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Dusty Payne Claims Oakley Pro Junior Challenge in Bali (Video)

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

It had been more than eight years since Hawaii’s 19 yr. old surfing prodigy Dusty Payne last won an event. Although he’s finished near the top many times over this span, most recently with his 3rd place finish at the Oakley Pro Junior Challenge this past May at Trestles, the highly-touted Payne has been unable to find his way to the top of the podium. That streak came to an abrupt end today as Dusty surfed like a seasoned pro on his way to a huge victory at the Oakley Pro Junior Challenge in Bali. “I haven’t won an event in so many years,” said Payne. “It’s the best feeling in the world. That’s why I still compete.”

dusty payne oakley pro junior

Keramas was firing near 6-8 ft. surf for the final, and the chance to surf the flawless right was as equally rewarding for Payne as the $20,000 prize Payne will be taking back to Maui. “It’s the best contest I’ve ever surfed in,” said Payne,”It’s been my dream to surf a contest at Keramas. The waves were just so good, I’m so stoked with how it turned out.”

Almost as stoked with the results of the event was runner-up Marc Lacamore from France. Lacamore, a goofy-footer from Hossegor, jumped out to an early lead in the final but was unable to withstand Dusty’s methodical shredding at Keramas. Although he won’t be going home with the win, Lacamore was all smiles after the event and received $7,500 from Oakley for his efforts. “I’m really happy right now,” said Lacamore. “Although I didn’t win I still posted a really good result against the world’s best juniors. Dusty has been surfing amazingly all week, so to go up against him in the final was incredible.”
All of the boys put on quite a show in Bali and our hats are off to every one of them. Congratulations to Hawaii’s Dusty Payne on his impressive victory at the Oakley Pro Junior Challenge in Bali!

If you’ve yet to see just why it is Dusty Payne is turning heads with every wave he takes off on, take a look at this dirty little diddy from the Surfline Rising Stars series. The Nike 6.0/Volcom/Body Glove ripper is pure fire when he surfs!

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Snap-Shot of Surfing’s History: Noll, Velzy, and Body Glove

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

greg nollA closer look at the DNA that makes up the sport of surfing reveals an immensely deep heritage of revolutionary characters and time-periods. There have been countless pioneers throughout the days before us whose style and innovation have paved the way to make this modern era of surfing the wonder that it is.

One of the most crucial and vital time periods for surfing and its evolution came during the 1940’s on the beach cities of Los Angeles. I was recently given the privilege of sitting down to chat with a man by the name of Chuck L. Riley. I’m sure there are few, if any, of our readers that are in anyway familiar with his name. What made me so intrigued to sit and pick his brain was his growing-up and experiencing life as a teenager while in the midst of one of surfings great revolutions.

His description of the vibrant atmosphere that surrounded the communities of Manhattan, Hermosa, and Redondo Beaches during the mid-1940’s almost took me right there as he described what it was like to see the rise of such influential giants as Greg Noll, Dale Velzy, and Bob & Bill Meistrell right before his very eyes.

Here are some of my favorite excerpts of my conversation with Chuck L. Riley-

5ones – Chuck, thank you so much for your time, we really appreciate this. So tell us, what was it like growing up in those towns during the ’40s?

Chuck Riley – Oh God, it was incredible… Hermosa, Redondo, and Manhattan Beach were wonderful communities to grow-up in, especially during that time. Each city had phenomenal beaches to surf at and piers to fish from. Spring through Fall brought fabulous runs of Halibut, Barracuda, and Bonita and kept the piers packed with a melting pot of personalities. There were men like Jim Thorpe, Oscar Bessonette, and a young kid by the name of Greg Noll.

5’s – Greg Noll? Da Bull? What was he like at the time?

C.R. – This skinny little tow-head was one of the cutest kids to ever grace the Manhattan Beach Pier. He had a tremendous energy about him and was all over the place. All who knew him really enjoyed him. He was given the nickname ‘Termite’ and there was no indication at the time that he world one day be referred to as ‘Da Bull’ and go on to pioneer big-wave surfing. Bobby Meistrell loves to tell the story of his having to pull Greg out of the surf when he got in a little over his head one day. Who would have ever known this little rascal would go on to ride the worlds biggest waves someday and become one of surfings greatest legends?

5’s – Unreal!, ‘Da Bull’ used to be the ‘Termite’? Now you mentioned the Meistrells, they are the founders of Body Glove, correct?

C.R. – Correct! Bobby and (the late)Billy Meistrell were some of my closest high-school buddies. They are absolutely fantastic people. They were members of the great El Segundo swim teams that ended up compromising most of the 1952 Olympic Water-Polo team. The Meistrells were world-class skin divers. They developed “Dive & Surf”(which still runs today) and ultimately went on to create Body Glove.

5’s – The surfing scene in the 40’s…..What was that like? What were guys riding on?

C.R. – I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was 11 yrs. old on the south of Manhattan Beach Pier and a man by the name of Al Holland brought down some of the 1st hollow, plywood boards. There was a puka in back you had to plug so it would stay afloat and they were around 7ft. in length. They were surfed by all until Velzy began making his first balsa boards. Dale Velzy was a fine natural athlete himself, an excellent surfer, and all of the girls sure loved Dale. You want to talk about passion for what they did, those days the guys surfed 12 months out of the year wearing only trunks!

5’s – It really sounds like it was an incredible era to grow up in and experience?

C.R. – It was, it really was.

body glove

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