get this right?


Posted by on Friday, July 27th, 2007 in Surfing.

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4 Responses to “Quiksilvers Young Guns 3: Movie A+, Online Marketing Big Fat “F””

  • ryder Says:

    i respect what you’re doing, but if you want to call yourself a profiler of the Action Sport industry, you should start by spelling company names correctly and doing some spell check/copy edit before you post… doesn’t do any good to give brands “F”s when you use poor grammar doing it. it makes us all look like amateurs.

  • John Says:

    You may not have been able to find anything in google because you spelled Quiksilver incorrectly. Spell check is important if you want to report and criticize a brand.

  • Chris Says:

    HA! I will be the first to Admit that the Big Fat F goes straight to me on that. I rushed it and ran a spell check at the end and didn’t even flinch on the fact that it added the ‘C’ back in. Also im upgrading their rating from an F to a b- because they are now starting to rank. They still aren’t number one, which is still totally unacceptable, but they are showing up. (also for anyone checking rankings make sure you aren’t logged into a gmail account at the same time, cause that triggers personal search and if you have clicked on the video or been to Quiksilver in the past it will rank higher then it does in the unfiltered Google results.

    However, I would much rather be their marketer right now, then a guy who let One of the largest and oldest brands in Action Sports History go misspelled on his blog.

  • lawless Says:

    The mis-spelling brings up a relevant point though, with a name that deviates from standard spelling, as a brand you need to take into account that people are going to mis-spell your name and need to use keywords with the mis-spellings as well. Spammers have been on to this since day one and alot of people make a living on Ebay because of mis-spelled product names. If you go to quicksilver.com, it’s a software company. I’m willing to bet they see some pretty high traffic rates on their home page.

    It’s easy to criticize though and point out where people got it wrong, but on the flip side, which Action Sports companies would you say have gotten online marketing right? This isn’t meant as a snide comment, but rather an honest, objective question. I’d be interested in seeing how companies have gotten it right to use as a positive model.

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