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Season’s Over, Summer’s here. Get your groove on!

So right now, you’re probably crying in your beer (or soda) because the snowboard season is over. You’re scraping up every penny and contemplating hitting up Grandma to see if you can scrounge enough cash to go to High Cascades or if you are Mister Moneybags, a jaunt to Snow Park NZ. For the rest of you suckers (and I’m with ya), here are a few tips and ideas to get you through another blazing summer.


This is a no brainer. You live near concrete right? Get a board and get out there. The total cost to get preserve the stoke is about $50-$100. If you’re at all accident-prone, consider a helmet. Most snowboard helmet companies have helmets like the RED Trace, which do double duty in winter and summer. Need to road trip somewhere? Check out Burnside or Philly. Pretend your Dyrdek or Sheckler. It can’t hurt.


It’s ok to admit to your friends that you wakeboard. It’s now totally acceptable to spend your summers towed behind a boat on something that looks like a cross between a waterski and a 2×4. And it’s pretty fun, once you get the hang of it. If you’re in the Inland Empire or in the Midwest, it’s cool. I know you gotta get your fix. Most major surf/snow brands like Quiksilver are full supporters of wakeboarding. There’s even videos like Billabong’s Out of the Pond that will give you the proper 411 on wake.

Longboard skateboarding

So you suck at ollieing. You can’t kickflip to save your life. Dude, I’m there too. Go longboarding. Embrace your soul surfer-self. Chicks dig it, and it’ll help your carving and balance. The OG of longboard skateboarding is Sector 9. Check them out for some sustainable, eco-friendly love and go find the biggest hill to “surf down”, barefoot.


If you’re blessed to live near the ocean, you owe it to yourself to learn to surf. Surfing connects you to nature unlike any lift-based sport can. If you’ve in water temps above 70, check out Quiksilver’s new Diamond Dobby tech. Less rash means more waves, and no awkward conversations with the ladies. If you gotta put the rubber condom on, get the best 3/2 wetsuit that you can. 3/2 stands for 3mm thickness on the core and 2mm thickness on the limbs. It’s money well spent. For your first board, check Craigslist (not under exotic massage) or your local messageboard. Feel the waves, brah.

Downhill mountain biking

Ski resorts have started to wake up. When the snow melts, you need to have something for the people and a secure, stable revenue stream. You have lifts, you have trails, it’s only natural to have dirtbags screaming down those hills on bikes that look like mx bikes without engines. If you haven’t tried, you gotta give it a run. The features will make you feel like your in your favorite terrain park, but you’ll be peeing your pants. Most spots rent bikes, full face helmets and body protection. Sure you’ll feel like Darth Vader’s little cousin in all that protection, but it’ll save you in the long run. Pro-tec’s has got everything you need to not break your spleen on a wall ride. Head to Whistler, Winter Park, or Highland to check it out.


Do you walk sideways? Do you eat sideways? Do you sleep sideways? If you can’t stand to be moving in a non-sideways fashion, free/dirtbording might be right for you. It’s sorta like skating, sorta like DH biking in the dirt, sorta like snowboarding and has straps like wake. It’s pretty hard to explain, but the nice thing is that you can choose either street or dirt.

Oh, sure you can play snowboard games on the Xbox360, but the above are a lot more fun and have the potential to get you hurt in a big way: bonus. And before you know it, it’ll be winter again.

Posted by Hoon on Monday, April 27th, 2009 in Snow.

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3 Responses to “Season’s Over, Summer’s here. Get your groove on!”

  • Justin Says:

    “3/2 stands for 3.2mm thickness.”
    I think it means 3mm thick on the body and 2mm on the limbs.

  • Hoon Says:

    Oops. Typo. Thanks for the eagle eyes and for reading! 3/2 does stand for 3mm on the core and 2mm on the limbs. You nailed it.

  • drexnefex Says:

    i wish i could wear a 3/2….jealous.

    way to put Wakeboarding at #2!

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