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Highest Paid Action Sports Athletes

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Have you ever wondered just how much your favorite action sports athletes are getting paid to “work”? I know I have. Thanks to Forbes Magazine we can all get a little insight into just how much these pros are raking in every year.

Action sports stars are starting to get noticed by a broader audience, and that has meant bigger paychecks, thanks to rich sponsorship deals.

shaun white lamborghini

Topping the list, and not to anyone’s surprise, is Tony Hawk. Shaun White’s not far behind though and at the rate he’s going, it won’t be more than a couple years before he passes up Mr. Hawk.

shaun white lambo

The list is rounded out as follows…

1. Tony Hawk – $12 mil/year
2. Shaun White – $9 mil/year
3. Ryan Sheckler – $5 mil/year
4. Travis Pastrana – $3 mil/year
4. Kelly Slater – $3 mil/year
6. Laird Hamilton – $2.5 mil/year
7. Paul Rodriquez – $2 mil/year
8. Danny Kass – $1 mil/year
8. Dave Mirra – $1 mil/year
8. Travis Rice – $1 mil/year

Excluded from the list are women athletes, not because Forbes is sexist, but they just don’t make the cutoff of earning $1mil or more per year. The highest paid females are estimated at making about $750,000 per year. Also notably missing from the list is Rob Dyrdek. His MTV shows, combined with his endorsements, are surely netting him at least a cool mil every year. Is there anyone else you can think of that is missing from the list?

Remember kids–if you want to grow up to be rich and successful, forget about spending 20 years in school to become a doctor or lawyer. Just drop out and build a vert ramp in your backyard.

shaun white lamborghini
Photo Credit: Kevin Ou

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Shaun White, Travis Rice, and Pat Moore Ring Closing Bell on WallStreet

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Shaun White, Travis Rice, and Pat Moore were all business yesterday as they had the honor of ringing the NASDAQ closing bell to help kick off the Red Bull Snowcrapers event.

shaun white travis rice pat moore closing bell

While the rest of the market continues to tank– these guys’ stock just keeps going up. Make sure you don’t miss the Snowscrapers event today in all it’s HD glory at 3PM/6PM EST online at Fuel.tv.

[Via: NASDAQ.com]

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Red Bull Snowscrapers in NYC

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

red bull snowscrapers

Red Bull has once again taken things to another level with the much hyped and anticipated Red Bull Snowscrapers that’s set to go off tomorrow in New York City. It’s something you don’t want to miss so here are several ways to catch it– If you’re in NY, go see it live. Otherwise, Fuel TV is webcasting it live in HD, you can watch it on the Red Bull webcast, or if you have DirectTV you might find it on MSG TV. It will also be rebroadcast on NBC February 15th.

On Thursday, February 5th, 16 of the world’s best snowboarders will compete for their piece of the massive $100,000 prize purse at Red Bull Snowscrapers. Athletes will compete against the majestic backdrop of the New York City skyline in the East River Park from 6-9 pm. The local thrash heavy metal band Anthrax is set to perform.

Travis Rice and Shaun White will both be throwing down for the hundred-gees as well as many other rippers, including: Pat Moore, Terje Haakonsen, Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis, Jake Blauvelt, JJ Thomas, to name a few.

The jump is a step up hip, set against the backdrop of Manhattan. It’s a jam session, which is defo the way to format a comp like this one. Instead of being judged on the best of a couple runs, the riders will be able to throw down as many runs as they can squeeze in. The rider who impresses the most, wins.

Photo: Quiksilver

We’re big fans of these creative and progressive events that Red Bull consistently puts on. They do an awesome job at pushing the limits, blowing minds, and bringing huge exposure to our sports. This is the first time snowboarding at a level like will be seen in NYC so huge props to Red Bull for making it happen.

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X-Dance Film Festival: Day 2

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Yesterday wrapped up another wonderful day at X-Dance. The obvious highlight of the day was the screening for That’s It That’s All. I was especially stoked to see it on the big screen and apparently I’m not the only one as it was literally standing room only with people stacked out the doors.

There were also plenty of other good films throughout the day that you can read about below.

Whitewash is a documentary that aims to tell the story of the history of black surfers. I made a special point to show up for this screening as I had met one of the producers that night before that sold me on the storyline of this film, which did an exceptional job detailing not only the history of black surfers but black aquatics all around. Add to that, narration by Ben Harper and a soundtrack by The Roots, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a compelling movie. I honestly have never given much thought to the state of black surfers and maybe that’s just because I don’t really look at it as a black and white issue, instead as either a surfer or non surfer. Or maybe it’s just not something I am consciously looking for. I’m sure I will be now though. One thing that really stood out about this movie was that the director is actually white. When asked what the inspiration for the film was he attributed it to the way he was raised, calling his family “socially conscious”. The director also said the inspiration was to “explore the complexity of race through the eyes of the ocean.”

Storm Surfers
Pretty much from the start of this movie I was thinking, this is going to end up as a show on Discovery Channel, guaranteed. You could just tell by the way Storm Surfers was made and it was confirmed by Ross Clarke-Jones who said it’s actually already been airing on Discovery Asia Pacific. That’s not a bad thing. The movie was actually really really good. It follows Ross Clarke-Jones and fellow nut-case, Tom Carroll, as they set out to surf a gnarly big wave in Tasmania that’s never been surfed before. I am telling you, these guys are absolutely nuts and it was super enjoyable to watch them and their energy as they tracked this beast. Especially Ross, he’s on a whole other level of nuts. The wave actually turned out to be a little disappointing but the adventure and science behind it all, made for a compelling show anyways. It was awesome that Ross made it all the way out for this screening and had some great stories to tell. Like getting smacked by the lip of a gnarly wave that’s left him sidelined for the last 3 months. They’re also after a new wave in BC they found on Google maps, but I’m not going to be the one to out the name of it. Oh, and to attest to Ross’s nutty-ness… He actually said he likes falling on big waves and compared it to the excitement of a ride at the amusement park. Umm, sure thing.

Hunting Yeti
Hunting Yeti is a ‘break from the norm of pro athletes hitting jump after jump with contrived lifestyle segments, and communicates what ski culture is and the community it creates.’ We’ve actually been following the Hunti Yeti webisodes since last winter when they first starting airing. The number one thing that stood out about this movie to me was the soundtrack. Awesome song selections and order that flowed from stop to finish. Add to that the timeless styles of Eric Pollard, Chris Benchleter, Pep Fujas, and Andy Mahre and you’re pretty much on point for a ski movie that will be watched again, and again, and again. Great mix of freestyle and backcountry skiing.

If you put Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, Rob Machado, Dave Kalama, and the Malloy Brothers on a boat in the Mentawais that’s filled with various wave sliding devices, you’re going to end up with a film filled with flawless barrels, good stories, and plenty of new ways to ride the waves next time conditions aren’t ideal for your standard thruster. I was a little skeptical before I first watched this movie. I guess I just wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Laird being the main guy behind it. I could see it going two ways, either a complete commercial surf movie for the masses or something that true waterman could connect with. It was the latter. Perfect amounts of both epic action and story telling. And when it’s these guys telling the stories, you shut up a listen. What a great reminder of why we love the ocean so much and base our lives around it.

That’s It That’s All
I have so much to say about this screening I am actually going to end up writing a separate post about it. Lets just say that an already mind blowing action sports film is taken to a whole other level when you watch it on the big screen. I invited about 10 friends up to this screening who don’t even snowboard, some of who don’t even participate in action sports, yet, every single one of them could not believe what they were seeing. Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, Scotty Lago, and Director, Curtis Morgan showed up as well and gave a great Q&A session afterwards. Look for the separate write up in the next day or so that will be filled with some juicy info. I had the chance to have in depth conversation with both Travis and Curtis as well, so I’ll share some of that as well.

That’s It That’s All Party
The night ended with another great party. This time put on by VAS Entertainment and That’s It That’s All. The free booze were flowing and lots of pro athletes were on hand to entertain.

I wish I could write a little more but I’m already late for some of the screenings today. On my way back for another 7 hour marathon session of action sports films. If you’re in the Salt Lake City area and you haven’t been attending the show, you’re missing out. But it’s not too late, we still have two more days of great films so get your ass down to X-Dance at 272 S. Main in Salt Lake.

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Best Action Sports Movie of 2008: That’s it That’s all

Monday, December 29th, 2008

thats it thats allAs far as flicks went for the action sports industry in 2008, you would be hard-pressed to find one that brought the full package of goods the way That’s It, That’s All brought ‘em. The film is an instant epic. Taking it a step further, I would say Travice Rice and Curt Morgan set a new standard for judging not only snowboarding films, but films from all of the sports that make up the action sports industry…. It’s really that good.

To be clear, I can count the number of times that I’ve been snowboarding in my life on two hands. Surfing and Skiing are the loves of my life but their connection to snowboarding has always kept me with an eye on the sport. Whether you surf, skate, snowboard, ski, do all of the above or even none of the above, That’s It, That’s All sucks you in and blows your mind from start to finish.

One of the biggest challenges most action sports films face is finding the right balance of each aspect of their sport. In That’s It, That’s All, the crew at Brain Farm blended an absolutely perfect combination of everything from dropping peaks in Alaska, New Zealand, and Jackson Hole, with groundbreaking footage of Rice and the crew putting out their half-piping, backcountry launching, crazy Japan contest jumping skills on display for all to witness.

To go along with some of the most incredible riding I’ve ever viewed in any sport, the editing, filming, and overall production of That’s It, That’s All is nothing short of world class. The unique and fresh style of each segment and the smooth transitioning from shot to shot is some of the best work these eyes have ever come across.

And to top it off, the soundtrack for That’s It, That’s All is simply all-time. The sections serenaded by the sounds of MGMT, Soulsavers, and M83 were among those that stick out in my mind. However naming just a few doesn’t do the rest of the soundtrack justice. Each song selection flows smoothly with each segment.

In short, watching That’s It, That’s All will change your life and make you a better person. It really is that good, and it’s 5ones selection for Best Action Sports Movie of 2008 Ever! That’s it, That’s All, the new standard for films in the action sports world.

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