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Battle of the Berrics 2: Overview and Upcoming Matches

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Chris Cole defeated Mike V. and “The Chief” fell short of a victory to the fastest skateboarder on the planet, Dennis Busenitz. Both were unique matches and I’ve already lost when it comes to getting the winners pole accurate. Some of you out there on the other hand are still dead on with your votes.

The Chris Cole and Mike V. match was interesting because it was the first match of them all and the two riders are complete opposites. Chris Cole was the obvious favorite for the win by pretty much almost everyone out there, but Mike V. did have a good point when he stated, “Since when does skateboarding have rules?”. I totally feel that holds truth in the skateboarding world. There should be NO rules at all on how you skateboard but when it comes to a game of SKATE, I guess you really have to put limits to what can be done otherwise things would get to complex.

Then there was the Jamie Thomas and Dennis Busenitz match. Jamie held his ground for a good while but Dennis was just on fire that day. You could tell the dude had been prepping for this match against one of skateboarding’s greats. Even though Jamie lost, he did super good and I give the man props for being able to still participate in a match like that when heaven knows how busy he is. The dude runs an entire skateboarding distribution and still finds the time to practice some flatground trickery for a match against “The Flash” of skateboarding. Now that’s tough!

The matches were good and next up is Heath Kirchart vs. Lizard King which will seriously be one of the most unpredictable matches ever assembled. Heaths got some flat skills but Lizard has some tricks up his sleeve that I am sure we will be surprised upon viewing. Its going to only get better and already this 2nd round of Skate battles is turning out to be even more amazing than the first!

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Mike Vallely Interview

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Mike Vallely is really a guy that needs no introduction. With his unique style, he’s one of best skateboarders of all time, not to mention probably the most inspirational and influential. He keeps himself pretty busy too- aside from being married with two kids, Mike hosts the popular show Drive on Fuel TV, is the lead singer for Revolution Mother, works with the Anaheim Ducks on a couple various projects, and most recently starred in the film, Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Mike was gracious enough to take a few minutes of his time for an interview with 5ones…

mike vallely

Paul Blart: Mall Cop isn’t your debut on the big screen but it’s probably your biggest role to date. How did you first come about landing the role for Rudolph in Paul Blart: Mall Cop? What’s it like working with the crew and being in a big Hollywood film?

No, it’s not my movie debut but then again no other role I’ve been in has been anything really worth writing home about. This is the first real role of substance that’s for sure. From what I understand a few people recommended me for the part and the producer Todd Garner and the stunt coordinator Chris O’Hara both said they had their eye on me from the start. Makes sense, the role required a bad ass skater and well, I fit the bill.I really enjoyed my time in Boston working on the movie. I was there for the entire production and enjoyed the process and just tried to be a good soldier.

What is it that drives and inspires you as both a person and skateboarder?

Real simple man, I’m alive– this is it. I’m not asking questions and I don’t care what the answers are, I just know that I’m gonna’ live my life full on and make the most of every moment.

Who are your biggest skateboarding inspirations and how have theyinfluenced both your skating and your life?

Lance Mountain is my favorite skater of all-time. The Gonz, Natas, Neil Blender, Tom Groholski and Tony Alva those are guys I really vibe on just to name a few. Lance to me is just what a pro skater is and he’s the guy I learned most of what I really value about pro skateboarding from.

You are obviously a huge influence and inspiration to many people- What do you hope your fans will take away from both you as a person and your skating?

I’m all about just being a link in the chain, an individual link– my own person — but a link none the less. What I try to do is just pass on the good stuff– skateboarding as an individual pursuit, a creative outlet and most importantly fun.

You’re a very philosophical person- What does skateboarding mean to you?

Talk is talk– anyone can bullshit themselves and others. I like to think my actions speak for themselves.

You’ve traveled to tons of locations for your show Drive- Is there a place in particular that you’d like to visit that you haven’t been to yet?

I don’t have any itinerary or wish list– I just go where I go when the opportunities arise. Cuba is currently in my sights– if that works out I’ll be stoked but I’m not about going places just to check ‘em off– I’ve been quite content at home for the past 5 months.

What is your perspective on outside influences growing the skatemarket? Example: Sneaker heads snapping up Vans and Nike SB?

I don’t really follow it. I do my thing and other people do their thing.

How did you get into hockey? Is it true you’re trying to make it to a professional level?

I would love to play in a professional game at some level the problem is I’m really not very good. However, when it comes to fisticuffs I reckon I could hold my own, that would be the role I would be looking to play. I’ve got my feelers out there, it is something should I be able to make it happen I will do.

There’s a rumor floating around that you’ve left Element Skateboards and joined former teammate Nyjah Huston on Pocket Pistol Skates, yet neither of you are listed on their website- Is there any truth to this rumor?

What the fuck is Pocket Pistol Skates? (5ones: We’re guessing this means the rumor is not true)

What’s in store for the future? What kind of projects can we expect to see you collaborating on?

The next thing I do on my skateboard will be with The Berrics. After that who knows? I’d like to get out on tour and rock some skateparks– sometime this year for sure. My band will be putting a record out in the late Spring and probably tour hard through the summer into the fall. No definite plans though– I just go moment to moment.

revolution mother

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Mike Vallely in PAUL BLART: MALL COP

Monday, January 19th, 2009

mike vallely paul blart mall cop

Nope you aren’t seeing things, Mike Vallely is really in this movie. He plays “Rudolph”, one of the main antagonist’s henchmen. Mike Vallely and some other various action sports athletes which include; Jason Ellis, Rick Thorne, and Mike Escamilla are all featured henchmen in the movie.

Mike Vallely actually did a pretty decent job acting and some of the skate stunts were pretty cool. The movie was quite enjoyable and it had this whole extreme theme with the bad guys involved. I’d remembered seeing a little clip of him and the main character (Kevin James) in which he picks on him while he is supposedly doing his security job.

What I liked the most though, was the fact that they went ahead and got a hold of some actual skateboarders as opposed to hiring some random guys to pose with a skateboard. Mike Vallely was almost perfect for his role and on top of that, who better than one of the skateboarding “O.G.’s”. For those that don’t know, Mike’s World Industries deck back in the day was credited for the evolution of the skateboard shape we now have today. I’m stoked to see him marketing himself and really getting out there the way he has. From his own show on Fuel TV, to doing movies, to just plain out rocking in his band, Mike V. is a skateboarder of many talents.

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