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Danny Way is Human Afterall: Video

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

danny way broken backThe header says it all. Danny Way broke two vertebrae in his back recently at the Oi Mega ramp contest in San Paulo, Brazil. According to sources, it has been said that he will be out for the next six months. Wow! Six months of no Danny Way?

It’s going to be strange, not only that but the fact that he actually got hurt to a point where he cant skate for a while. I mean, the dude is indestructible. How many gnarly falls have we seen him take only to watch him get right back up and walk away as if nothing happened. Remember that gnarly X-Games mega ramp slam where he bounced off the coping like a rag doll? Danny ended up going back to the top and trying it again that same day.

If you watch the recent video of his injury slam you will see that it actually doesn’t even look that bad. But with enough force aimed at the right spot, a lot can go wrong. Hope you get better soon Danny! We will miss seeing you defy the impossible and unthinkable.

This also brings me to a quick side note. Have any of you seen the latest skateboarding part of his in the “Superfuture” promo? You have to see it. He does Bob Burnquist’s final trick from the Oakley video and throws it down like within the first 5 tricks of his part. On top of that, wait till you see him 360 flip manual on some manual pad from the mega ramp going like a zillion miles per hour. It’s ridiculous, your jaw will literally be dropped and make you feel like there is no hope of any of us ever attempting to become as good as he is on the mega ramp.

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X-Games Madness

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Ryan Sheckler X Games

I’m pretty sure all of you have been keeping up with what’s going down at X-Games 14 this year. PLG took first place in Vert and basically another monster win aside from his recent Maloof Money Cup victory. Ryan Sheckler took 1st in the street competition and Bob Burnquist took 1st place in the Big Air or “suicide ramp” as I like to call it. And of course, Rune Glifberg super park 1st place victory, in what was is his first X-Games gold medal ever! Super stoked for him and big ups to all the X-Games competitors.

One image sticks out in my head of all the X-Game highlights you could possibly gather. Danny Way and his epic flip slam during his run in the big air competition. Holy sh*t! Seriously watch his slam in the video below if you haven’t seen it, you’ll know why I call the Big Air ramp the “suicide ramp.” The dude cheated becoming a vegetable by like a few inches, no joke. He hits his shin on the ramp and somehow propels and does a full flip to the bottom. I thought he was out for sure and then he comes back and blows our minds just moments later. I have said it once and ill say it again, Danny Way is a maniac on wheels, the dude comes right back and pulls off a gnarly line.

Jake Brown, despite last year’s painful near death experience, comes back like nothing happened. The whole contest was epic. The level of skateboarding at this year’s X-Games was turned up a huge notch. I do have to admit though aside from the big air competition the crowds at the games seemed a lot mellower viewing the skateboarding events than in past X-Games events.

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Danny Way and the Luxor

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

danny wayLegendary professional Skateboarder Danny Way is said to be plotting a stunt down the Luxor hotel and casino in Las Vegas, NV. There are currently negotiations going around before the stunt will take place but we all know they will sort that out and we’ll be hearing official news on this in no time.

Danny Way is no joke when it comes to the gnarliest eye catching stunts capable on a skateboard. The man has jumped the great wall of china for goodness sake. And I don’t doubt Danny for a second on this next stunt, as a matter of fact I feel almost 100% that he will pull it off successfully.

Danny is planning to ride down the side of the Luxor hotel’s pyramid into a mega ramp that will launch him over the Sphinx statue. How awesome is that? I seriously would be stoked to see this go down in person. I have stayed in the Luxor before when I was younger and I have always looked at it in a magical skateboarding way. Not really thinking it would be possible but more in terms of how rad that would be to do. It’s insane that years later someone is actually going to pull something like that off. The whole stunt sounds like something straight out of a video game. Dropping down a pyramid flying over a sphinx? No matter how many times I say that it still doesn’t sink in as normal. And by the way did anyone see Danny Ways latest cover on Transworld Skateboarding August 2008 issue? One word, WOW! 360 flip across the mega ramp no hands just straight up perfect catch. Its tricks like this that I don’t doubt for a second that he will miss making the jump over the sphinx. Danny Way is a maniac on a skateboard. He can do just about everything he sets his mind to. Where there is a will there is a WAY!!!

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