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Koston and the Swoosh

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

So by now the entire world finally knows who Eric Koston has chosen to keep his feet covered with. Is it that much of a shocker though? And despite all of the hate that I am sure the man is getting, what would YOU have done? Would you turn down 1.5 million dollars? Would you even turn down $500,000 ?

The truth is at the end of the day, no matter what Koston decided to do he chose what he felt would be the most beneficial for him in this one-life he has here on earth. He’s still an amazing skateboarder no matter where he ended up. If anything, I would say Koston’s a smart man. I mean, to begin with he is one of the older dudes still throwing down. He has put so much effort and memories into the skateboarding industry that he deserves something big like this. And should we even question a pro shoe coming out? I bet there is already one complete and ready to ship as we speak.

Koston said it himself that when it came to shoe design, a lot of his previous kicks were modeled after Nike shoes. I am sure Koston will probably have the better looking Pro Nike shoe of them all.

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Eric Koston Leaves Lakai

Monday, April 13th, 2009

eric koston lakaiOne of the most unpredictable announcements of the New Year! It is quite a shocker to hear Eric Koston has bounced from the Lakai camp. And in no way is this an April Fool’s joke.

Lakai has posted a pretty hilarious “press release” video about his leaving. You can tell that it’s under no harsh terms due to the fact that Koston would even participate in a good hearted humorous press release with his homies over at Lakai. I’m sure he has something preset and planned as to what’s next. Perhaps his own shoe brand launched out of the Crailtap network? I would think so! If not that, then maybe he will join his long time friend Tim Gavin at DVS shoes. All of these are possibilities but Koston has always made power moves.

I don’t really think he would leave for something as corporate as Nike or Adidas. I mean he easily could but I don’t think that’s his style. Froston footwear perhaps? It has a ring to it doesn’t it? Imagine that the new Froston 1’s due for release May 2nd, 2009. Hey, it could happen nowadays.

Whatever he chooses, its still Eric Koston, one of the most skilled skateboarders in the world. You can sure bet that his following will carry on no matter where he goes and what he chooses to do. I do however find it gnarly how so many riders have been leaving Lakai after such a successful video. Its almost strange to watch Fully Flared now knowing a good portion of its riders are no longer sporting the flare.

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Tampa Pro 2009

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

tampa pro 09It’s that time of the year again. Who will win the Tampa Pro this time around?

$20,000 is the grand prize this year for the first place champ with an overall cash purse of $100,000 to be distributed amongst other placing individuals. The money is hot and you know the competition is going to be head to head.

Greg Lutzka has had two victories within the last five years, will he make a three peat? Will Eric Koston sneak in another surprise win? Will one of the many recent Ams turned Pro take their first win? Or will someone completely unexpected take the gold out of nowhere?

I actually think that it would be even more spectacular if someone unexpected wins it. Regardless, this contest is so dope that even 12th place wins a cool grand. Plus, if you’re in the area on the 21st, for $15.00 you can check out a performance from Wu Tang OG’s Raekwon and Ghostface Killa. Its all part of the Tampa Pro contest party that will be throwing down that Saturday night. Then, the following day you got the finals and the best trick contest where it will all go down and history shall be made.

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Top 10 Skateboarding Moments of 2008

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

It’s that time of year again and here are the top 10 moments in skateboarding for 2008. Drop us a comment below if you disagree of if we missed something you strongly feel should have made the list.

silas baxter neal

10. Chaz Ortiz winning a Dew Tour stop! Why did this make the list? Because someone finally won one of the darn contest stops other than Sheckler or P-Rod. So stoked to see some new blood winning a contest. This kid is breaking through fast. Pretty soon it’s going to be him winning all the contests.

9. Split clothing going down and out! This shocked and not only surprised a lot of people, but it let many know that even the big companies aren’t safe from the economic pinch. I would have never guessed that Split was going to call it quits. Especially with the new video about to drop. Where did all that footage go? I still want to see it. DEMONS IN THE ATTIC?! Where’s it at?

8. Southern California Skate parks! Yes this has been a massive year for newly opened skate parks here in So-Cal. including what I consider our first legit Skate Plaza. Well first one that I think looks spectacular. If you are ever in Wilmington, Ca go on by and have a sweet session there. Its so worth it, seriously.

carmel valley skatepark

7. Thrashers Bust or Bail contest had to make the list. The contest was held at the world famous Paul Revere 16 stair in San Francisco. $25,000 was at stake and none other than Ryan Sheckler took top honors. Tons of first time tricks were done there as well and the bar was set super high. I honestly don’t even know what else to think of someone doing on the set anymore.

6. Goofy vs. Regular is always a highly anticipated contest. This year the Regulars took the trophy back. Chris Cole seriously annihilated the course. Although I still don’t agree on the way they settled who won by playing a game of skate in the manner they did. I do agree that the Regular team killed it. I skate Goofy so I voted for my side but I got to hand it to the regulars this year. Goofy has it next year though just watch!

5. The Berrics!!!! Everybody knows about Eric Koston and Steve Berra’s private training facility. The Berrics took 2008 by storm. All year long there was something big happening underneath that warehouse of theirs. Not only that, but just the whole indoor training facility footage craze this year has grown tremendously. The Berrics has my vote though for the gnarliest. Clever, unique, intriguing, and always entertaining to watch. 5 stars for the Berrics!

the berrics

4. The Blind team! These dudes took every team contest this year, like the Vans Downtown contest! These dudes held it down big time. And its rad because it seems that everyone voted against them or for some other team throughout the competitions only to watch these guys come up big. Still got my Gideon Choi deck! Blind goes way back. History for days.

3. S.O.T.Y. winner Silas Baxter Neal. Yes the man deserves it. A fabulous part in Es “eSpecial”, and a worthy winning of “Best Rookie” at the Transworld awards. Oh yea and an “Inhabitants”, and more recent Strange Notes part. Don’t forget all of the magazine covers and the mass array of photos featured just about everywhere. The dude needs his own pro shoe already!

2. Lakai’s the Final Flare! This skateboard video absolutely obliterated the stereotype that skate videos would no longer sell. It just goes to show that if you make a video actually worth buying, it WILL sell! It will forever go down as one of the greatest skateboarding videos of all time. And all throughout 2008 everyone around you was talking about this video and you know it. Hats down and a massive applause to the Lakai dudes for this masterpiece.

1. The Maloof Money Cup! This contest had the largest cash purse of any skateboard competition of all time. I was there and witnessed the craziness go down firsthand. It was amazing! Probably the biggest batch of big time skateboarding names in one location at one time skateboarding. The course was unlike anything I had ever seen. And to make it even more insane they destroyed the entire thing after its contest use. The skateboarding that went down during the contest was unheard of. And the star studded guests and world wide attention it grabbed shook the year 2008 with a seismic 10.0 magnitude earthquake. And the best part is that it looks like the contest is here to stay.

maloof money cup street course

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Epicly Later’d Season 2 Announced

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Epicly Later\'dEpicly Later’d is coming back for a second season and I am stoked beyond belief. I love watching this show and have probably seen every episode. If you haven’t heard of the Epicly Later’d show then you’ve been missing out. Patrick O’Dell is the host and he’s also the main man behind the camera. He gets up close and personal with today’s greatest professional and amateur skateboarders in the industry. You get to find out how things really went and what’s really going on behind the scenes. On top of that, you get to know what your favorite skateboarders lives are really like on a daily basis.

I was always amazed that no one had done a show like this sooner. O’Dell got right on top of it and does an absolutely fantastic job of it. Every episode from season one was awesome and I could only imagine what season 2 will be like. You can check out the teaser for season 2 on their website if you’re as anxious as me.

Some of the new recruits for episodes in season 2 include the likes of Brian Anderson, Anthony Pappalardo, Spike Jonze, Marc Johnson, Ethan Fowler, Leo Romero, Keegan Sauder, Chris Pastras, Peter Hewitt, Jeff Lenoce, Max Schaff, Eric Koston, James Kelch, Mike Mo Capaldi, Ed Templeton, Tony Trujillo, Rick Howard and countless others. I already know it’s going to be an amazing season and it all launches in September. All the individuals chosen for the new season are so diverse and different that there will probably never be a dull moment. O’Dell has always done a good job of arranging things well, he sets each episode up in chapter like proportions which leaves you wanting more each time.

Props to the VBS network and to Mr. O’Dell and all the Epicly Later’d staff! Keep up the terrific work and we will be there checking each and every episode along the way.

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Maloof Money Cup Results

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Maloof Money Cup - Ryan ShecklerLet me start off by saying that I’ve never witnessed this much nonstop skateboarding action in one weekend. From the prelims to the finals, tricks were being thrown down about every 3 seconds. The level of skateboarding was top notch and just about every name on the star studded list of skateboarders was there competing, minus Rob Dyrdek who was present but not competing.

Chris Cole beat out Eric Koston for the $15,000 in the Es Game of Skate. Lacey Baker took home $25k for her victory in the women’s division. PLG took the pro-vert competition and left home with a whooping $75k, a $10k Nixon watch, and a brand new SUV to haul all his cash home in.

When it came down to the men’s street competition, many of us had one individual on our mind. Nyjah Huston! He threw down a backside big flip down the 16 stair rail which was just ridiculous. On top of that, he threw down a barrage of tricks down the stairs and rail. One-upping Sheckler various times as well. He ended up with second though, and the first place trophy and the massive prize money of $100k went to Paul Rodriguez. Paul skated really well, especially in the final round. I would’ve really hated to have been a judge at this contest. Too many individuals were executing flawless tricks back-to-back. There were so many hammers laid down it was mind boggling. My personal favorite to watch during the entire competition was Dennis Busenitz. The dude was skateboarding throughout the entire course going 40 mph full speed. He was seriously ollieing over obstacles that weren’t even meant to be ollied, it was insane. Watching Andrew Reynolds pull off his legendary tricks first try down some of the biggest obstacles there was something that left us all with goosebumps. I mean, first try frontside flip over the 16 rail to flat?!?! Insane!

I could definitely go on what seems like forever about this event. So much action happened and every individual skateboarder had some highlights worth mentioning. The Maloof Money Cup was a star studded amazing skateboarding event. Top notch course and riders with the biggest cash purse ever. Check out their website for full highlights. I believe it will even air on CBS soon as well, so be sure to check it out on your home television.

Update: As noted below in the comments that Maloof Money Cup will air this coming Sunday at 3PM EST.

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The Berrics: Eric Koston & Steve Berra’s New Project

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

the berricsIn the world of skateboarding, indoor training facilities are more common than ever. But perhaps one of the most prestige and exclusive of these facilities would be owned by none other than Steven Berra and Eric Koston. They call it “The Berrics” which makes me think of something like a skate battle ground or something.

This website is awesome; it has tons of exclusive-legit footage to view from some of the biggest names in skateboarding. They have various different sub sections within their website defining the various segments. Things such as Battle Commander, which features a legendary skateboarder basically throwing an epic mini part in the skatepark. Recruits, which features a new upcoming Am tearing up the park like there’s no tomorrow. United Nations, in which a full on skateboard companies team is invited to session the skatepark together. Department 8, in which some pretty famous celebrities come and skate the park. There’s also quite a bit of other feature segments within the website.

The footage on this website is legit and the website is a definite must to check on a normal basis. My personal favorite would have to be Guy Mariano’s Battle Commander segment, he absolutely annihilates the park. I also enjoyed watching Jason Lee throw down some sweet tricks in the Stereo segment of United Nations. Not one of the featured videos disappoints. Big ups to Steve Berra and Eric Koston for throwing up this amazing website and skatepark. I’m seriously without a doubt looking forward to seeing more episodes to come on The Berrics.

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Eric Koston Selling Out? I Think Not

Monday, May 5th, 2008

eric koston limeyIn case you haven’t heard yet, Eric Koston is ‘Limey’ in the latest Bud Light commercial. Limey is the character that Koston plays. They call it ‘Behind the Lime’ and I think it’s quite hilarious. There are so many people hating on it though, calling Koston a sellout. For many, it’s quite a shocker that Koston would actually do something like this. Personally, I think it’s rad and fun to watch. I’m positive Koston got a hefty sum of money for doing this and I am super stoked for him because of that.

Anytime you can make a gripload of money while doing the thing you love most, it’s great. Plus, I could only imagine what else the guys over at bud light hooked him up with. We only have one life to live and making a living off of skateboarding is super hard to come by. So everyone stop hating on Koston , it’s what he does on a skateboard that’s most important and we all know he rips. So kick back, watch the Bud Light Limey commercial, and be prepared to laugh.

Right off the bat from the way he pedals you can tell it’s him, not to mention Ty Evans was involved with this whole production. Yes, he’s the guy behind Lakia’s Fully Flared video. So there’s a lot of skateboarding influence and personnel that were involved in this commercial. And realize that the entire industry has been shook by cooperate sponsorship. This isn’t the first time a major company has jumped in to endorse a skateboarder. Some of the biggest names in the biz are involved with mega corporations. Andrew Reynolds with Boost Mobile, Paul Rodriguez with Mountain Dew, and Tony Hawk with Jeep?

If you ask me this has all been going on for a while. Props to them for living comfortably, and for taking opportunities that we ourselves would jump at the chance if we had them. Just as long as they keep pushing and pedaling for life, it’s all good.

eric koston

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