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Rob Dyrdek Twitter Interview: Win a Pair of DC Shoes

We’re pretty stoked about this: We’re going to be interviewing Rob Dyrdek live over Twitter. We’ll be asking all the questions on Twitter and Rob will be answering the same way. For those of you familiar with Twitter, you know that messages are limited to 140 characters. This provides a unique challenge being that each question asked by us will be limited to 140 characters and all answers by Rob will also be limited to 140 characters.

To our knowledge, we’ll be the first ones to conduct an interview live over Twitter like this. At least we’ve never seen it done. If you have, let us know and we’ll retract that statement. We’re trying to be innovative and cutting edge and all that schnaz.

Here’s the thing though; we don’t want to be the only ones asking the questions. We want you to have some fun too and help ask some of the questions. And to make it even more interesting, DC has graciously offered to throw in a free pair of shoes to the person who comes up with the best question, which will chosen by Rob.

So submit your questions below in the comments and we’ll narrow it down and use them the best in the interview. Remember though, each question is limited to 140 characters, so if you submit one longer, we won’t be able to use it.

Update: The interview will be going down on Thursday, May 28th in the evening. We’ll give you the exact time at a later date. Monday is the last day to submit your questions for a chance to win the DC shoes. There is no limit on the amount of questions you can submit.

Make sure you follow both 5ones and Rob Dyrdek on Twitter so you can see this go down.

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Posted by Cameron on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 in Skateboarding. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

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36 Responses to “Rob Dyrdek Twitter Interview: Win a Pair of DC Shoes”

  • luke Says:

    Interviews on Twitter. did one a while ago, which we coined the term Twinterview

  • Cameron Says:

    Luke – Word! can you show us the links? Would love to check it out.

  • Belinda Says:

    what is the one thing you feel has gotten you to where you are today and kept you moving forward?

  • Dan Says:

    How much do you miss Mini Horse and Big Black?

  • geekygirl602 Says:

    So Rob,do you have a secret for getting pet crap out of carpet? You must!

  • Senior Says:

    Cameron, When does this twitterview go down???

  • Alex Says:

    Here’s a question: Hey Dyrdek, are you so desperate to promote your new film that you’re doing interviews with amateur hacks who run a site very few people check out?

  • Chris Says:


    Sorry that is 147 characters we won’t be able to ask that one. :)

  • Shaun Says:

    Ooooooohhhhhh….Alex with the burn!! Sorry though bru, you can’t with the kicks with that one. Gotta be 140 characters or less my friend. Good try though, stay positive!

  • Douggie Says:

    Is this the same Alex that regulates 15th street in Del Mar and hangs out at Yogi’s by himself

  • Renny Says:

    Alex… one of the very few people who checks out 5ones

  • IVY Says:


  • Ray G. Says:

    wat got u into skating and how has it changed your life???

  • ohiogirl Says:

    Coming out of a small town in ohio, do you ever miss it?

  • Alejandra Bailon Says:

    Rob What Is The Craziest Thing A Fan Has Aks You To Do?

  • Cameron Says:

    FYI — The interview will be going down live next Thurs evening. Monday is last day to submit questions for a chance to win the DC shoes.

    A few people have asked if there is a limit on how many questions you can ask? Nope, there is no limit. Submit as many as you’d like.

  • Belinda Says:

    Your parents seem so down to earth-how do they deal with people calling their house or stopping by unannounced to ask things about you.

  • Belinda Says:

    How annoying is it when fans/people constantly ask you about Big Black?-which is in the past and over with.(I know they’re your fans but be honest!!)

  • CupidKatastrophe Says:

    what was the hardest trick you have ever attempted/ done?

  • Bryan Elliot Says:

    I’d like to know who gave Rob his first real big break. And how is Rob paying it forward?

  • Wayne Sleight Says:

    1.) On your show you always give away sweet presents from an Tahoe to a dusty gorilla. What’s the most awesome present you’ve ever received?

    2.) You say you don’t want “dirty girls” & need a good girl. What are your plans on getting the “good girl” of your dreams?

    3.) Has Drama ever gotten you back from all the pranks you pull on him? And if so what’s the best he’s ever pulled on you?

    4.) Before you had Big Black to tackle the security guards, what was your funniest or craziest run in with the cops?

    5.) If you didn’t skate what would be your fantasy job?

    6.) If you had to go gay to save the world, who would you want your lover to be?

  • Adam Says:

    Why do cops get so mad when we skate? I dont really skateboard but I ride bikes. If they dont want us to ride in the streets mabye they should build us a good park. What is your view on this topic?

  • Alejandra Bailon Says:

    Rob is there a dream or a goal that you have yet to achieve?

  • Alejandra Bailon Says:

    1.)Rob when you where a teenager did you ever get arrested by cops for skateboarding in places you wherent suppose to?

    2.)Rob some parents don’t like there kids to get into the skateboarding world, what did your parents thought about you in becoming one? and what advice do you give the parents to support there kids?

  • terri Says:

    Rob will you follow me on twitter?

  • Terri Says:

    How can I be different from ALL your other fans, and get your attention? Tell me what I need to do?

  • Terri Says:

    If I do win the shoes, do they come in size 13 kids? My daughter loves DC shoes :)

  • Terri Says:

    Wanta go drink a beer?

  • Terri Says:

    I want to meet you. You know what it’s like to be from a small town BORING! Is there any chance of this happening? I’m happily married so nuttin like that. lol I just think your AWESOME! and lookin for new peeps. Don’t act all high and mighty lol SO… check me out?

  • Terri Says:

    Where do you come up with everything? Timmy? lol

  • Terri Says:

    Your mom and dad crack me up! How are they?

  • Christopher Donaldson Says:

    Rob, are you and Big Black still friends?

  • terri Says:

    Is there any girl pro skaters out there?

  • cammmablammm Says:

    if you woke up tomorrow as a banna what would be your first reaction?

  • Snoop Bloggy Blog Says:

    What’s the name of the new racehorse you just purchased?

  • Wayne Sleight Says:

    1. Vermont recently became the 4th state to legalize same-sex marriage, do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not. (joke)

    2. What inspired you make your movie Street Dreams?

    3. What is it that you want people to go home with after watching Street Dreams?

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