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Kustom Airstrike Madness

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Leave it to $50,000 to bring about one of the greatest collections of big maneuver surfing shots ever assembled. If you want to catch a glimpse of just how far aerial surfing has come in recent years, all you gotta do is suss out the Kustom Airstrike homepage. Kustom first announced this contest and hefty grand prize back in August and, from the looks of things, the announcement didn’t fall on deaf ears.

Kustom Airstrike

How it is Kustom will go about picking the winner is beyond me. The clips put together by the Dusty Payne, Clay Marzo, Pat Gudauskas and many more are truly special; a visual witness to the potential held by the next generation of surfers. The Gudauskas air in particular is silky smooth and happened to come on the last day of the contest period. If he ends up pulling in the win, he probably ought to hook his brothers up for their herculean effort to get the footage in on time.

“Since Pat was so far away from the things we deem normal like a phone and internet, he and his brothers Dane and Tanner made the hour and a half drive to the nearest town in “hopes” of finding internet so they could enter the clip. They didn’t even know if the waiting period was still open for Air Strike so they made the trek on a whim and let me tell you how stoked we are that they did.”

So for the judges of the Kustom Airstrike- good luck on this one. For you and I- let’s just sit back, pop a cold one, and enjoy the show.

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$50,000 for One Air?

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

So what exactly is the footage of the gnarliest, craziest, most styled out air worth these days? According to (Billabong backed) Kustom Footwear……$50,000. That’s right, $50,000 is the apparent reward that will be handed down to the winner of the Kustom Air Strike. Without a doubt this is the richest bounty set for a contest that will be won by capturing the footage of a single aerial maneuver. The event is reportedly slated to begin this month and run until March 2009. Not much has been announced as far as rules and regulations or judging criteria go, just that the winning entry submitted will receive a cool 50 g’s for their efforts.

Kustom Airstrike

I thought Volcom was splashing the pot by offering up $10,000 for their Kick-Flip Off, but Kustom is clearly going above and beyond. It’s a bit odd to me that a contest with such a massive prize isn’t releasing a whole lot of details, so I’m interested to see how all of this plays out. With their team riders consisting of the likes of Parko, Josh Kerr, and Kolohe Andino, to name a few, maybe Kustom is hoping the loot will stay in the family. Regardless, it’s going to be quite intriguing to see how this plays out, as well as the eventual footage that a carrot of this size will produce when dangled in front of the world’s best aerial surfers.

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