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Talk Radio in Action Sports

I’ve always felt there has been a longstanding void in the action sports industry when it comes to talk radio. For whatever reason, there is a clear lack of resources that provide the opportunity for action sports enthusiasts to engage in healthy discussion as well as catching up on what’s going on.. Whether it’s snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, or any other sport that sits under the action sports umbrella, people love to talk about what’s going on in the activities they make part of their daily lives.

With the first and only talk-radio program in the world that is dedicated to action-sports, its athletes, and the lifestyle, action-sports pioneer and visionary Todd Weatherill is aiming to fill some of that void. The show is geared totally toward the coverage of action sports and can be heard via live internet stream kcaaradio.com, through pod-cast past shows (On Sunday Schedule), and live on AM 1050 in SoCal at 3pm PST on Sundays.

Although there is still a long way to go, this is definitely a step in the right direction for the action sports industry. And while talk radio geared specifically toward action sports is a good start, it really is just the tip of the iceberg for what is possible in our industry. We have the most incredible, progressive, and perpetually evolving sports in the world as well as some of the most talented athletes around. With that being the case, why is it that we pale in comparison to the platforms provided by other sports for fan involvement? This is as exciting a time as any for our industry and hopefully this move into talk radio is just the beginning.

Posted by Shaun on Friday, March 7th, 2008 in Surfing.

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11 Responses to “Talk Radio in Action Sports”

  • Scott Bass Says:

    I’ve been producing surf talk radio for a couple of years in OC/San Diego.

    Our Podcasts have been available since Oct 2006.

    Been on the Air in SD on 103.7 FREE FM and now on Xtra Sports 1360am (and Streaming on the web).



    CALL US 570 1360

    http://xtrasports1360.com/pages/listenlive.html Listen Live 8am PST Sunday Morning

    Check us out.


  • lawless Says:

    Actually, I think that is what’s kinda rad about the whole action sports genre. There’s not so many “armchair quarterbacks”. Most of the people would rather be out doing it than talking about or listening to others talk about it.

    Although I do know a few people who really enjoy Fantasy Surfer and talking shit, so there’s probably a small market for Surf Talk Radio, but I wouldn’t expect it to blossom, say like typical ball sports based talk shows where you’ve got the majority of listeners who don’t actively participate in the sports but rather just live vicariously through others.

  • Cyrus Saatsaz Says:

    Hey A$$HOLE. Our show, The Extreme Scene, is not only on the #2 sports talk radio station in the COUNTRY (KNBR), but we’ve been on the air for nearly five years! Do some fecking research, will you??? And unlike over-the-hill Todd Weatherill (what are you dude, 50?) who’s only claim to fame is supposedly wakeboarding (ghey), we have a pro surfer and pro snowboarder hosting our program, not to mention we’ve already nailed all the biggest guests in action sports. Some of them FIVE FECKING YEARS AGO!!! Get your head out of your a$$, old man Todd not only copied what we’ve been doing for years, but copied the station (we’re on 1050 AM in San Francisco).


  • Talk Radio in Action Sports: Revised - 5ones Says:

    [...] recently posting the “Talk Radio in Action Sports” article I was soon made aware that I violated one of the rules taught to me by my mother [...]

  • Jack Trussle Says:

    Wow, insecurity rules the extreme scene.

    Why would you take a swipe at someone who has dedicated his life to action-sports? Todd has helped pioneer wakeboarding, the X-Games, and been there for the start of many world-record runs. Old, yes he is…but experienced, fun, connected, and a pretty cool cat.

    I would bet a huge amount that you wish you had more than a no-dick radio show and half the network-television credits Todd has.

    Your radio show is not number 2…you are making that up.

    You have a good show, but you have a terrible attitude. I will make it my goal to make sure the action-sports world knows you are in it for the glory.

    Todd? He is in it for life.

    Your tiny 1050 program is only being heard by 12k or less. That makes you far less than number two. If you were ice-cream…you would be pralines and dick…

    Kiss this wanna be.


  • Rand Baokwell Says:


    Your show is not number two in the nation. Your station is. Your show only has a few thousand people. Todd’s show has double that in five weeks.


  • C. Bird Says:

    Talk about missing the point. Anyone who attaches Todd’s age to the equation is a fool. Todd has more energy than a 4×4 of teen agers. First, best, whatever! Respect your elders and you may be lucky enough to be one some day. Look forward while mindful of where we came from. You never know, with Todd’s past, you may want to ask your Mamma where she was the night Todd Weatherill was blazzin through town. Enjoy the show, it’s about action sports (not just surfing), having fun, loving life and learning a thing or two about those who have, do and will shape the tools and industries that support our passions.



  • senator Says:

    In life, it is all about attitude–half full/half empty cup kind thing. Todd’s positive attitude and yes, his wisdom too, are what makes him such a special person, and perfect for action sports radio! Whether he is doing something groundbreaking or following in someone elses footsteps is irrelevant. Todd is a class act with the right attitude and approach in everything he does. Show the brother some love–not hate.

  • chraleysurf Says:

    Extreme Scene? Are you kidding me? With a name like ‘extreme’ it’s no wonder your show is lame…. come on bro, no one inside the industry has used a term that gay since ‘93.

  • JamieH Says:

    I’ve caught Weatherill’s show a few times and I dig it. As far as I’m concerned, we could use more shows just like it.

  • Todd Weatherill Says:

    Peace and Love…Life is too short.


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