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Top 5 Skate Spots That Should be Resurrected

5. San Dieguito – This ten stair rail has seen the likes of Tom Penny and plenty of others throughout it’s life span. It was a perfect hallway rail that was featured in countless videos. Nowadays it can be seen hauled around by the dudes over at King Rails. Jeff King used it on an episode of “Built to Shred” as well. They pretty much got a hold of the rail after it was cut off and now use it for their demos and events. Sun Diego Boardshop has been seen renting the rail for various contests in the past. Thus, showing how perfect this rail truly was and still is. Unfortunately, this is one spot that we will never see resurrected in it’s original state. We will just have to settle for the transplant version of it.

4. Embarcadero – The “Gonz” gap is just one of the many famous spots bundled up inside Embarcadero. It’s mistakenly known as EMB by many. EMB is actually something else completely. Henry Sanchez, Mike Carroll, and various others are examples of skateboarders bred out of Embarcadero. This spot was best known and most recognizable by its brick ground and amazing ledge patterns. There were crazy ledge formations throughout the inside. Embarcadero is a legendary spot for sure.

3. Hubba Hideout – To skate Hubba Hideout was a true test of balls and courage. The ledge is HIGH! Anyone who thought they were going to roll up to a fun and regular sized ledge was automatically proven wrong. The authorities keep making this spot unskateable and until someone rolls up with an entire elite de-knob squad this spot will stay unskateable. But there is hope of course and I truly feel that there is still a lot of skate life left in the ledge. My mind is absolutely shaken when I watch dudes throw down what they do on that ledge. Eric Koston backside noseblunt? OMG!

2. Love Park – An entire natural public park filled with ledges, stairs, kickers, a few rails, benches, and countless other obstacles sounds like heaven. This spot should be on everyone’s “must skate before you die” list. Its super bumming how skateboarding has been banned from here. I grew up as a kid always wanting to skate here. To me it was the United States version of Barcelona’s spots. I felt it was the closest we could get. And since Philly isn’t as far it was much more exciting to think about. Not to mention I always wanted to see how big that Love fountain really was. Will we ever get back Love Park?

1. Leap of Faith – If someone could make the “Leap of Faith” skateable again I guarantee you we would have a successful land within a month. So many coverage hungry skateboarders out there would be hucking their carcasses off this monster of a drop. And you and me both would love to see someone pull it off. But alas, due to the elevator in the way and heavy chained gate blockers things don’t look to up for the “Leap of Faith”. The successor of the ollie would get a Magazine cover for sure. I would almost think it would be enough to be a one trick career startup for somebody. It feels like El Toro took all of the “Leap of Faiths” hype. But the El Toro itself is soon to be skate-proofed enough to join this list as well.

Posted by Ruben 'Studdard' Najera on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 in Skateboarding.

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