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Reverse Camber: Is it Cheating?

For the last two years reverse camber and rocker have been gaining momentum with being the next wave of advancements for snowboarding. Even in rough economic times people are swarming to get boards with this tech in it. While most people are open to change there are still some that do not embrace it, they even go so far as to discredit it. But is something that makes snowboarding easier really cheating?

reverse camber

Anti-Camber (as some call it) has made the theory of owning a quiver of boards obsolete as you can now truly have a board that excels across the wide spectrum of snowboarding. From parks to powder the benefits are endless. With not having to load and unload the boards camber riders are finding that pressing, popping, buttering, and general riding are easier. Taking into account that the average rider only gets between 7 and 15 days on snow this makes for a more enjoyable time for them.

Does that make it cheating? By some peoples standards that could be considered cheating. Although if you look at the advancements over the last 25 years in boards, boots, bindings, and outerwear that too could be considered cheating. Snowboarding has always been touted as a progressive sport and this advancement in camber theories is no less progressive.

This also poses the question of is it the board or the rider? Looking for an answer to this question I asked Darren Reithmiller, lead for Breckenridge Ski Resort park crew his thoughts;

“To me, snowboarding has always been about the rider, not what you’re on. From the days of step-ins, the number of contact points on your sidewall to reverse camber, it comes down to the level of the rider. A good rider is going to excel on a reverse cambered board. Someone who is average, is going to be stay average unless he or she is pushed.

Reverse camber, however, is one idea that is going to benefit everyone. It’s not pressing for dummies by any means. With my experience with the Evo-R, my overall riding experience has been transformed. Start the morning off with pow runs then finish with park laps, it’s my do-everything.

It might not be for everyone, but certainly needs a try from the 100+ day rider to the weekend warriors.”

This sticks to the theory that a good rider could ride anything to get down a mountain and anti-camber only gives added benefits.

Ultimately the best way to decide if it’s cheating is to get out there and see for yourself. There’s an option now for every style of rider on the planet.

Posted by Avran on Thursday, March 26th, 2009 in Snow.

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4 Responses to “Reverse Camber: Is it Cheating?”

  • hoon Says:

    As JG said, “it makes us lazy”

  • drexnefex Says:

    reverse camber was the future two years ago. get wif it.

  • RockOutWithCockOut Says:

    wow – do you consider parabolic shape, sidewall and/or wax cheating?

  • dc Says:

    No way. I’m not on a rocker yet and haven’t tried it out, but I would never consider it cheating. Progress is progress and it’ll allow those leading the way to push the sport even further. Ridiculous notion, might as well have stuck with the snurfer.

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