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Seth Cravens Gets 20 to Life for Death of Emery Kauanui

Seth Cravens was sentenced to 20 years to Life in prison today for second-degree murder of pro surfer, Emery Kaunanui. The incident took place almost two-years ago, on May 24, 2007, following a scuffle at the La Jolla Brew House after Emery spilled his drink on one of Craven’s friends. Although several in the know say the fight may have actually stemmed from an earlier altercation that took place over localism issues at nearby Windansea.

Craven and three of his friends followed Emery home after being kicked out of the bar. After losing a fight to Eric House, Emery was then punched in the jaw by Craven and knocked to the ground, crushing his skull. He died four days later in the hospital.

A 23-year-old man who punched a professional surfer once in the head during a fight in La Jolla, resulting in his death four days later, was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison Monday in a downtown courtroom.

Cravens was a part of a group that call themselves the ‘Bird Rock Bandits’ which has been known to be territorial and violent for years. This time, things went way too far resulting in the life of another human being. There is no excuse for that. Justice has been served as best as possible, I suppose, since no amount of jail time will replace the life of another.

…. One Love!

[Source: 10news.com]

Posted by Cameron on Monday, February 2nd, 2009 in Surfing.

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45 Responses to “Seth Cravens Gets 20 to Life for Death of Emery Kauanui”

  • Biff Says:

    I hope Seth enjoys 20+ years of butt darts.

  • JusticeServed Says:

    Justice will be served right up that punk Cravens’ fat a_ _ for the next 20 years! He took the advice of his parents to not take the plea deal and now look at him. With parents who are convicted thieves and liars it’s no wonder why Seth turned out the way he did. They are so arrogant and think they are above the law. His parents have a lot to do with the way he turned out. Partial blame to Seth and the rest of the blame on his parents heads forever! The wanna be rich and upper class Cravens have finally got what they deserved. What a disgrace to the whole Cravens family. The whole world now knows that the Cravens family are convicted thieves and murderers. How shameful and embarrassing for the Cravens family, but with a patriarch like Dad Cravens teaching his famliy through his bad examples and with a wife who backs him up, it really is no surprise that your family has turned out the way it has. Hopefully, you Cravens have been humbled now and will walk with humility. If this does not humble the Cravens family then nothing will. Seth showed no real sincere remorse in his apology in court today. He is so phony just like his parents the wannabe La Jolla high society. Question for Dad Cravens…Was it really worth ripping off millions of dollars from thousands of innocent people so you, your wife and your family could live in upscale La Jolla? Your life has been lived in search for worldly gain and worldly praise. Well welcome to the world you’ve created for yourself and your family.

  • i knew this douchebag Says:

    i knew him through some friends in high school and its really no shock he did this. to say things just got a little out of hand and it was an accident is a completely false statement, this guy was a trouble maker and didnt give a damn who knew it, i remember seeing him at a party once and while he was talking to me a guy with a good looking girlfriend walked past and seth for no reason says to the guy “i f***** your b**** homie” so dont let the defense attorney make him sound like a nice person he was far from it, it was only a matter of time before this happened. and hey i dont feel bad for the guy, not one bit, doesnt matter whether your family makes millions or is on welfare, if ur constantly out looking for trouble and you murder someone as a result you should be behind bars. justice was served and seth is hopefully bleeding from the anus right about now which is karma for all the b.s. he started just to be a tough guy. hope you can hold your own in prison you rich kid from the mean streets of la jolla

  • lew wilson Says:

    Tonight on Dateline I watched Seth’s mother, ugly & leathery with wrinked skin, blank stupid eyes, too much booze & sun, defend her asshole son, totally in denial. Both parents should spend the same sentence in jail. They are clearly responsible for creating this monster.

  • Ryan Smith Says:

    Choo-Choo !

  • Bird Crap Bandit Says:

    This is the type of Sh*tbag that deserves to be be punked in prison..

  • Lisa Says:

    Seth is a d**k. Put him away for life. BYE BYE!!! LOL!!

  • Gary Says:

    I can’t imagine how Emery’s mother, girlfriend and all nx of kin could control themselves listening to the defense’s presentation. Seth was given every benefit of the doubt by the judge and jury and still managed to get what he deserved. Thank you one and all. My heart especially goes out to Emery’s girlfriend and mother. I hope and pray Seth’s fellow Bird Rock Bandits realize they rec’d an opportunity of a lifetime from the LaJolla prosecutors office.

  • Richard Kelly Says:

    With that many kids, I suspect this is a welfare family. Can anyone confirm this suspicion??

  • Trainman95630 Says:

    Saw Dateline last night. Loved all the pics of the BRBs with their stupid hand signals. Well Seth you wanted to be gangster – now you are in the big leagues – something tells me the real gangsters are going to school your La Jolla white bread a**

  • Peka Says:

    Seth got exactly what he deserved…and his attorney was a bully just like him. For her to present that Seth was acting in self defense was ridiculous. And to bark profanities at the prosecutor the way she did (and then later admit she was trying to get the prosecutor to hit her)shows what kind of woman she is. I’m so glad you lost Mary Ellen Attridge…your bullying tactics backfired on you this time…just like they will when Seth meets his match in jail!!!!! CHOO CHOO…looks like the runaway train known as Seth Cravens has finally made its’ last stop in state prison.

  • Lilly Says:

    20 years means at the most 10 or less.
    Nobody actually serves their time fully no matter what sentence you get. It gets cut way down.
    Now if he would of gotten 50 then that would mean 20 easily. But everyone is just assuming thats what the judge said so he’ll be serving that but thats not even close. It doesnt matter how many years you get in prison you dont really serve that time no one does.

  • joe Says:


    He got 20 years to life. I would say he serves 15 years at least.

    Lets see how fat he gets in prison. Seth never fought a fair fight in his life. And only cowards cry in the courtroom.

  • RCC Says:

    Please write to your representatives and demand truth in sentancing 20 years should mean 20 years!

  • Lilly Says:

    Seth was smirking when the judge said he cant hug his parents and girl and when he got sentenced he didnt have any emotion the other guys cried though. Seth had too much pride he didn’t.

    Does anyone know which prison in Ca hes going to or when hes going to start serving his time?

  • John P. Says:

    To answer Richard Kelly. This is not a welfare family, check this link out: http://archives.starbulletin.com/2001/06/02/news/story1.html

  • Josh Says:

    Come on guys. Emery was a twice convicted felon. He was a loser without a job who sucker punched a guy and got prison time for it. He was no victim.

  • joe Says:


    What do you want us to do – send Seth’s mother flowers?

    Seth was an unemployed loser who lived off his mommy and daddy’s money and hanging out in bars trying to act like a gangbanger – which he wasn’t man enough to live up to.

    Sure, Emery had his problems, but he was dealing with a bigger loser.

    You will get no sympathy for Seth here!

  • Gary Says:


    Could you please explain your knowledge about Emery’s history of felony conviction charges for all of us not in the know.

    Thank you all for sharing your continuing thoughts on this tragic LaJolla, Ca story. I am learning a great deal about the background of all because of you.


  • John P. Says:

    Gary, you can read here the story about emery’s problems with the law:http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-surfer15dec15,0,6085600.story?page=3&coll=la-home-center
    In case you get the whole story, click on page 3

  • Valerie ATT**** Says:

    Stop saying bad things about him if you dont know him thats just not right. Your bringing things up that have nothing to do with the trial or what happened. He went to trial of course their going to make him look bad its their job, they want him to look like an awful person to win the case they brought up things that happened years ago get over it.
    He was a great friend a good person and he was good in bed.

  • joe Says:

    Valarie, Who are you talking about the victim or Seth? You message could have applied to either – don’t forget the name!

  • Valerie ATT**** Says:

    I’m talking about Seth leave him alone if you dont know him.

  • joe Says:

    Valarie, He is a spoiled rich punk who cannot hang with a real gang. I would have loved to see the BRD’s up against a real gang – they would have been stomped into the beach.

    Seth deserves the sentence that he got.

  • Valerie ATT**** Says:

    who cares if he cant hang in a gang thats not why I’m saying hes a great guy. What does a gang have to do with any of this. He had charisma and was a good person. So did you know him or what?

  • joe Says:

    His record speaks for itself. Hitting a guy or gal and letting your gang of whimps stomp them is not charisma or a mature adult.

    And if the gang life wasn’t important to this group of punks then why did they tag and throw gang signs up for the audience. I did not see one in the group who could pass for having charisma or good looking for that fact. Besides, let us see how fat Seth gets while serving his time. There is no excuse for a 24 year old to be as out of shape as he was. No one should be fat at 24.

    Bird Flu Babies should be the name of their clique.

  • Chels Says:

    His sentencing was Jan 12 wasnt that a day before Seth’s Birthday.
    Because I think I remember it was.

    Does anyone know.

  • joe Says:

    Chels, I think you are correct because I think that it came up on Dateline.

  • Gary Says:

    John P…

    Thank you for that supplying me that specific link to that enlightening article from the LA Times. Writer’s Joel Sappell and John L. Jackson supplied me complete understanding of this story. The only thing missing is the end. I wonder if the LA times did a follow up story.

    Thank you John P…. I appreciate your thoughful guidance.

    On Valerie’s postings…

    Valerie, your awareness of Seth’s “inner self” seems misguided. The hard reality of Seth and pals on call “tough guy” lifestyle seems well documented. Your supportive words, although defensive in nature, are needed here in spite of the nasty remarks you have invited. Bravo for you for sticking up for a friend in the face of bad odds. I am sure that you have noticed that the fiance of the “Craigs list rapist and murderer” is still 100% supportive of her man. Denial is a powerful emotion to combat.

  • Valerie ATT**** Says:

    I loved his attitude and how he carried himself I’m not in denial I saw everything he did he got into fights ya he said what he wanted to people because he could and and to you it’s sooo horrible but to me it was just normal thats how people his age act but Ok I’ll be sure to tell him that when I go and visit him.

  • SueBee Says:

    Hey Valerie…perhaps you are as young as Seth. As you grow up I hope you learn that when people do bad things that makes them bad people. If you choose to associate yourself with men who are good in bed, you will never succeed in life. Seriously, this may be a good time for you to look in the mirror and decide who you want to be friends with. I’m not sticking up for either boy (and that’s all Seth is and all Emery was), I’m suggesting you learn a lesson from this as well. Base a person on the good they contribute to this world, not because they are mean to people because “they can be” or that they are a good lay.

  • joe Says:

    He said and did what he wanted because he was picking on people from the rough tough La Jolla Beach area. Had he acted that in my neighborhood, with real gangs, he would have had an attitude adjustment real fast. So the tough guy image was only good on the beach where he had no competition. That goes for the rest of his sissy friends too.

    I maintain a website, a study, of gangs in the U.S. and I am always looking for new material. The fact is, the Bird Rock Bandits will never get a listing on my website because they are not a real gang.

  • John P. Says:

    Denial is a powerful emotion.

  • Haley Says:

    Hey Valerie So your going to go see him please tell me which Ca prison hes in I just want to write to him I called the Ca gov. line and it says a whole bunch of things to do to find out but its confusing.

    Please tell me….

  • So Cal Says:

    Seth is the product of his parents Bill & Karen Cravens, who are obviously very screwed up in their heads. For his mother to go on Dateline and still maintain her son’s innocence is so pathetic! She makes me want to barf. The Cravens’ are making bigger and bigger fools of themselves to the whole world. What an absolute menace the Cravens’ family have been to society. With a father who is a convicted thief and felon, and a mother who lives in denial and justifies evil, it’s really surprise that Seth turned out to be an “Ugly and Hateful Monster”.
    BTW Valerie you’re obviously just as screwed up as Seth and his family.

  • So Cal Says:

    Seth is the product of his parents Bill & Karen Cravens, who are obviously very screwed up in their heads. For his mother to go on Dateline and still maintain her son’s innocence is so pathetic! She makes me want to barf. The Cravens’ are making bigger and bigger fools of themselves to the whole world. What an absolute menace the Cravens’ family have been to society. With a father who is a convicted thief and felon, and a mother who lives in denial and justifies evil, it’s really NO surprise that Seth turned out to be an “Ugly and Hateful Monster”.

    BTW Valerie you’re obviously just as screwed up as Seth and his family.

  • Seth Cravens Loser! Says:

    With parents like Seth Cravens it’s no surprise he turned out to be a murderer. He comes from a Mormon family, who’s father is a convicted felon and his mother is in deep denial, as well as the rest of the Cravens family. His father William Cravens was a leader in the Mormon church for many years, in fact their whole family are Mormons, but they are the most hypocritical and dishonest people I have ever met. The Cravens family are a bunch of phonies who think they are above the law. It’s really a crying shame that their evilness was not stopped before someone was senselessly murdered. I hope Emery’s mother wins the law suit against Seth’s parents. The Cravens family acquired their wealth by scamming thousands of innocent people out of their life savings. It would be total justice served if they were to lose their wealth that they illegally acquired. The Cravens family are a bunch of losers and good riddens to them all!!!

  • Kai Says:

    I understand that people find this situation devastating but to speak the way some of you are of the Cravens family is ridiculous. I do not know Seth or his parents personally but I do know some of the other children in the family very well. They are amazingly kind and generous people. They don’t deserve to have their family spoken about this way.

    From what I understand Seth was not a gang banger. He had a group of friends that had a name for themselves, not a gang. They didn’t have illegal ties or motives to violence. How many of us created names for a group of friends we grew up with?? Above “Joe” states that this isn’t a real gang and he would not publish about them… stop exaggerating this name.

    For most of you writing on this post you don’t know Seth, his parents, or Emery. They all made mistakes, got mixed up in things they shouldn’t have at one point or another. And for some of you to say Seth felt no remorse in court, be real here. You can’t tell by a look on someone’s face how they feel inside.

    As many of you said justice has been served, so leave it be. All of this talk causes more and more hurt to everyone involved.

  • Joe Says:

    “Above “Joe” states that this isn’t a real gang and he would not publish about them… stop exaggerating this name.”

    They tried awful hard to be a gang, so don’t tell me that it was just some childhood club. The only thing separating Seth from a real gang member was backbone.

  • John P. Says:

    Putting everyone in the same bag and labeling it as “They all made mistakes, got mixed up in things they shouldn’t have at one point or another” seems rather like a denial of the facts.

    The murder of Emery has been committed by Seth Cravens. Bill Cravens – the father – is guilty of a multi million dollar fraud. These are the facts. Apart from that Cravens might be a wonderful family. According to you. We must have different concepts of what constitutes “wonderful” people.

  • Joe Says:

    To be fair about it, I will say that the other 13 Craven kids might (probably) are wonderful people who went on with their lives and are successful. They cannot help the fact that their younger brother turned out to be a coward and punk with a gangster complex – which he could not live up to! That is the case in a nutshell. And I can tell you from personal experience (since I have forgot more about gangs than Seth ever knew) that inner city gangs hate suburb punk gangs like the Bird Rock Bandits. Suburban gangs like these are looked down upon and challenged if there paths ever cross.

    As you can see from the trial and Seth friends, Seth never won a fight on his own – ever. Besides, his crew only fought beach people who really are no competition. So for being a gang, the Bird Rock Bandits were never tested, and Seth has a rep for sucker punching people and letting his crew stomp them. That does not prove that Seth was a good fighter in anyway. As far as the guy who lost some of his hearing from a fight he had with Seth, who could not cause the same damage punching a guy pinned down in a car surrounded by his crew? Anyone could have done that! Seth proved nothing in that fight or any of his other fights.

    So the bottom line is: Seth does his time after proving absolutely nothing on the streets!

  • Lola Says:

    Yes–Seth deserved what he got thats all nice and everything but he didn’t really go over there to commit a murder he wanted to fight and beat a guy up which was wrong.
    And then someone on here is comparing Seth to the craig list murderer which is bizzarre That guy is a full blown psycho murderer who pre-meditated all his murders. Come on.
    When you punch someone in the face not that its ok but, you dont think oh, this guy could fall down on the cement and then I could be blamed for murder. No no one thinks that but I guess now you have to.
    Seth I’m sure didn’t want to go to jail so why would he commit murder out in the open it was a accidental murder but he should still get blamed for it but its just not really a typical murder just being honest.

  • joe Says:

    Lola, You are correct! No one can compare Seth to teh Craiglist murderer. I am sure that he never intended on killing the surfer, but he wasn’t a juvenile who did not know any better either. That was the incredibly stupid thing about this whole bird rock bandit thing, all involved were way to old to be acting like juveniles. You can expect stupid behavior from 15 year olds, but guys in theor 20s, and Seth was 22 at the time of the murder? Seth should do 20 years for stupidty alone.

    No, I am sure Seth never intended to kill the surfer, but at the same time, Seth and his friends should not be excused for their behavior. Like you or I, he should have received the sentence he received. 20 years is not to much of a sacrafice for the results of his actions.

  • John P. Says:

    So the whole point you think was that Seth didn’t want to go to jail?
    I guess it was an accidental thing, just like the murder he committed – all “by accident”.

  • Cravens the Menace...Murderer Says:

    Seth Cravens has been a menace to society for too many years. It was only a matter of time before he killed someone because he bragged about killing someone on his Myspace page. Someone like Seth Cravens, thinks it’s cool to hurt or kill innocent people. I’m sure he thought if he did murder someone it would be something he would be praised for and recognized for with his homeboys. He was all about seeking recognition like his phony parents, who stole millions of dollars from innocent people just so they could afford to live in “prestigious” La Jolla. Seth was shown very early on in his life, by his parents on how to get recognition from the world by hurting innocent people. Seth is a true product of his pathetic upbringing. His thinking and actions have finally gotten him 20 years to life in prison for murdering an innocent human being, who did not deserve to die! God will forgive you Seth, but I don’t know if the world will ever be ready to.

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