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Komunity Project Adds Roy Powers To Already Stacked Team

roy powersI’m not sure if anyone has noticed….But Komunity Project is quietly putting together one of the most deeply talented teams in all of surfing. They just added another ASP Top 45 surfer, Kauai’s Roy Powers, to their list of rock-star surfers and this only bodes well for the continuing growth and exposure of Komunity Project. Adding Powers to a line-up that already includes two of the best young surfers in the world in Jeremy Flores and Dane Reynolds ensures KP with plenty of arsenal for years to come.

If there were ever any doubt that Kelly Slater’s brilliance, innovation, and fluidity in the water would transfer over to his business sense, he is quickly putting that to rest. I’ve watched this company closely over the past several months and have come away impressed with everything Komunity Project is about. Their product designs on their traction pads, leashes, and surf bags are distinct and easily recognizable. This was has been especially evident while watching Kelly on the way to wins in the first two events of the 2008 WCT. Dane, Jeremy, Roy, the Gudauskas brothers, and many more of surfings young stars will continue to put Komunity all over the map and surf-shops everywhere will be flooded with grommets wanting to use the same equipment they see their idols ride.

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Posted by Shaun on Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 in Brands, Surfing.

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8 Responses to “Komunity Project Adds Roy Powers To Already Stacked Team”

  • BStar Says:

    I don’t understand what Kelly Slater being on the Komunity team has to do with his ‘business sense’. Are you trying to say you think it was a good team for him to be a part of?

  • Shaun Says:

    Kelly owns and is actively involved in Komunity Project as a whole.

  • Niegà Says:

    The question is: would Kommunity be so…”perfect” without the support of Quiksilver??


  • BStar Says:

    Thank you Shaun, I had no idea he owned the company. Makes sense now.

  • Storkelson Says:

    Neiga, you really don’t like slater do you???? I always see your comments hating on him. Can’t you just once aknolwedge that he surfs like the dickens??? Despite your personal feelings for him. Komunity makes cool stuff regardless of quik. I always liked their stuff when I saw it shops before I even knew Kelly or quik had anything to do with it.

  • Niegà Says:

    You are right, i don’t particularly fancy what he’s done for the sport, although he is a great surfer.

    But AFAIK this post is not about Slater and i didn’t say anything good or bad about him. This is rather about Kommunity, an accesory brand which endorses great surfers… that i’m not so sure it would be able to do without the help of Quiksilver.

    My 2 cents…


  • Storkelson Says:

    What exactly do you mean???? How has quik helped them so much??? The only thing I can think of is that they held the trials at the Quik Pro!!

  • Niegà Says:

    There was an article/interview a few issues back in TWbiz. The brand was born from Quik and with their financial backing. If they also share the sales force, mkt people, logistics, production contacts etc or not i’m not sure. Here in Europe, Kommunity & Quik are one and the same… and most people believe Kommunity is a brand from quik (smthing i’m not sure about 100%). If you think about it, Roy Powers is the first surfer sponsored by Kommunity not sponosred by Quik.

    I’m not saying all this is good or bad. I’m just saying that an accssories company doesn’t make much money on its own, and to have the kind of money you need in order to sponsor these athletes and make such nice products… well it’s not easy if you don’t have some financial backing and contacts.

    And that was the point i was making initially (and that made you so mad): would Kommunity be able to do all that without the financial support/part ownership/etc from Quik??


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