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Greg Lutzka Moves to K-Swiss

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Did you notice Greg Lutzka missing on the United By Fate Globe site? He is missing from the majority of the website entirely. If I am not mistaken I have been hearing he did his own press release via myspace and other social networks of his that he has split from his long time shoe sponsor Globe.

Did anything prepare us for him moving to K-Swiss though? First, Koston to Nike and now, Lutzka to K-Swiss. You would have thought he made the bounce to another, already skateboard shoe based company. But he pulled a complete 360 on everyone and actually seems to be spearheading the entire skate shoe program itself over at K-Swiss. Which could possibly mean he is making even more bank than Koston is. WOW!

Greg Lutzka by now probably owns a mansion somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. The dude can market himself like crazy and pulls off insane deals like these. Once again, you can hate all you want but truth be told if you had the offers these dudes were getting you would jump on the bandwagon as well. They even gave him his own office and a pro shoe right off the bat. Props to Lutzka and if anything he will make the shoes look a hell of a lot better, because to begin with the K-Swiss kicks were not that great looking at all. Peep the video for a look into the headquarters and what Lutzka has in store for the future with his new deal.

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Greg Lutzka wins Tampa Pro 2009

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Wow! Can you say three peat? This dude has seriously got to be one of the highest paid skateboarders in the industry right now. Honestly, win after win!

greg lutzka tampa pro 2009

Check out his sponsors list with “Toyota” as an official listing. Dude, a car sponsorship is above and beyond the incentive he probably receives from any of his other sponsors. Props to Greg Lutzka for pulling off the win this year and coming back home $20,000 richer.

His run was absolutely flawless. I have seen tons, and I mean tons of message board hate and video comments all over the place about him not deserving the win due to repetition of tricks. But with all honesty, this is the Tampa Pro not a best trick contest. You are judged on your consistency and difficulty of tricks within your runs. Greg Lutzka accomplished all of that and more. He may have done the usual tricks he normally pulls off, but regardless, 270 lipslides, frontside flip 360’s, and his daily 270 to blunt are ridiculously hard. And to be able to pull them off in a consistent line without flaws is gold worthy.

You can check out his run on Fuel TV.

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Tampa Pro 2009

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

tampa pro 09It’s that time of the year again. Who will win the Tampa Pro this time around?

$20,000 is the grand prize this year for the first place champ with an overall cash purse of $100,000 to be distributed amongst other placing individuals. The money is hot and you know the competition is going to be head to head.

Greg Lutzka has had two victories within the last five years, will he make a three peat? Will Eric Koston sneak in another surprise win? Will one of the many recent Ams turned Pro take their first win? Or will someone completely unexpected take the gold out of nowhere?

I actually think that it would be even more spectacular if someone unexpected wins it. Regardless, this contest is so dope that even 12th place wins a cool grand. Plus, if you’re in the area on the 21st, for $15.00 you can check out a performance from Wu Tang OG’s Raekwon and Ghostface Killa. Its all part of the Tampa Pro contest party that will be throwing down that Saturday night. Then, the following day you got the finals and the best trick contest where it will all go down and history shall be made.

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Greg Lutzka Toyota Matrix Signature Car

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Man if this doesn’t take things up a notch, I don’t know what will. First Tony Hawk with Jeep, now Greg Lutzka with Toyota. Yes, Greg Lutzka has a signature car coming out soon from Toyota. If that’s not pimp then I don’t know what is.

greg lutzka toyota matrix

Seriously though, you don’t see other professional athletes getting signature cars. Its crazy the appeal that skateboarding has nowadays. I’m ot sure how many will be made, but I have a feeling it might be super limited. I noticed it states that a snowboard roof rack will be attached on top of the car. What happened to the trunk skateboard rack? Dude needs some skate orientated features up in his ride. Maybe like a built in compartment for a portable skate rail or something. Or some built in skateboard racks in the back trunk, that would be awesome.

There are probably tons of haters hating on Lutzka, saying he is selling out. But with all honesty, you know everyone out there hating would have to be stupid not to accept a free car from Toyota. Let alone whatever deal he is getting in top of that for using his name.

With skateboarding nowadays, anything is possible. Getting car deals has just taken things to an entirely different level and beyond. Cadillac? Ferrari anyone? Anything’s possible right?

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