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Quiksilver’s Diamond Dobby: Who Wears Short Shorts?

After lining up the opportunity to meet with one of the truest watermen throughout surfing today in Mark Healey, our fine friends at Quiksilver generously sent me a new pair of boardshorts made with Diamond Dobby technology. No expectations were ever mentioned, in my view it was just a kind gesture and an opportunity to show off a product that Quiksilver is obviously very proud of. And who doesn’t love a pair of new boardies?

quiksilver diamond dobby

To be honest, when Quik first mentioned they were sending them, I had no clue what they meant by Diamond Dobby and more than anything was just stoked to be receiving free goods. Once I tore those bad boys out of the box, however, I quickly put two and two together. The material that Quiksilver made with the Diamond Dobby technology is pretty smooth….almost silky smooth. The insides of the shorts have this crazy diamond-patterned lining that keeps the shorts away from your legs. This is crucial for enduring long sessions in the water without ending up painfully chaffed…and nobody I know is a fan of said chaffing. The stretch factor of the shorts reminds me a lot of the Hurley Phantoms. The quik-dryability of the Dobby’s is also a huge plus to factor in when checking them out.

The Flip Side:

I only saw two issues that could be of concern for anyone sussing out the Diamond Dobby trunks. First, the standard price for the boardies coming out with Diamond Dobby Technology is sitting right around $60. They’re one hell of a pair of boardshorts, but in my opinion the overall price of boardshorts is out of hand and my cheap ass isn’t really one to consistently drop that type of money on boardies…even more so with this disatster of an economic crisis we currently find ourselves in. However if you’re spending hours upon hours in the water, having a material like this surrounding your goods is highly recommended. Secondly, and this is as much attributed to my scrawny bird-legs as anything else, the Tunnel Vision’s with Dobby Technology that Quiksilver sent over are pretty dang short. Now I realize they make these in regular lengths too and I’m not sure why they choose to send me the retro shorties, but they kind of give an old school feel to the shorts. On the flip side, they easily keeps them from grabbing at your knees. I personally wouldn’t have minded another 2-3 inches of material, but I guess as is the case with any pair of boardshorts, it all boils down to personal taste and usability.


Posted by Shaun on Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 in Brands.

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6 Responses to “Quiksilver’s Diamond Dobby: Who Wears Short Shorts?”

  • hoon Says:

    dang. no rash would be nice. but $60? do they come with a gps?

  • Maurice Says:

    What’s the big deal with $60 on boardies? You guys are damn lucky with those prices!
    In Europe we pay around €80 for a pair of boardshorts. Yep, euro’s!

  • Nod Narb Says:

    Did this post really just come from the same guy that a week or so ago wrote, “It’s quite simple really- $55-$90 for boardshorts from leading brands that fill up the majority of retail stores….or $12.99-$25 for boardies from outlet stores that serve the exact same purpose.”

    You completely gloss over the price in this post… Yeah you mentioned it, but that was weak.

    Sad, that you were sold after one pair of trunks and it’s on display for everyone to watch.

  • Shaun Says:

    Hmmm…solid point. I guess the fact that they were given to me and I didn’t have to actually feel the pain of dropping $60 on ‘em might have something to do with my slightly softened stance on over-priced boardies. I do think the Dobby’s are one of the few pairs of trunks that even come close to justifying such a hefty price.

    As far as it being “sad”…meh…I wouldn’t say the opinion of some idiot surfer(me) on boardies is something to get emotional about:)


  • mike Says:

    love the feel, not keen on day glo

  • bly Says:

    pretty sick trunks, but 60 bucks isint that much. stop complaning about how short they are too, who cares of they can see youre legs

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