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Have the X-Games Jumped the Shark?

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

x games logoRuben’s post about the X-Games killing vert skateboarding today really caught my attention. Why? Simply because I associate much of the Summer X-Games with vert skateboarding and I think this is a huge mistake by ESPN. Just about every time I’ve watched the games on TV, they’ve almost always had vert skate on. And I enjoyed watching it, even though the only time I ever tried dropping in on a vert ramp I ate shit.

Some of my best Summer X memories consist of vert highlights, most notably Tony’s 900 that none of us will soon forget. I can’t help but think I’m not alone with my Summer X/vert connection. I’m willing to bet a large number of people who either are or aren’t heavily involved in action sports see it as their signature sport.

I’m sure ESPN has good reasons for making this move, financial being the top. But I can’t help but think this rubs many of us the wrong way and is (in my opinion) a huge slap in the face to athletes like Tony Hawk. Because of old media decisions like this, the games have slowly been getting worse over the years and now they’ve just completely jumped the shark.


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Death of Skateboarding Vert?

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

x-games vert rampOn April 3rd, ESPN announced the “death” of the Vert competition in the upcoming X-Games. They are getting rid of it entirely and replacing it with a superpark style competition.

First off, since when did we start using the term known as “superpark”? And secondly, Vert has always come and gone but when I think of the X-Games I think of the Vert competition right away. I am pretty sure many other skateboarders and spectators do as well. Afterall, it seems to be a highly-featured event every year.

The signature moment in X-Games skateboarding, as well as for the X-Games in general was Tony Hawks 900. This of course was done on the Vert ramp. It’s cool that they have the street competition now, but I feel like no matter what they do its always never going to really be a “street” competition. And if I am not mistaken, don’t motocross and countless other categories have over 3 events in the X-Games?

It would be a real bummer if skateboarding was downgraded and left with only the Mega Ramp and “superpark” event. I personally have never dropped in on a full sized vert ramp but I could only imagine what it must be like. I have an immense amount of respect for the vert skateboarders who are out doing their thing. I really enjoy watching them throw it down on the massive vert ramp.

On top of that, there are tons of skateboarding street competitions but not that many for the vert guys. The X-Games to me was the contest that all vert skateboarders look forward to winning. And yes, X-Games style vert ramps seem limited almost solely to California when it comes to availability. But you have to remember that the X-Games have almost always taken place in California. I’m a street skateboarder and have always skated street. Here I am telling you that we need the Vert competition badly. Don’t let it be pulled away from us. They’re our brothers just as much as the dudes you skate street with. Help vote to keep the Vert competition around!


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