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So You Want a Job in Action Sports?

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

No, we’re not hiring. Not yet anyways. But the reality of life is that our economy has gone to hell and folks are being laid of left and right. Our industry is not immune. In fact, we’ve being hit extremely hard and many brands have been forced to layoff at least some portion of their staff. Other companies are folding by the wayside and combined, this has left many of you looking for work. Or, maybe you’ve just always wanted to work in the industry and instead found yourself working tirelessly on your TPS reports at some boring software company. Or worse, flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

Despite all the doom-n-gloom, there are still a lot of brands that are hiring. We’re not going to give you tips on creating that killer resume, or advice on how to ace the interview. Nope! Instead we’re going to break down a few of the action sports job sites on the web. There’s a new year coming and we think it’s about time you got yourself a new job. Here’s where you should be looking.

Hands down, Malakye is the place to be if you’re looking for a job in the industry. They have, by far, the most job listings in our industry. They also have an industry news section, message boards, and even a resume craft section so you get help creating a resume that stands above the rest. They have an easy to use interface that makes browsing the list of openings a breeze. You can even subscribe to RSS alerts for openings, if that’s your thing.


You could stop reading right now and be fine just using Malakye. But lets pretend I didn’t say that and read on.

Despite being owned and even heavily promoted by Surfline, BoardSportsJobs is a major dud. Quite frankly, I’m surprised Surfline continues to push this service. It’s gotta be somewhat embarrassing for the #1 Surfing site that they can’t seem to get ANY traction with their job board, even with a partnership with SIMA. You might as well save your time, last I checked there was a grand total of one job listed on the site.

Time to throw in the towel, Surfline.

As the name implies, it’s a job board for all outdoor industries and not necessarily specific to action sports. OutdoorIndustryJobs does have a specific section for action sports though. However, a quick glance reveals they only have four jobs listed in this category. At least it’s a better option than BoardSportsJobs, but still, don’t waste your time.

Based on the name alone, you would think SportsIndustryJobs is a job site for all sports. It’s actually specific to action sports. The site seems to be new and I could only manage to find a handful of job listings. That could be because the user interface is hard to use or it could just be another dud. Next!

Action Profiles
Action Profiles actually has a little bit of twist to their job board. It’s free to post jobs. In comparison, Malakye charges $295 for their job listings. That doesn’t seem to matter though- companies would much rather pay to list their job openings where people will actually see them vs. wasting their time to list jobs on a site that no one uses. Not saying that no one uses Action Profiles, just doesn’t seem like anyone uses their job board. They only have a handful of listings as well and even though they list Volcom, Quik, and Billabong as featured employers, none of those companies are using the service.

Craigslist is, in my opinion, the only other site worth using to find a job. Depending on your location, you may actually find quite a few good openings. We actually found a couple of our staff members from using Craigslist and we couldn’t be happier. They only problem I have with Craigslist, is that it can be very time consuming to look through all the different cities. It would be nice if you could search the whole site instead of only one location at a time. Definitely worth a look.

Malakye is the far and away the winner. They have the most relevant results, the most results, and is the most user friendly. It appears the industry is only big enough for one job board to thrive and Malakye has the choke hold. Plus, anyone that holds a contest for the most coffee/donuts consumed, is a winner in our book!

PS – Thanks to iroc8210 for their feedback on Twitter.

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Office Booyz Comp: Giving Industry Hacks Chance To Shine

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

For all of those working in the action sports industry who spend countless hours behind your desk imagining yourself taking home X-Games gold or landing a mag cover with your dirtiest move, here’s your chance to let it all hang out.

The third annual Office Booyz snowboard competition is strictly for action sports desk jockey’s who want to get a break from the daily office routine and take to the mountain at Big Bear to throw down a little ‘boarding love. That’s right, the contest is limited to those and only those who spend their days working in the action sports industry.

The idea was hatched a few years ago over chicken wings and brewskies (isn’t that where all good ideas are created?) by a group of self-acclaimed out of shape desk jockey’s from Vancouver and has taken flight ever since. And even if your shredding skills weren’t what they once were, or could have been for that matter, Office Booyz offers quite the variety of categories in order to give the boarding-challenged a reason to participate in the festivities. We here at 5ones have already been sussing out the categories, and if anyone thinks they would have a better shot at snatching the Most Donuts/Coffee Consumed award from our grips, they have another thing coming.

The contest is being held Friday, Feb. 22 and anyone interested in heading up can register over at Malakye. Should be interesting, and will more than likely leave some over-zealous office boys in pretty bad shape.

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